Saturday, June 2, 2012

Call home in midflight on your cell - soon you can

Virgin Atlantic has just announced that you will be able to make cell phone calls in midflight from 20 of their planes!
Only six passengers at a time will be able to use the system, which the airline says is intended "for use in exceptional situations." Passengers will be able to send text messages, make a call or access email on mobile devices.
Initially, the service, on Airbus A330-300 planes which utilize a satellite connection, will only be available for customers of European cell phone providers O2 and Vodafone and U.S. carrier T-Mobile.  The new system - basically akin to a roving, airborne cell tower - features picocell technology provided by AeroMobile, and the vendor states that it doesn’t interfere with aircraft avionics.
(currently within 250 miles of US airspace it is not allowed to make a cell call)

There was no comment from the NSA, NORAD, CIA, the FBI, the Secret Service or any other government agency including the White House on how those mysterious in-air cell phone calls were supposedly made on September 11th, 2001 when it was considered by experts as impossible to do so at that time.

There was no comment from United Airlines either, who lost Flight 93 on September 11, 2001 into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania after numerous passengers allegedly made cell phone* calls while being hijacked, including the infamous Mark Bingham call to his mother.

ET, call home.

*not to be confused with airphone calls.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

IBM vs iPhone vs Blackberry

More reasons to encourage the use of Blackberry smart phones.
Blackberries are good. Apples are bad?
Evidently IBM doesn't trust Apple's iPhone.
They believe Apple's Siri,  is sending and compiling information from Apple users.  'When you use Siri or Dictation, the things you say will be recorded and sent to Apple in order to convert what you say into text,' Apple says. Siri collects a bunch of other information - names of people from your address book and other unspecified user data, all to help Siri do a better job. Yeah right.
See for yourself - - -

Of course this only adds more credibility to my previous post about the conspiracy to kill RIM.
Read it here - - -

Can Big Blue be wrong?  I usually don't trust them either, but when even they are worried about the suspected privacy actions of a competitor, I tend to listen.

Remember IBM's advice - - -


Monday, May 21, 2012

The Drones are coming

Drones are being allowed in American airspace.
What does this mean?
Let's see ....
You already know what the military does with drones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen  and probably several other countries. They are used for identification, surveillance and targeting of potentially hostile elements. The thing is, the drones used in these foreign operations are flown by regular US military pilots who do know what they are doing.
coming soon - to a sky near you

Recently, the US has allowed drone testing in 59 areas around Denver.  Each about 20 square miles. One of these wayward drones nearly brought down a corporate jet, a Cessna flying at 8,000 feet over Denver. Some analysts have suggested the near miss was as close as 170 FEET from the jet! These particular drones are being tested by the University of Colorado’s Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems, which has FAA authorization.
This testing is being done because there is a congressional mandate to open U.S. airspace to drones by 2015. The FAA has announced procedures to  streamline the process through which government agencies, including local law enforcement, can receive licenses to operate unmanned aircraft at altitudes no higher than 400 feet. This applies as well to commercial and civil drones.

Scared yet?
Why Denver, the mile high city? Well let's see, if you test in the desert, 400 feet is not very high, but around Denver, you are already way up there, flying at a mile high plus 400.  ALL citizens of Denver are members of the Mile High club.
And if you've been keeping up, you KNOW there are all kinds of weird and wonderful things about the new Denver International Airport. Like what was built beneath it in complete secrecy?  Like why did the budget go from 1.7 billion to over 4.8 billion. 3.1 over! Why are there 8 underground levels?  Etc etc.
But back to the drones.

Once they have rules established, the FAA expects as many as 30,000 drones will be in American airspace in the coming years. And it has already been reported that drones operated by the police in Texas will be equipped with weaponry. It's just a matter of time, isn't it?

cute lil predator
Fox News contributor Anthony Napolitano boldly predicted, “The first American patriot that shoots down one of these drones that comes too close to his children in his backyard will be an American hero,” and others have wondered if this makes a frightened father a patriot or a terrorist?
Public safety agencies can now get expedited permission to fly drones weighing up to 25 pounds in U.S. airspace. Some exist at 4 pounds too! Notice they are calling them 'public safety' drones. Considering that some satellites can read the writing on your golf ball from space, these lil' gems will be able to see EVERYTHING you are doing, even under your roof with the shades down in the darkness. Did you forget about motion sensors and thermal imaging?
Nice that the government is looking out for us, isn't it. But have innocent people been targeted for 'suspicious' behavior?  Depends on who is doing the suspecting, doesn't it.

Meanwhile, sharpen your marksman skills, these little mosquitoes will be hard to hit.

check out the Denver International Airport here - 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

facebook and you and you and you.

facebook has about 900 million subscribers worldwide.
There are about 300 million people in the United States. So for most subscribers in America, that means almost everyone is signed up except the Banjo Boy from Deliverance, that old kid suckling on the Time Magazine cover, and my senile Gramdpa who wants to use the Web to find his teeth.

Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of facebook, (correct lower case "f") is about to send it into public trading. His personal net worth is estimated at 24 billion dollars. That's BILLION! The value of the social networking site is guestimated to be valued at about $100 billion according to a Wall Street Journal report.
At least once a week, those nine hundred million people around the world use facebook. The site's revenue grew from $777 million in 2009 to $3.7 billion last year. And in the first quarter of 2012 it was more than $1 billion!

