Friday, April 26, 2013

Is anyone running anything?

We just had two terrorists caught by the RCMP charged with conspiracy to blow up a Via Rail train. 
And it turns out now that Canada tried to deport one of them in 2004, Raed Jaser. Of course the operative words is tried. 

Jaser was arrested in August 2004 after authorities issued a warrant for his removal from Canada. He was allegedly working illegally and had used numerous aliases.

Jaser was born in the United Arab Emirates, but when he had a deportation hearing, he said he was a stateless Palestinian in his refugee application, so couldn`t be deported anywhere. Jaser came to Canada with his parents and two brothers in March 1993, flying into Toronto's Pearson Airport from Germany, where the family says it faced persecution. He came into Canada on false French documents.

Unlike his parents and siblings, Raed Jaser was unable to obtain Canadian citizenship because of criminal convictions, including acts of fraud in 1997 and unspecified offences in 2001, according to immigration records. But he had nowhere else to go and appeared to want to remain in Canada.
Jaser staved off deportation and become a permanent resident of Canada.

We heard the usual comment from other Muslims. “It’s a shock, actually,” worshippers from his mosque told news media, “It’s really a shock because you don’t expect a Muslim, a person from Islam -- which means peace -- to be doing those kind of things.”

I beg your pardon, but methinks the perception among non muslims is that we DO expect them to be involved in terror plots, as they are all around the world. Who else bombs things on a regular basis?

And one wonders what part CSIS has played, if any, in this arrest of two potential bombers in our midst?

So the impression left with many observers of Canada's political workings, is that no one is actually doing anything to protect the law abiding citizens in this country from terrorist infiltration because we are far too lenient and soft and acquiescent to the whims of illegal immigrants, and gullible to accept their lies.

Perhaps we need some extraordinary action in these circumstances, like simply forgetting our soft courts and the cost of trying to deport terrorist threats out of Canada. We should just get our JTF2 guys to kidnap the man, put him on a plane, give him a parachute, put a boot to his back over Israel or the winter Atlantic or hyena country in Kenya, and shove him out the door. 

In case you didn`t get it, these guys were here to KILL us!

Make sure there`s a hole in that chute.

Fast. Efficient. Correct and time and cost effective for the taxpayers of Canada. 

 Addenda - Immigration Minister says he will review rules on deportation now.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

MI-5 and Police catch terrorists.

Four men have been jailed in a home-made bomb plot case in Britain. 

The four were arrested in April 2012 and pleaded guilty at Woolwich Crown Court to engaging in preparation for acts of terrorism. The court heard that the young men had arranged terrorism training in Pakistan, debated obtaining weapons and how best to raise funds for their plans. 

The judge said: "In each of their cases, their persistent commitment to terrorist activity, in a number of different ways, over a significant period of time and, in each case, their willingness to take practical steps to obtain terrorist training abroad, marks them out as particularly dangerous.  
This, coupled with the fact that, after their houses had been searched, and they were obviously under serious suspicion, they nonetheless continued to access material consistent with the mindset which informed their previous preparatory activities, persuades me that they continue to be 'dangerous' to such a degree that I should exercise my discretion to pass an extended sentence."

Zahid Iqbal, 31; Mohammed Sharfaraz Ahmed, 25; Umar Arshad, 24; and Syed Farhan Hussain, 21; all from Luton, admitted discussing a possible attack on the town's Army base. 

The four smiled and giggled as the court was played recordings of conversations in which they discussed travelling to Pakistan for terror training, buying guns and making explosives.
They discussed how to make a homemade bomb, based on instructions available in an English-language jihadist magazine. Yes I get it too, how could there even BE a magazine like that? 

Their conversations were secretly recorded in an intelligence led joint counter-terrorism  police - MI5 operation into the movement of individuals from the UK to Pakistan "for extremist purposes linked to al-Qaeda."

Their target was a Territorial Army base and the plan was to send in a bomb in a toy car under the gate. 

The police or MI-5 would not comment on when and how they first came under suspicion.

 I wonder what MI-5s first clue was?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vote for me?

I want your vote, Quebec? There were NO Canadian
flags at the 2013 NDP convention in Montreal.

I want your vote, Canada. overkill in red?
But the convention was in Ottawa, not Montreal.


Only blue skies ahead? Who's kidding who?

My federal vote choice was just depleted again?

Or has it? There are plenty of choices left! All of which give you about the same voice as shouting 'Help!' in Canada's Arctic. The echo might be a polar bear, unless they're extinct already, at least you can be confidant of providing the poor bear with a warm meal.

Depressing, isn't it?