Friday, July 30, 2010

Grand Banks fish - Grand Banks oil

Sorry, but some people, me, think this way.
Isn't it strange that the cod fishery on the Newfoundland Grand Banks was in alarming decline and yet overfishing was still allowed for years?
Now the cod are gone and have no chance to recover. One of the world's great fisheries, just like BC wild salmon, was allowed to die.
And once those fish were gone, and before any recovery talk could get started or studied or planned, we had the Hibernia undersea oil wells getting drilled and rushed into production.

Of course this one needs a lot more retroactive investigation. Like someone putting together who was who in power in government those days and who was in power in what oil companies in those days.
And in the governments' cases, it doesn't mean who had the power to actually DO something, but one must also look at who had the power to NOT do something. Yes?

Just asking. There might have been something fishy here.
There isn't anymore.

Monday, July 26, 2010


This is a serious situation.
The American government and the military establishment have already tried to destroy the website,, and now with the revelation of thousands of documents revealed about the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan etc. They are suddenly offline again.

One of those documents reveals that a heat seeking missile shot down a helicopter where a Canadian was killed. It would be suspected that the missile could be American, supplied to the mujahideen in the 80s to fight the Soviets occupation. (and yes, if you've been on Mars or somewhere, the Russians got kicked out of Afghanistan just like the Americans were kicked out of Vietnam)

In a time when the rumors say that the heroin trade is bigger than ever, the Taliban have much more control than we are being told about, and independent reporters mysteriously disappear, interfering with wikileaks is a threat to freedom of expression and an attempt at total censorship and the manipulation of the truth.

As you know, all the news we get about Iraq and Afghanistan from the so called 'embedded' reporters is subject to scrutiny by the military. Embedded reporters are nothing but spokespeople for the military. It is becoming evident that many in the military do not agree with the progress of the wars and are willing to be whistleblowers about what is actually happening.

Shutting down wikileaks is a blatant suppression of free speech under the guise of security.

Friday, July 23, 2010

New iPhone

An iPhone was stolen in California from a guy.
The police caught the crook in nine minutes. Because the iPhone was equiped with a GPS system.
The owner clicked into his iPhone on a computer and tracked it! And the police were able to SEE the iPhone moving down a nearby street.
Hmm, do you wonder if ALL iPhones could have secretly installed GPS sytems on them? Does Steve Jobs owe the US Government something the same as Bill Gates did?
Will all cell phones have GPS in the future. So you never get lost? Sure, sure we believe that, maybe so you'll never get lost from surveilance.
Doesn't that require a Hmm?
Like do you need to answer this? - 'Where am I? ' I am here.
Try this instead - 'Where is he? He is there.'
THAT requires a Hmm.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Conspiracy TV

Conspiracy on TV? OMG which channel?
Slow down, not that easy. I don't want to frighten you, but it's all of them. Or at least all the channels the masses will watch.
So, looking at the TV schedule for tonight I see a new show premiering; Revenge of the Bridesmaids.
Silent pause here while dear reader tries to figure out what is conspiratorial in such an inane production. Just wait. The inanity IS the conspiracy. WTF you say?

So I went to look for more silliness. Not even thinking of the soaps every weekly morning. Or the judge shows every weakly midday. Or talk in the afternoons. Those watchers are already like waterlogged Rice Crispies. As are the Entertainment Tonight people.
So what else can you add to back up whatever tangled argument you're about to make, you ask? Starting with what IS the theory here?
The conspiracy is that conditioning you into NON thinking makes it very easy to use you for whatever purpose is the end result.
Hmm, non thinking TV. Is that a concept?

Yes. There's Two and a Half Men, the Bachelorette, Seinfeld everywhere, The Real Housewives of ... , Desperate Housewives, Wife Swap, The Week the Women Went, all those weak endless mindless sitcoms with laugh tracks, made by weak endless mindless laughers. These people laugh when they see their cereal in the morning! The Simpsons adult cartoons, 90210 'B' edition, CBC even has Little Mosque on the Prairie, making those muslims such fun folk. We all love Raymond and hate Chris in a fun and harmless way.
Why do you think these shows are out there in VacancyLand? To lull you away from reality. To keep you from thinking.

And that is true of the so called reality shows too. Full of desperate competition in the sweaty jungle, signed onto by desperate actors with ironclad security no talk agreements in their contracts, yet Craft Services with donuts just beyond the crocodile lurking in the piranha infested pond.
But it's not all pap, you say, there are great action shows on TV too. What about 24 Hours, Law and Order; SVU, Criminal Minds, CSI Miami? These shows ALWAYS get the bad guy. Sometimes the cops chase the bad guys at 100 mph right through your neighborhood and get him when he crashes. Disregarding any children on the streets of course, because that scum was doing drugs. Good guys always win. Don't worry folks, we're protecting you. You saw it. Go back to sleep.

Sports watchers are even worse. Baseball and beer. What could be more harmless? What could be more mindless? Sports guys fall for anything that keeps the game going. Look at the ratings for the LeBron James special! NBA feeds an excited soundtrack into their TV games. NFL is totally formula. Nothing else going on in the world as long as the Sunday game is on.
Let's not even talk about Sunday religion lest I bring up Jimmy Swaggart televangelist syndrome.

But this is silly, how could this conspiracy happen? Easy if the top brass knew they only had to compete against the same idiocy from the other networks. Did any TV executives attend the Bilderberg conferences?
What about the news reports? The hard core information shows. Hmm?
Investigative reporting? Why didn't anyone tell us about Enron, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers before it happened? Why are we just understanding that the Federal Reserve has nothing to do with the US Federal Government? Sorry, Edward R Murrow is dead folks, even if his awards live on. And there are some who think that Fox News should have a laugh track!
Now it's embedded reporters telling you what they are allowed to tell you and showing you what is deemed okay to show you? Embedded. Which means rules for reporting. And military controlled reporting. Did you know up until 2009 over 47 independent reporters were mysteriously killed in Iraq? Yeah, a whole nuther topic.

But there ARE thinking shows out there. I heard of one, you say.
Well here is another niggling little point I want to make; Analogue TV is also going if it isn't gone already. You get what that means? No more broadcast TV stations to send out a signal over the free airwaves, to be snatched out of the ether by a set of rabbit ears. ALL TV will be cable only!
No one can take over a TV station to tell you that Blackwater (Xe now) is coming and to run for your bunker or the hills. You only get what is in that cable system. What is programmed into that cable system. Easy to control and manipulate. Maybe already shot, recorded and edited. Ready to go on the day.
Just follow the directions and we'll look after you folks. Go back to sleep.

So you're reading this on the internet. Yes. The last bastion of freedom, the last realm of the free minds, that 'they' want to control. Just keep one eye on the dark movement in the background if you can. The net is the next target. Control and the manipulation of what reaches your modem.

Laughing at me by now? Looking for my tin hat? Go ahead, I'll go on thinking radical. You go ahead, eat your soggy cereal and audition for that job as a laugh track laugher person.
So what's on TV tonight?
Oh good.

Go back to sleep. it's alright.