So who are these people participating so willingly in this Great Deception? 
Half of the Baby Boomers - the generation born in the years after World War II - have an account. And most of the 56 per cent of the country that’s on Facebook is young  -  two-thirds of Gen Xers and a huge 81 per cent of people 18-35 use the social networking site.
Conversely, it’s the rare senior citizen on Facebook. Just 21 per cent have signed up. One would like to think that us old folks have an inbred suspicion of someone who wants all that information about us. But it is more likely feeble fingers left over from the Great Depression.

Let's look at the information available on facebook.
When you sign up, you tell them; when and where you were born, (most police departments use DOB to differentiate one Mr Smith from another)  who your parents were, your mom's maiden name, where your family came from, where you live now, where you used to live, where you went to school, who your friends are, what you like to do, where you like to go, who you like, who you hang with, what you eat, what car you drive, what religion you are, where you work, shop and play. (take a breath here) who your family is and was, exactly what you look like right now, and did in the past. They even want to know what your dog was named when you were 10!

You no longer need to be captured by the CIA or the KGB and grilled or water-boarded for 72 hours for incriminating information. You have gleefully already provided it!
The privacy issue is the thing. Three of every five facebook users say they have little or no faith that the company will protect their personal information. Only 13 per cent trust facebook to guard their data. Even facebook’s most dedicated users are wary - half of those who use the site daily say they wouldn’t feel safe buying things on the network. But lately even the advertisers are saying no one clicks on their ads.

But it is not about purchasing from their advertisers is it? It is about surveillance of everything you do, and everyone you know.  When Homeland Security came into being, with it's accompanying Patriot Act, the FBI and other certain other government agencies recognized the fact that the web had the greatest potential for eavesdropping and eventual control of masses of people. The demographics were perfect too.
Who cares about those oldsters who went through a war fighting for country, peace and liberty? They're naturally suspicious of power anyway. The people who could become the threat to the powers-that-be are all standing there like lambs waiting their turn for the hammer. Sign me up. I'll tell you anything. And so they do. And Maxwell's Silver Hammer came down upon their heads.

And today there are whole stealthy corporations working for these government agencies who have bot readers, chat listeners, cross-referencing software, email filters and face recognition programs listening, reading and looking at you and your friends and working 24/7/365. And because YOUR ISP number goes through your server and even your computer has a unique hard drive code number, all YOUR info IS being read and noted and because the Patriot Act says so. And no company you deal with who has that information can NOT reveal it to the government.  It is the New World Order law. And without a search warrant, and without telling you that you are being watched or investigated.
There is not a police department in North America that doesn't use facebook for information. And most corporations peek into it too before hiring or dealing with you.

Match all this with Google Earth and Street View, and your front door is right there, directing anyone who cares, to your exact home. Do come in. Nice red door, matches the geraniums on your porch.

This is my old house,  >
when I was like, 10, on
Google Earth street view. (she was a Cocker Spaniel named Trixie) Someone could wonder why all the shades are down?  Hiding something? And what is that wire by the front door?  A booby trap?  What goes on in there? What was that about a bomb? I see the tenant read Rudyard Kipling once, you know what THAT says, don't you?
And you can't miss finding it, it is at 49 14'47.32" N by 123 06' 01.47" W, at elevation 264 ft. Maybe we need SWAT for this? Or Men in Black at 4:30 am.

And all because you posted that your girlfriend looked like a BOMBshell in that red clingy dress! The word-trigger clicked in and you may now be on a no fly list.
Never trust anyone who makes one billion dollars in three months.
Technology is wonderful, yes?
Well yes?

So - - -  24/7/365 huh? You might be able to escape on Feb 29th, 2016 but I have no idea where you can hide till then.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Suspicions and Watchers

9/11. So long ago. 2001.
Recently a story emerged from Reuters News Agency about human remains from that tragic date. These remains were supposed to be cremated by the U.S. Military's Main Mortuary. The remains supposedly came from the Pentagon and Pennsylvania crash site of one of the hijacked airliners.

Retired General John Abizaid who was in charge said it is unclear how many victim's partial remains were disposed of in this manner. And doubted there was a way to find out.
The incident is certain to further undermine the reputation of the Dover mortuary after last year’s revelations that it mishandled the remains of American war dead. This included losing body parts twice and allowing the partial remains of at least 274 soldiers to be dumped in a Virginia landfill.
The report suggested that the human remains from the Sept. 11 attacks - those that could not be tested or identified - were essentially treated as medical waste.

My post is not to tell you about these goings on, but the effort in following the story.
It was on a Google News page with the heading - Some September 11 dead's remains ended in landfill - the heading is underlined as an URL So clicking it should lead to the article in full.
Not so easy. It leads to a separate page, a 'redirect notice'. The ominous URL is now hugely long, taking two lines, with a separate URL below to return you to the previous page. Assuming you no longer want to learn about the story.
But is it an effort to discourage you from going to and reading the story? Almost like a warning.

Are the so called Watchers still active after 11 years? Watching every article about 9/11 and discouraging efforts to follow stories about 9/11?

Recently on CraigsList a few posts about the World Trade Center destruction disappeared after one day. Flagged and removed. This still happens on many other opinion forums.
Try it yourself, post an opinion about the 9/11 event, controversial or not, and watch it disappear almost immediately.

Suspicious minds will always pursue a thread, however thin, and the Watchers seem to be still on the job with efforts to thwart this inquisitiveness.
Some of us are still seeking the truth.
Some of them are still seeking to suppress it.

the article

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is it True? department

Is it true that a man named Michael R. Taylor, who is Deputy Commissioner for foods at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was once vice president for public policy for the Monsanto Company?
He is the first individual to hold the position, which was created along with a new Office of Foods in August 2009. But shouldn't being associated with Monsanto and considered a lobbyist automatically disqualify him from an important and influential post in food for American citizens? One sort of expected more of President Obama's administration.

