Monday, May 24, 2010

facebook paranoia - again

Is it me or is facebook actually a CIA site?
Is facebook simply a website built by some Bilderberg Group shadow government working within the stealthy labyrinth of the CIA to cross-reference everyone everywhere so that they can keep track of you and know who is dangerous to the Grand Plan?
Doesn't anyone else notice the subtleties of the facebook sign up?

You start with your email address. Okay, everyone does that, but the next is DOB, Date of Birth, always the standard for police identification. Then you go through all these Steps.
Step 2 asks your high school, what years, then college, and your EMPLOYER!
Step 3 wants a photo of you! Nice, feeds right into the face recognition software. Remember during the Atlanta Olympic Games where every single person who went into the stadium was ID'd by a computer that read faces?
Step 4 asks your interests. This one is sneaky. They show picture icons and you pick out several items and compile them. Sort of like those IQ tests a job interview gives you, where they make deductions about your personality based on your choices.

They want your team favorites first. Innocent enough. Hockey teams etc. And whether you like lots of the celebrities shown too and watch their TV shows. You pick out a picture and add it to your interests. Among all these Hollywood types they sneak Barak Obama in there. Hmmm? No Dick Cheney or John McCain. Obama MUST trigger something. You can pick Snoop Dogg too. Does that mean you are disillusioned and listening to rap laments about society? And Bob Marley! What does THAT tell them about you, you old pothead! A sixties rebel? Ah, Canada Remembers, would be a good one, shows you like war, and our soldiers I think. Playboy, oh no, sex addiction?
The government shrinks will pour over your picks and deduce all kinds of things. Maybe conclude you are a threat. Or at the very least, deem your attributes not worthy of a perfect future world. Bad genes.

You can activate your mobile phone too. Wow, nice to give them more info. Did you know that modern mobiles have a GPS system built in? To communicate with the satellite of course. Coincidentally pinpointing exactly where you are standing at the moment! And then you can find people you know. Doesn't matter to them if you actually find them or not, it is the SEARCH that counts. You are giving them names! You know these people. They know you. Perfect cross-referencing.

facebook talks about your privacy too. Reassuring you. Telling you about how you can make yourself private. But that is from your 'friends', NOT the site webmasters! It's like those spam emails you get and they give you an email address to take yourself off their lists! And all you are really doing is confirming to them that they have an active email addy. Now you are worth more when they sell you!

And your profile on facebook. There's a system; City where you live. City you were born in. Interests again. Political views! Wait! Yes really. Religious views. OMG. Do you believe in Jesus or Allah or the Great Pumpkin? More relationships. Family members with pictures! Really. Your present employer and what you do there! It becomes a resume too! Your activities. And phone numbers of course.

So there you are, signed up and laid bare. Viewable by whomever. Stripped of your skin. You cranium pealed back. Imagine your head is now transparent! All the synapses snap crackling and popping with ideas. Is facebook a resource for the CIA? For someone else? And the fact that the shadow people chuckle about, is that YOU did it yourself!

Wait, here's one more. There was this game there you could play. Looked simple enough, called Bubble Popp!
Only an entertainment. Right?
So I clicked it. I got this message : This game needs your profile information, photos, your friend's profile information that it REQUIRES to work!

Think of this; if the whole idea was to cut the world population from 6 billion to a workable 500 million. (as has been expressed in several realms as part of the New World Order) Would they just grab bunches of folks from everywhere? Or would they choose carefully to get what someone has decided are good traits for the future controlled population of Earth? The technology is there to do just that.
And add this to your secreted mental picture: everything you just gave them become the property of facebook! You can never delete it!

So does our hope for a future free world society rest on the Minutemen? Or those guys who have underground bunkers on their farms? The crazy people stocking up on ammo? On the society drop-outs? The beggars on the boulevard?

Oh don't mind me, I am just suspicious and paranoid by nature. But who is that guy in the dark hat over there in the shadow beneath the street lamp?
Meanwhile give that bum a dollar, he's going to need it someday to fight the good fight and save the world.

Is facebook a CIA plot to cross reference everyone everywhere? Paranoia or perfect hit?
You decide. Meanwhile just fill out this form ...