Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Suspicions and Watchers

9/11. So long ago. 2001.
Recently a story emerged from Reuters News Agency about human remains from that tragic date. These remains were supposed to be cremated by the U.S. Military's Main Mortuary. The remains supposedly came from the Pentagon and Pennsylvania crash site of one of the hijacked airliners.

Retired General John Abizaid who was in charge said it is unclear how many victim's partial remains were disposed of in this manner. And doubted there was a way to find out.
The incident is certain to further undermine the reputation of the Dover mortuary after last year’s revelations that it mishandled the remains of American war dead. This included losing body parts twice and allowing the partial remains of at least 274 soldiers to be dumped in a Virginia landfill.
The report suggested that the human remains from the Sept. 11 attacks - those that could not be tested or identified - were essentially treated as medical waste.

My post is not to tell you about these goings on, but the effort in following the story.
It was on a Google News page with the heading - Some September 11 dead's remains ended in landfill - the heading is underlined as an URL So clicking it should lead to the article in full.
Not so easy. It leads to a separate page, a 'redirect notice'. The ominous URL is now hugely long, taking two lines, with a separate URL below to return you to the previous page. Assuming you no longer want to learn about the story.
But is it an effort to discourage you from going to and reading the story? Almost like a warning.

Are the so called Watchers still active after 11 years? Watching every article about 9/11 and discouraging efforts to follow stories about 9/11?

Recently on CraigsList a few posts about the World Trade Center destruction disappeared after one day. Flagged and removed. This still happens on many other opinion forums.
Try it yourself, post an opinion about the 9/11 event, controversial or not, and watch it disappear almost immediately.

Suspicious minds will always pursue a thread, however thin, and the Watchers seem to be still on the job with efforts to thwart this inquisitiveness.
Some of us are still seeking the truth.
Some of them are still seeking to suppress it.

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