It has been said that Mr. Taylor has written the rules regarding the inclusion of Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) into the human food chain, and that they favor the Monsanto company products. Not to say Mr Taylor is up to anything bad, but if you're going to flock with a murder of crows you must expect suspicions.

The debate is just starting regarding GMOs and California is about to have a vote on a label notice regarding their inclusion in foodstuffs for public consumption. The public seems to be clamoring for information and it is said many companies will remove GMOs from their product rather than have to print the information on labels, so all is not black cloud, but people need to take interest and be aware!
Already there is research showing that injecting cows with Bovine Growth Hormone has dangerous effects on humans consuming that milk. Canada and Europe have banned the product.

It is all about our children, isn't it?
But the question remains: How does a former executive with a company such as Monsanto even have consideration for a position with the Food and Drug Administration?
The worried public are beginning to crow about things like that.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shut Down the Web?

There is a protest going on today about censorship of the Web. You should already know the problem, if not, just Google - SOPA - and - PIPA - . The US Congress wants to end piracy of movies etc by websites. Even offshore if they are infringing US copyright.
At least that is the outward purpose. Some believe that certain politicians in America really want to control the media of the Web, for whatever purposes. The US Republicans who control the Senate want the legislation passed, and people like Rupert Murdoch are backing them. That should tell you something.

Google, Wikipedia (the fourth most visited website) Reddit, BoingBoing, Tucows,, are among many who have chosen to lodge their protests via blacking out their own websites or featuring a protest message! Others offering backing include Facebook, Twitter, Mozilla, Yahoo and eBay.

Shutting out companies that are offering pirated product could be done in other ways, without suppressing the internet servers totally. The Patriot Act and Homeland Security already have the capacity to infiltrate ISPs to get information about anyone. And without warrants. And without your knowledge. It is the law that your own ISP cannot even tell you they have downloaded information about you.
But it would take more effort to chase them down individually. Easier to punish everyone for crimes committed by the few.
The bonus is total control of media on the Web. This could be the true reason because most of those hawks of the right wing recognize the web as a most dangerous thing because of its ability of instant and uncontrolled communication.
That was proven long ago in Tianamin Square.

The RIAA, the Recording Industry of America got their way a few years ago, led by heavy metal band Metallica, because people were downloading copies of their, 'music'. We were all punished for that.
Yes its wrong but the result is that now every man, woman and child in North America pays a premium surcharge for BLANK tapes and blank CDs etc because you are deemed a criminal if you are purchasing these things and it is suspected by the RIAA that you will use them for the purpose of infringing copyright instead of paying for music. Even if you are buying them to record your grandchild's first words! The RIAA has had a huge windfall because of this collection of iniquitous fees.
(some would argue that the extra money you pay at the cash register to the RIAA is actually a licence to record whatever music you like, because that is why you are paying the fee)

So does it also mean that websites like NetFlix would have to charge more to every single subscriber because it would be assumed they are recording those movies for whatever reasons? And do you pay more at theaters because someone could sneak in a camcorder?

But then is it really about copyright infringement? Or is it another subterfuge step toward controlling what people hear, read and see on the Web.
A most dangerous place.

Dangerous for who though?

Success. Today, Jan. 20, the PIPA and SOPA anti-online privacy bills were halted by the US Congress after the Wikipedia protest! Although they have promised to continue to work at the bills and they are only a postponement for now. At any rate, it is a demonstration of how public opinion can change the direction of government. A huge win for freedom on the web.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Information Poverty

Do you ever flick channels during the news at six? And have you noticed that many of the reports on any subject are copies word for word on several channels? You often assume these similar news items are picked up from other mainstream news sources, as interesting tidbits for your consumption. Hmm.
But so many news stories today are written by corporate PR departments with the slant towards guiding your thoughts about a certain subject. The so called yellow journalism. Indeed, what actual free journalism goes on today? Not much it seems. Mainstream=Corporate.

The School of Communication, Simon Fraser University, under the supervision of Dr. Kathleen Cross has released a study on the most under-reported news stories today. It says 25 but includes 100, some of which may shock you and others only confirm your suspicions of being manipulated. All are relevant to us living in a sane world.

- Like the under-reporting of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Suppressed so the boiling public doesn't decide to take occupying action against the nuclear industry? And we're wondering how radioactive that gyre of Japanese earthquake-meltdown debris floating toward North America is and how it may affect our beaches? Keep your toddlers out of the sun AND the sand!

- Or the fact that so called Big Pharma (nickname for huge pharmaceutical companies) engineer their clinical studies to put a warm light on the use of their drugs. But you watch CNN and see the long lists of ailments from using their drugs, don't you? (side effects always downplayed during the shots of 'all-better-now' smiling actors) Well, you should. Do you care that pharmaceutical company reps are within the US Government FDA agencies right now writing the laws on the use of their drugs? Do you care that they may have omitted the fact that deaths occurred during their testings?

- I don't see it on their list but it is a lingering suspicion on my own; the Gulf oil spill and the fact that there are rumors of it still leaking and the ability of the oil companies to keep people away from the disaster area while they hide the pollution! That is cheating the world but did you think oil companies were ethical? Did you believe they could simply snub the US Government to do what they want? Even keeping the US Navy away and tieing the President of America's hands.

