Monday, December 31, 2012

What is the plan?

When you were not paying attention a couple of years ago. All analog TVs in North America ceased to exist. Your new flat screen TV is incapable of receiving an analog signal. Your local TV station is no longer able to broadcast one. Rabbit ears won't find a program. Everything is cable now, so what's the big deal?

No big deal except that one of the first steps to controlling a whole population is to control all information getting to them. If some nefarious government agency wants to control your every thought and action, it isn't that hard to do if they can manipulate the cable providers' output. By getting rid of the possibility of a television set receiving a signal through the air, they totally eliminate what could happen in a big crunch. 
What's a big crunch? It's when a shadow government finally makes itself known by an action, like a coup, and tells you what you are going to do and why it is good for your own protection. They use a Bogey man to scare you. Terrorists.
The government has been doing this since 9/11. (example of a prearranged message is the British newsgirl reporting on the fall of WT7 when it was still standing right behind her in the shot!) To keep the people safe, they say, against Saddam, and then Bin Laden, and now al Qaeda. Your own government, at this moment, is eavesdropping on every single email, telephone conversation and text message within North America under the pretense of keeping you safe. Anyone who pays attention might begin to wonder just who the terrorists really are.

If the whole of North America is in a turmoil, by that I mean a state of panic and perhaps Martial Law, maybe because of a false flag operation, there will be no one who could set up an independent broadcast to tell you what is really happening. You will be fed messages and images through your cable TV system to show you that there is nothing to worry about. And yes the web will be just like the TV information, controlled and directed by only a few cable service providers passing on prearranged news bulletins. 

For years now we have had Homeland Security monitoring the web, under the guise of preventing terrorism, to keep you safe. The Patriot Act forbids your ISP from even telling you that you have been targeted for surveillance! But every message sent within North America can be read and red-flagged by a government agency. And every TV could be fed a program intended to set your mind at ease while certain things happen.

So in the future scary world, there won't be a movie where the rebels set up their own broadcasts to urge the people to rise up against tyranny, because there will not be a TV set that could capture that signal. You will simply get a message through your cable provider that tells you to stay in your home until the terrorist threat is neutralized. There might be police patrolling with loudspeakers. Those ominous buzzing black choppers overhead, with thermal imaging cameras. Army personal with weapons on the street corners. Curfews. City passports. East Berlin mentality.

It is already known exactly who you are, what your political thoughts are, exactly what you look like, compliments of Facebook, and what color your front door is, compliments of Google Street View. (Which gives your latitude and longitude right now to minutes and seconds and elevation!) And it won't be a polite knock, it will be a swat-like team battering down your door and slinging you into a black van while your kids scream in terror. Kick and yell all you want, that is the image they want your neighbors to see and hear too. They'll stay nice and quiet while the thought dawns on them that it may be too late for them as well. Be nice lil' people and don't talk.

So now we have a new internet protocol shaping up, where the content will again be carefully monitored. Search words set off alarms now! To prevent terrorists from operating within Fortress America. You'll be safe. Go to work tomorrow. Be productive. Don't think. Delete your facebook account? Haha, way too late for that. With all the cross-referencing, they'll know exactly where to find you. Perhaps the only temporarily safe ones are those survivalists hiding in beaver lodges in the woods. And maybe a few gun advocates who have basements full of weapons and ammo.

But how long those gun folk can hold out and can they actually threaten authority? You saw it at Jonestown with the FBI raid. When they want you gone you'll be gone. No handgun or even a Bushmaster is a threat against Rocket Propelled Grenades and fire bombs. Yes, they are those same guys you hated because they wanted to retain their AK47s and AR15s. And all that practice the private contractors are doing in the Middle East with tactical weapons will come to the fore. Depleted uranium bullets disintegrate you. Cremation powder is all that remains. No DNA, no evidence you ever existed. Try searching 'depleted uranium' on YouTube and see what happens.
Blackwater  =  Xe  =  Academi

Who will take charge?  Blackwater who control a private army changed their name to Xe, then recently changed it again, to, would you believe, Academi. Woo. Less menacing, sort of sounds like a wholesome university group, how innocent they must be, yet the mercenaries charged with following whatever rules are in effect are no less scary. Blackwater was kicked out of Iraq for controversial killings of 17 civilians. You saw the start of their role in domestic society during Hurricane Katrina, when they prevented families escaping to safety at gunpoint. FEMA was in charge. Google that too.  Academi, as Blackwater or Xe, have provided more than 60 thousand protective missions around the world. And they don't ask questions first!