- Would you be shocked to learn that in 2010, in the American Army, 462 soldiers were killed in the line of duty? While 468 committed suicide!
Well of course you would because we only get the reports of 'embedded' reporters now. Those who travel with an Army unit and stage their reporting to suit the military minds. The mental health of war will be ongoing for decades!

- And did you read anywhere about the CETA negotiations? Sort of like NAFTA, no benefit whatsoever to Canada but allowing European corporations access to government procurement actions, to our public institutions like hospitals and public utilities. And all behind closed doors. Like NAFTA. A secret from the people. Does our news media have a don't- ask-don't-tell policy?

The SFU list makes excellent reading or even browsing if you like. And you could, if you cared enough, pick one of these items and make it your own. Something to yell about. Or write about. Or research yourself. Or complain about to your local news source for their lack of coverage.

Spend a little time perusing the SFU School of Communication study. All the items show a Synopsis, Significance, Media Coverage and Original Source Material. Beats the mainstream media's unnamed sources all to hell! Especially when those sources are PR Department flacks.
If you do go and read the study, be sure to go to Appendix A: Alternative & Independent News Sites Used for Researching Stories. This is important for anyone pursuing information on their own. Appendix D has the top 100 Underreported Stories.

Yes we all know that the current news organizations are firmly controlled by corporate interests. And we see the scandal in Britain about movie stars phones being tapped, but it is far more serious than gossip folks, it is about our small planet and your health, your family's safety, and our democratic right to reliable reporting.
And we, as a public interested in the preservation of our very lives, need to know truth, and to recognize where to find it and who is lying to us. The SFU Under-Reported News Study is a tool to use. A source for a further independent pursuit of the real information. Truth.

So one would ask: Are our reporters just lazy, stupid or bought? If there is a reason we are being denied investigative news reporting, that reason must be secret too. But secrecy fosters speculation and conjecture too, doesn't it?

Educate yourself and start using your voice. Information poverty is affecting us all, and they should not be getting away with it.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New USA-Canada Trade Deal

So you're reading about it now. A new deal that the US thought up, and has been programming Canadians to accept for at least 10 years now. The Bush/Cheney people thought it up, and as we all know now, Barak Obama has little to do with running America, and no president in the future will have either.
So the paranoid Americans 'conditioned' Canadians to believe that those wild-eyed terrorists were on their way here too, and unless we go along with their ideas, we'll be unsafe. Left to duck under our beds while the bombs go off. We need the same protection as all red blooded Americans get to keep them safe. Yes.
Well, not exactly. Terrorism hasn't much to do with the real plan.
Because along with the sharing of a national border with America, we will now go ahead with the so-called North American Security Border Perimeter Protection. This allows information sharing, and interoperability, (nice vague word) and Integrated Border Enforcement Teams (IBET). The Civil Assistance Plan of 2008 allows the military of one country to respond to a cross-border domestic civil emergency, at the request of the other country. The Shiprider Agreement of 2009 enables jointly-crewed RCMP and Coast Guard vessels to patrol shared waterways and seaways, with cross-border jurisdiction.
Interoperability also encourages a militarized approach to border crimes such as drug smuggling, contraband and the undocumented movement of people. Already, unmanned drones are patrolling the Canada-U.S. border. Since 9/11, five land and marine military bases have been established close to the Canada-U.S. border as part of the U.S. Northern Border Air Wing.

But don't just think of that border below us, folks, think North too!

Yes this agreement of course, considers OUR borders from sea to sea to sea.
And the third sea is the Arctic. And that's where America wants to be active. And protecting ALL North American borders means using US troops for that task. And allowing those troops to occupy our sovereign border in the Arctic. Why?
To guard against sandy terrorists or Russians sneaking across the diminishing ice floes disguised as polar bears (also diminishing) with high explosives strapped under their bomber jackets and destined for targets in Toronto! OMG! WTF?

Well of course the American and Canadian governments are playing it down. But the result of this new protection we get by signing the agreement, will be to allow America to control the emerging Canadian Arctic resource of billions of barrels of oil beneath those thawing ice packs! Estimated to be about 400 BILLION barrels!
A US based oil company has laid claim to ALL the Arctic oil reserves under OUR North, and has a legal argument based on their proposal that the Arctic's petroleum deposits are the "common heritage of mankind," (the lawyer who thought up that one got a huge bonus) and has argued that the polar region requires a private "lead manager" to organize.

Now wouldn't that conveniently come under the new perimeter border of North America? Of course it would. We need secure oil resources to lessen our dependance on foreign oil and to guarantee $1.00 a gallon prices to those righteous mid-western straw chewers who are still living in the fifties.
So all the talk about helping us poor Canadians get our goods to market across the Ambassador Bridge is subterfuge.

And that's not all. We have water. And lots of it. In a relevant aspect. It has been said that water will be the oil of the 21st century, and that it will cause wars between nations.
Sea water makes up 97.5 percent of all the water on Earth. And not all the remaining 2.5% is drinkable. Of that tiny amount we have an estimated 6 to 20% as renewable resource. That is 20% of about ONE percent, people.
America is in a drought situation and has been for a century or more! Some say the worst in 500 years! And getting scary worse.

Many people believe that the quality CBC TV show Intelligence was cancelled because the Americans were nervous of Chris Haddock's plot direction which was moving toward the US using the FBI and CIA to influence decisions in Canada which would allow America free access to our water!

The Great Lakes water levels continue to drop. Barge traffic on America's waterways only carry half loads to avoid scraping bottom in those rivers. Americans continue to use up to 350 gallons a day for drinking and sanitation when the world average is 20 to 40 gallons! And again, the big bad corporations are lobbying to drain America's wetlands to put more water into the river systems! Crops are failing, livestock cannot be fed.
And all the while sprinklers are pouring water non stop into the nice green golf courses of Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas!

America has been looking to the North for years. The Keystone XL oil pipeline is but the first step in draining Canada's liquid resources into America. Why not a water pipeline to follow? Do you think Keystone is a random name? You can bet the idea of a water pipeline is under discussion right now. And the first action will be to 'condition' the Canadian public into accepting the idea.
And it will probably hinge on existing clauses within the new border perimeter agreement to protect us from (once again) terrorists.
Why not?
The concept has worked on Americans since 9/11 who now have no recourse to sue American corporations for misdeeds or to stop police from tracking you or storming into your home without judicial warrants! And the growth of private security forces, like America's Blackwater, now called Xe, and Canada's Can/Aust Security could be used to subjugate and control an emerging angry populace. (Blackwater was used during Hurricane Katrina, Can/Aust was involved in a plan to smuggle Saadi Gaddafi to Mexico) Homeland security is about to become omnipotent. President Obama has just signed into law, an act that allows the US Military to police the streets, make arrests and jail citizens without charge or US Constitutional protection!

Don't hide under your bed, folks, without looking under it first. You might find a wild-eyed terrorist or a wild-eyed Senator there already. Go back to sleep, that's the only place you'll have freedom.

US oil company lays claim to ALL oil in the Arctic -

Canada's potential oil -

USA drought monitor -

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Researching Motion

This is odd. Certain Middle Eastern countries won't allow RIM, (Research in Motion, a Canadian company) to set up Blackberry phones in their countries. In August, the United Arab Emirates announced a ban on Blackberry messaging and other services by RIM. Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Bahrain have followed. India became nervous, and then China. Who could be nervous about RIM? They weren't nervous about buying our Candu Reactors.

The problem is that Blackberry encrypts its own messages using its own systems, and these governments and others want to access that encrypted information. Blackberry encryption is unbreakable and is the only cell phone smartphone company using its own operating systems. In other words certain branches of governments want to listen in on what you are saying and they can't on Blackberries. They read and hear everything you do on other smartphone devices, but Blackberry will not reveal any cipher or encryption keys. (They are the only personal phone that President Obama uses. And you KNOW the Secret Service must have approved it.)

So now we recently have have services disrupted in the Middle East, Europe, India, then Africa, South America, Brazil, Chile and Canada. Coincidence or enemy action? Blackberry says it is not hacked. But they wouldn't tell you would they? For the same reasons banks don't tell how or when they get swindled.
And we wonder if there isn't some concentrated efforts going on here to bring down Blackberry and RIM itself. Microsoft and a few other companies want to buy them.
It may be in the interests of the traveling businessman, corporation or tourist to keep their communications secret, but governments can't stand not knowing what you are doing while passing through their countries.
They blame terrorism of course. As usual. Who knows what WMDs you could stuff into a Blackberry. Isn't that how the endless wars started in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Maybe Canada isn't so harmless after all. Don't forget, we did design, engineer and build the Avro Arrow, and you know how pissed off the Americans were about that!

Is it odd or is it me?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Odd Marriage?

The military now has a new drone. They have adapted a regular drone which now can simply fly over a certain area, and gather virtually ALL electronic communications speeding through the ether below! Pause for a moment here, please ........

That means ALL the cell phone communications, who is making them, and who they are going to. ALL your text messages. ALL your Tweets about whatever you are typing about. ALL your facebook info and what you are saying to whomever you are saying it to. Probably all your RDF information nestled snugly into that new credit card with ALL your recent purchases and where you bought that stuff. ALL your driver's info on that new radio frequency ID chip licence you just got. Probably ALL your health records from that CARE card. Ultimate surveillance.

Where does this all point? Match it up with some of that video evidence of military helicopters in Iraq, targeting smart bombs from a mile up and you can see that with a little cross referencing of who is doing what to whom, and how they can be pinpointed to be 'taken out' by one of those stealth black choppers hovering high over your house, there will be no room for rebels in Future World. (read New World Order) Yul Brenner isn't the bad guy.

So it all points to a slave society, completely under control of a military elite, (Google Blackwater, Xe, Fema Camps) almost helpless to resist the subjugation of the populace.

But there has always been that element in our democratic society of suspicion driven free people intent on resisting the efforts of Big Brother to control us. Sort of the new Hippies of North America. Now add these flower-haired freedom seekers to the rebellious M15 toting Minutemen, who are ALSO suspicious of anything the government tries to control free people and you have an odd marriage of those who think free and others who also value freedom and have enough weaponry to throw a wrench into the takeover attempts of whatever cells the CIA, NSA, Shadow Government, et al have in mind for the people of North America.

(In 2011 there was a 54% increase in FBI background checks for new and used handguns. 11 MILLION! And those are the legal figures. The public is arming themselves, folks)

Moonchild Mary, meet Redneck Skywalker, say I do and I will and get on with the kiss, we're gonna need this marriage in Future World.
We have work to do.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This day in history - - - September 27

(1963 – 64) The Warren Commission. A group appointed by Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson to investigate the circumstances surrounding President John F. Kennedy's slaying and the shooting of his (alleged) assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. It was chaired by Earl Warren and included two U.S. senators, two U.S. congressmen, and two former public officials.
After months of investigation, it reported that Kennedy was killed by Oswald's rifle shots from the Texas School Book Depository and that Oswald's murder by Jack Ruby two days later was not part of a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy.
Its findings were later questioned in a number of books and articles and in a special congressional committee report in 1979, though no conclusive contradictory evidence was found.