The only question remaining is if a shadow government stealth movement takes control of North American society without interference from real armed forces sworn to uphold the law, who will protect you? You saw how confusion reigned during 9/11. The greatest defense system the world has ever seen was totally overwhelmed by four small groups who stole airplanes and not a single air defense squadron lifted into the skies to protect you! 
Well I lied, it's not the only question remaining, there are thousands more, like why did the Social Security Administration order 750,000 rounds of hollow point bullets? And why does the Department of Homeland Security need 750 MILLION rounds of hollow points? One can only speculate what they are going to kill with that kind of lethal weaponry. (hollow point bullets kill because they expand and fragment within your body, tearing apart your organs) And I think a lot of law abiding policemen and honest US troops are wondering and trembling with the thought of exactly who they are to be used on?

The Second Amendment. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms, was meant as a final check for a government that grows out of control. Thomas Jefferson said it simply; "When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."

Will real police and army forces who respect the law and the US constitution actually attack or kill their own citizens? That remains to be seen, and may be the ultimate jigsaw piece. A new 'rebel alliance' may only have Ham radio or smoke signals to communicate. The original Minutemen are disbanded, the new ones are just old rednecks concerned with border sneaking Mexicans. 
Will you be heading to your neighbor's farm house for protection? Or into the hills? Can you trust the NRA? Who will be on your side?

Will you continue to scoff at the warnings or begin paying attention? Maybe you should be asking questions now? Is what you are being told good enough? There might be no later.

Meanwhile, you might want to check out Ted Nugent and force yourself to like him. Some think he won't want to be controlled either. He might be on your side. 

Worse still, you might WANT him on your side.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One more step toward slavery?

Not Just Buses, Street Lights Are Also Recording Conversations 
 Along with televisions, computers, cell phones and more 

Paul Joseph Watson 
December 11, 2012 

News that the government is set to expand the nationwide installation of surveillance bugs on buses that record conversations serves as a reminder that similar systems are also being readied for street lights, along with a host of other devices. “Government officials are quietly installing sophisticated audio surveillance systems on public buses across the country to eavesdrop on passengers, according to documents obtained by The Daily. 

Plans to implement the technology are under way in cities from San Francisco to Hartford, Conn., and Eugene, Ore., to Columbus, Ohio.” Michael Brick warns that the device will be able to, “transcribe the individual conversations of every passenger riding on a public bus,” at the behest of authorities adding that the DHS-funded project represents a horrendous affront to privacy laws. 
However, as we have previously documented, buses are by no means the only place where big brother will not only be watching, but listening too. 

As we first reported last year, high tech street lights with “homeland security applications” are now being installed in major U.S. cities. A press release put out by Amerlux earlier this year announced the company’s partnership with Illuminating Concepts to further advance the rollout of ‘Intellistreets’. 

Say again?
The announcement confirms that the street lights will have a number of “homeland security features” including a loudspeaker system that will be used to “engage captive audiences”. 
Not only can the street lights, now being rolled out in Detroit, Chicago and Pittsburgh with Department of Energy backing, act as surveillance cameras, Minority Report-style advertising hubs, and Homeland Security alert systems, they are “also capable of recording conversations,” according to a report by ABC 7. According to the companies behind the system, Intellistreets spying hubs that double as street lights are expected to “become commonplace” not only on regular streets but also for “retail malls, sports venues, on college campuses, and in new construction.” 

In addition to the Intellistreets system, gunshot detectors which have been installed in major cities for years are already recording public conversations.The ACLU responded by noting that, “It is not generally legal for law enforcement (or anyone else) to make audio recordings of conversations in which they are not a participant without a warrant.” Televisions, computers and cellphones are also set to utilize technology that records conversations in order to bombard users with invasive targeted advertising. 
Verizon recently followed Google’s lead and officially filed a patent for a set-top box that will actively spy on Americans in their own homes. 

In an article we published back in 2006, we highlighted the fact that, “Digital cable TV boxes, such as Scientific Atlanta, have had secret in-built microphones inside them since their inception in the late 1990′s.” App providers on the Android network also now require users to agree to a condition that, “Allows the app to record audio with the microphone,” on cellphones and other ‘smart’ devices. “This permission allows the app to record audio at any time without your confirmation,” states the text of the agreement. 

Virtually every new technological device now being manufactured that is linked to the Internet has the capability to record conversations and send them back to a central hub. Is it really any wonder therefore that former CIA director David Petraeus heralded the arrival of the “smart home” as a boon for “clandestine statecraft”? 

People are now willingly planting bugs on their own property with scant regard for basic privacy considerations, while the world around them is also being turned into a 24/7 surveillance grid that outstrips Orwell’s worst nightmare – all in the name of convenience, safety and security. 

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.
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How hard do we have to be hit on the head until we understand someone is hurting us? How many steps more before anyone pays attention? Including the mainstream media?
How far until it is too late?