One of those first books, Rush to Judgment, by lawyer Mark Lane, pointed out that the conclusions in the Summery, those few pages that most people and reporters read, had little to do with the volumes of actual evidence in the content.
Today a believer of this, 'Oswald alone', conclusion is rare. And because that summery seemed falsified, it berthed a lifetime of conspiracy theories about the President's death.
Even following the interesting side story of the trail of Officer Tippit on that day and you might join the legions of disbelievers.

The members of that Warren Commission were -

- Earl Warren - Chief Justice of the United States. Eisenhower offered Warren the post of solicitor general, with the promise of a seat on the Supreme Court. But before it was announced, Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson unexpectedly died in September 1953 and Eisenhower replaced him with Warren. As Chief Justice of the United States some said many of his decisions were 'inappropriate'.

- Hale Boggs - Died mysteriously in a plane crash while flying over remote Alaska in October, 1972 . Wreckage never found. In April 1971 he had made a speech on the floor of the House in which he strongly attacked J. Edgar Hoover and the whole of the FBI.

- Gerald Ford - Future President. Ford commented in his own report that the CIA destroyed or kept from investigators critical secrets connected to the assassination.

- John Sherman Cooper - In the general election in 1954 Cooper was defeated by Alben W. Barkley a Democrat who had been Vice President under Harry S. Truman but Barkley subsequently died, and Cooper was elected to fill his unexpired term in 1956.

- John J. McCloy - He was initially skeptical of the lone gunman theory, but a trip to Dallas with Allen Dulles, an old friend also serving on the Commission, in the spring of 1964 to visit the scene of the assassination convinced him of the case against Lee Harvey Oswald.

- Allen Welsh Dulles - Director of the CIA. It evolved under his directorship into a team of assassins. One member, Frank Sturgis, claimed: "this assassination group (Operation 40) would upon orders, naturally, assassinate either members of the military or the political parties of the foreign country that you were going to infiltrate, and if necessary some of your own members." (Sturgis was also one of the Watergate burglars) Dulles and his staff were forced to resign in September 1961 when President Kennedy reportedly said he wanted to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds."

The Warren report's lack of candor furthered antigovernment cynicism, which in turn stimulated conspiracy theorists who propounded any number of alternative scenarios, all mutually contradictory, and all going strong today.

Who can you trust?

In a new revelation by Jackie Kennedy she recently revealed her suspicions of LBJ. And we all know she married Onassis simply because he was the one man in the world who could actually protect her from an 'unexpected' death.
source mostly Wikipedia
start here - Officer Tippit timeline

Monday, August 15, 2011

Time to leave?

The US plans on withdrawing all troops from Iraq at the end of this year. Leaving the Iraqis to run their own country.
Today there were bombings all over the troubled nation. In a dozen cities using a combination of parked car bombs, roadside bombs and a suicide bombers driving vehicles. It seems there are no secure areas in the whole country. The scope of the violence is only increasing in spite of the Iraqi and US forces. Even within the so-called Green Zone, of Bagdad suicide bombers are able to move about, coordinate their people and kill when they want.

As the American effort winds down the question looms larger than ever; Can Iraq govern itself? It is like the religious groups are just waiting to begin their civil war. Only this time Iraq will not have a strong Saddam Hussein directing an army to control the insurgents. What will happen to all the building and infrastructure implemented by the US? It looks to many as if Iran will play a large role in cooperation with Syria to allow control of this huge and valuable part of the Middle East. Iraq has a huge portion of the known oil reserves.
In this 'George Bush War' as some call it, the question also haunts the West whether leaving Saddam alone and dealing with him would have been the realistic and sane answer. Indeed, the best strategy for peace. Alas, it seems GW Bush was intent on vengeance over sanity.

In Afghanistan, a similar scenario awaits. The Taliban are stronger than ever. Al Qaeda operates freely. The control of the country centers in only a small part of Kabul. Everywhere else is intensely dangerous. The poppy crop is burgeoning and opium production is higher then ever before, some even suspect the CIA of encouraging it. While they use armed spy drones near Pakistan to try to limit the expansion of the insurgents.

President Hamid Karzai, the inserted ruler, has little control, is often refered to as the Mayor of Kabul because his influence is so limited, and is also suspected of actually working against the US. But he fled the country once before and is totally likely to follow the US troops out whenever that happens again. Leaving what?

Of course Afghanistan will descend quickly into tribal conflict with warlords, drug cartels, Taliban and al Qaeda all tearing it apart once more. The country will go back 200 years overnight.

And what will be the legacy of these costly adventures in muslim countries? Perhaps only a newly inflamed hatred of the West, and especially the United States.
It seems that the correct and safe strategy in Afghanistan would be to let them sort it out themselves, no matter how hard it will be to watch from afar, and then deal with the winner, who no doubt will be a strong brutal leader, and who has democracy furthest from his intentions.

In Iraq, the new hope to deflect the efforts of Syria and Iran would seem to be a new Sunni leader, like Saddam, someone who can keep the Shiites at bay and Iraq's two volatile neighbors inside their own borders.

It remains to be seen if the shadowy cadre of insiders in the US government will allow anyone but the Saudis to control the oil flow into the US and anyone but their choice of who supplies the bulk of heroin into America. And it is all above and beyond the input of a US President, that control is already gone.

However it works out, the sad conclusion drawn by many is that these American adventure wars which cost so much in brave young lives may have been all in vain.

It IS time to leave.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Who did this?

The world is spiraling downward. The stock markets are actually crashing. The US had its credit rating lowered for the first time in history. Canada is doing just okay but pundits all say we'll be close behind America when it plunges. Dragged down with Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and others on the brink of something bad. And no one seems to know what to do about it all.

Well correct that ... lots of people know what to do, but the power brokers in charge of actually doing something aren't about to upset their own plush limousines.

Do you believe it? China has actually warned the US to watch its step and get its act together. China.
OMG. Shouldn't that be the exact opposite? Shouldn't the Western world be warning the backward countries about their spending behavior? How did China emerge with so much power?

Well, the truth is, the greed of the West gave it to them. For example, years ago Canada sent technology and effort to China to help them mine their minerals and ores. By building the mines and mills and sending them equipment necessary to produce goods from those ores.We knew how to do it, they didn't. Then they weren't able to transport those ores to the mills so we sent them all those huge Euclid trucks. To help them out. All free. Paid for by the Canadian government. America did exactly the same thing countless times. So China got the product out of the ground, built their own factories, and set about undercutting American factories and bankrupting the economies of North America!

We as a free enterprise democratic society condoned the actions of the few rich who needed to do 'business' with these Marxist Communists. To sell them stuff. Any technology the West didn't give the Chinese they simply stole through industrial espionage. All this while they suppressed and oppressed their population with the brutality of their regime. While we looked away.

Nixon opened up China and is heralded for that. But by who? The billionaires who added to their fortunes with deals in China. Those inside deals enriched a very few while destroying workers at home. And it went round and round until today the Chinese hold the debt balance for America. They have successfully destroyed the North American steel industry, the manufacturing industry, high tech is going or gone, nothing left but the pizza shops and Wendy's. Farming controlled by Monsanto. Health by offshore pharmaceutical corporations. Even space is being taken over by Chinese rockets!

The Arabs hold the other half of this equation by strangling us with artificially high oil prices. Courtesy of their confidant, George HW Bush. The Tea Party Conservative Republicans pound away at Obama without a single mention of the costs of the two wars they started. Estimated by the end of this year to be 1.3 TRILLION dollars! Isn't that almost what the US is in debt for?

It's like the powers that be are lining up their tanks in a row to bring down the world so they can emerge as the keepers of the New World Order. The consequences too frightening to imagine.

We did this to ourselves by allowing power and greed to take precedence over home interests. We dealt with the Devils in China and Saudi Arabia who tore apart the fabric of what was a proud world-leading America. The home-grown foreign devils in America might be the losers, however. If there is nothing left to control who wins?

We did this by tolerating corporate greed to overrun our governments. And over-rule our governments. And to place their needs above those of the population. We did this by allowing people like the Bushes and Cheney to ignore what the founders and builders of America had in mind and to set the dominoes of democracy falling. We did this by allowing Enron to slip into oblivion, by forgetting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and now likely Rupert Murdoch. We did this by not yelling for our media to tell us what is really happening. We did this by accepting the glowing reports of 'embedded' reporters in those wars. Like Afghanistan where the so called Western Coalition has only a small zone in Kabul barely under control. We did this by allowing BP to spill and hide the results and not answer for their stupidity. We did this by not demanding that Obama order the Navy into the Gulf to supervise and control the 'cleanup' and tell us the truth.

If the world plunges into chaos, we have only ourselves to blame for our complacency and acceptance of nefarious doings at our expense. We did this by ignoring the phrase, power of the people, for the people. It is not rhetoric, it is truth.

We did this.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Whistleblower hacking scandal

The journalist who started the fall of Rupert Murdoch's News of the World by revealing the hacking of phones etc. was found dead in his apartment.
Sean Hoare, a former News of the World employee was discovered at his home in Watford, Hertfordshire, after concerns were raised about his whereabouts. The death is being treated as 'unexplained'.
The police say it is not suspicious because he hurt his nose and foot lately.
It involves Rupert Murdoch, who has politicians, news media, and police under his control.
They say it is not suspicious.

You bet it is.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Face recognition

Think you are anonymous?
Want to see what CCTV can do in a city? Now in Vancouver, technology enabled with face recognition that will identify you no matter where you are. Just scan the pic yourself, zoom in, and in more, and more. Is that you? Your friend? You said you weren't downtown on Game 7 night? Ah, but there you are.
Too late already.
No smiles please, these are government 'spy on you' pictures. You are used to seeing the riot pictures taken by cameras in the crowd and cell phone cams, but these are future shock.

go here .... Gigapixel_com - 2011 Stanley Cup Game 7 Canucks Fan Zone
Ronnie Miranda's panoramic gigapixel photo shows the Georgia Street Canucks fan zone during Game 7. Zoom in to incredible detail.
Sorry the pic is not able to be posted here, but is certainly well worth a look at your future Vancouver in the streets.

In London England, where they have thousands of spy cameras, you are presumed to be on camera 300 times a day if you have occasion to be in the downtown streets. Picadilly Circus will never be the same and neither will Granville Mall.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Social Information Technology

Watch the video. Your own filter bubble is being built by someone else.

Julian Assaunge, Wikileaks founder,
"What are the differences between Mark Zuckerberg and me? I give private information on corporations to you for free, and I'm a villain. Zuckerberg gives your private information to corporations for money, and he's Man of the Year."

William Colby, former CIA Director,
"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media."

Zbigniew Brzezinski,
former Carter National Security Advisor,
"The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities."

Noam Chomsky, philosopher, activist,
"For those who stubbornly seek freedom, there can be no more urgent task than to come to understand the mechanisms and practices of indoctrination. These are easy to perceive in the totalitarian societies, much less so in the system of 'brainwashing under freedom' to which we are subjected and which all too often we serve as willing or unwitting instruments."

Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister,
"It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion."

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Jacques Ellul, French philosopher,
"The goal of modern propaganda is no longer to transform opinion but to arouse an active and mythical belief."

Adolf Hitler, in Mein Kampf,
"All propaganda has to be popular and has to adapt its spiritual level to the perception of the least intelligent of those towards whom it intends to direct itself."

David Rockefeller, at a Bilderberg Meeting, 1991
"We are are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination [read as 'democracy'] practiced in past centuries."

George W. Bush,
"Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists."

Sir Winston Churchill,
"Everybody is in favor of free speech. Hardly a day passes without its being extolled, but some people’s idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage."

link -

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nato equals Taliban?

We condemned the Taliban a few tears ago because they destroyed age old monuments in Afghanistan. They did this because those monoliths were more about Buddhism than Islam. Taliban militiamen wrecked the almost 2,000-year-old Buddhist masterpieces in the central province of Bamiyan, including the world's tallest standing Buddha measuring 50 meters (165 feet).

Afghanistan is home to an array of pre-Islamic historic treasures from its days as a key stop on the ancient Silk Road and a strategic battleground for conquerers dating back to Alexander the Great and the Aryans before him.

The two massive Bamiyan Buddhas, carved into a sandstone cliff near the provincial capital in central Afghanistan, were built around the second century.

Appeals for their preservation came from the United States, France, Germany, Thailand, Japan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Pakistan, Germany, Russia, India and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Recently, the Nato organization confirmed that they will not hesitate to destroy ancient Roman ruins in Libya. Nato will bomb Roman ruins

"We will strike military vehicles, military forces, military equipment or military infrastructure that threaten Libyan civilians as necessary," a NATO official in Naples told CNN, declining to give his name in discussing internal NATO deliberations. But he said the alliance could not verify rebel claims that Libya's leader may be hiding rocket launchers at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Leptis Magna, a Roman city between the capital Tripoli and rebel-held Misrata.

Leptis Magna is a Roman city between the capital Tripoli and rebel-held Misrata. The site is one of the most spectacular and unspoiled Roman ruins in the Mediterranean. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The city appears to have been founded by Phoenician colonists sometime around 1100 BC. The town did not achieve prominence until Carthage became a major power in the Mediterranean in the 4th century BC. Then became part of the Roman Empire.

Isn't this the very same outrage those Western countries were so terribly opposed to in Afghanistan?

Just who is the bad guy here?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Microsoft buys Skype

What is Skype? This is what Skype says about itself - - - Skype is for doing things together, whenever you’re apart. Skype’s text, voice and video make it simple to share experiences with the people that matter to you, wherever they are. - - -
Skype has a free download version.

So what you can do, is get a phone number of your friend, wherever they are, then you start the program, click stuff and contact your friend. They can be across town, in Florida, or Nairobi and you suddenly can text talk, voice talk and SEE them live and in living colour!
Wonderful program for Grandmas contacting their grandchildren, or offices doing impromptu sessions about their contracts, or anyone else who wants a live contact look.

So here we go again with my slant on it. First you might want to review some of my previous posts about Microsoft, and the reasons I believe they are beholden to the CIA, NSA or Homeland Security. Once you digest that, you'll either go away shaking your head or begin to realize the same things that these watcher agencies would love: an in with Skype.

It is believed that Microsoft may include Skype with Windows 8.
Having it built into their operating system means they can tinker however they like with the intricacies of the program, meaning what it does and how it does it. Perhaps even when it does it.
Imagine Skype being controlled or reporting to 'someone' what it sees from the top of YOUR computer? A spy master's treasure trove. An intrepid innovation.

Lends another aspect to big brother watching you, doesn't it? Who needs a satellite looking down at you and seeing your rooftop when the watcher can be right inside your house!


UPDATE: Was I right or was I right? Today, May 27, it was just announced that a recent 'glitch' on Skype has been fixed! And even though you have not been able to use it for a few days, you can now download the updated 'fixed' software version and get right back on!
Skype blames overloaded 'supernodes' for the failures, and says they are fixing them, trying to reassure you that hackers were not responsible for the downtime. Right, always blame hackers. Concentrate your attention on the imagined bad guys so you don't notice the real bad guys at work.

Is this a suspicion confirmed? So Microsoft buys Skype, shuts it down while they and/or the US Government Sneak Department installs new spyware, then you load the update that could make your webcam record you in your home without turning on your little light.

Will we need to turn off the lights and whisper within our own homes soon? Will this KGB like intrusion become the Stasi or the Tonton Macoutes one day?
We need to go back to the woodshed days when we had a place to talk privately. Or Tony Soprano's basement.

Here is the link -

Meanwhile, they're saying the Skype system is a little slow right now. Could that be because it is classifying and organizing the 25 million subscribers at the moment? Perhaps with face recognition software after taking all your pictures?

Paranoid? You tell me.