Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Buying a new TV?

Read this before you consider buying a new 'smart' TV.

You may be afraid to even plug it in and decide to be happy with hand shadow puppets.  Or maybe retrieve your old tube TV from that landfill, warm it up and watch  I love Lucy from a more simple time of television history. Today is just too scary!

So read this - - - Jim Marrs.com news

Your TV is watching you, listening to you, and reporting on you. Dirty little flat-faced bastard!

Shhh. East Berlin was never like this!

Even Tony Soprano's basement isn't secure.

Stay under the covers.


The CIA wants to spy on you

NSA intercepts computer deliveries to plant spyware

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Feinstein's double standard

There has been a six year, 40 million dollar Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into the practices of the CIA. Completed in 2012, it was to study and/or expose the use of torture tactics banned by the current White House administration when President Obama took office.

It is suspected that some within the spy agency ignored the ruling and simply continued right on with what might be known as 'extra-ordinary rendition' at secret prisons around the world known as Black Sites. Hidden from the peeking eyes of potential Washington whistle-blowers. And perhaps American laws. This would include the use of torture, water-boarding, sleep deprivation, stress positions and other enhanced interrogation procedures. It is not known if the recipients of these secret attentions were all foreigners or even American citizens.

Dianne Feinstein, although masquerading as a Democrat, has been a staunch supporter of just about
You dare spy on ME?
anything the Republicans and any spy agency wanted, including everything George Bush and his henchman Dick Cheney wanted to do during their reign, in the interest of keeping terrorism away from the borders of the USA. She is the chair of the Select Committee on Intelligence.

The classified report, has about 15% of names and places redacted and runs to 6300 pages. The CIA is fighting its release saying that some officials of the CIA could be identified by foreign enemies even though pseudonyms are used.
They are even prepared to release a counter-argument. The agency is also worried that the report would show that certain officials repeatedly broke the law over time.
The full report will remain secret and only a 480 page redacted summery will be revealed.
(Could that be something like the Warren Report summary on the Kennedy assassination which had no relation to the actual facts contained in the long document whatsoever?)

The investigation searched over a million pages of CIA records but no CIA official was interviewed and no one has been charged. And the spy agency raised security concerns that the identity of certain CIA officers, some currently serving abroad could be revealed in the study.
(There was no mention of the outing purposely of  undercover CIA agent Valery Plame in a vengeful attack on her husband for defying the Bush White House)

All seemed fine with Feinstein until it was learned that the CIA had searched the computers used by the Committee investigators which she suddenly saw as illegal! The CIA had effectively spied on a Congressional committee and she furiously denounced the CIA on the Senate floor!

So Dianne Feinstein was okay with spying on anyone and everybody, including the total population of North America when it applied to the non-elite, the unwashed, but is now furious that the CIA might have spied on HER too!

What goes around comes around was never more true.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Questions, always questions

So Seal Team Six were the ones who raided the bin Laden compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 2nd, 2011. Common knowledge now.
It was a carefully programmed successful effort to kill the man they deemed to be the terrorist leader of al Qaeda.
But now there are conflicting stories emerging about what actually happened. From Peter Bergen of CNN, a very reliable source and others jumping in now. But questions still appear.

One of the Seal Team Six members who arrived in the third floor bedroom and wrote a book on it (No Easy Day) says bin Laden was standing up and he shot him twice in the forehead.
A second man says (Esquire interview) bin Laden was lying wounded on the floor because he had been shot by someone outside through a window and he finished him off with two shots. A third seems to sort of agree with one. One said bin Laden was shot when he poked his head out the door as they stormed the building.

bin Laden's compound
There apparently was an instruction NOT to shoot bin Laden in the face because the CIA would need to analyze good pictures of bin Laden for its facial recognition experts to work effectively. And it was a CIA led operation.

That seems to imply that photographs were planned as part of the operation, yet none have surfaced.

Of course it was a lot easier to simply kill him right away, but would he have been a threat to 3 intensely trained and dangerous Navy Seals? We don't know if capture alive was an option for the team, but even wounded, wouldn't the CIA want the greatest intelligence prize ever in their grasp? Living breathing and talking? Would it have been a soldier's decision to finish him off? And as there were 23 Seal Team members ready to disappear back into the night skies via their helicopters to make their escape, why wouldn't they have just toted off bin Laden alive, to do what they wanted with him afterward? They evidently took his remains with them to be dropped into the sea.

Who IS this guy?
So while the Navy argues fore and aft about what exactly the three Seals were doing in that room. It would be totally easy to prove one or the other with a picture taken during the event. And now the building has been demolished since, so even blood remains on the floor cannot be analyzed for DNA. And no one says they saw any evidence of a dialysis machine. Bin Laden would have needed three times a week treatment.

One Seal says he shot him because he saw a weapon near. And another says the guns were discovered after a later search?
And one wonders, if bin Laden's bodyguards were involved in an intense firefight as the Team was entering the compound, why hadn't this savvy, internationally hunted terrorist not armed himself with one of those guns?

And then there is the old conspiracy theory that President Clinton got bin Laden long ago when he was thought to be hiding in caves in Tora Bora and they sent in a ton of cruise missiles and basically closed them all. And the succeeding theory that a photo-double had been used ever since. In order to keep the bogey man alive as a constantly ominous threat to America.

same man?

The old days of the truth will out are over. Too much fog to see clearly.
No information regarding evidence, such as DNA results or physical evidence etc, has been released to news organizations or the public, even through FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) requests.
And all records of the raid have since been transferred to a CIA 'black hole' immune from FOIA requests as 'operational files'. And even the Department of Defense has purged all it's records relating to the raid. Why?

Questions, always questions.

Of course this small query is in no way intended to denigrate the courage of the Seal Team Six men who put their lives on the line as they undertook a dangerous mission. Their bravery is a given.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Excerpt : Islam in layman's terms


Here is a perspective by Dr Peter Hammond.
Dr Hammond's doctorate is in Theology. He was born in Cape Town in 1960, grew up in Rhodesia and converted to Christianity in 1977.  Adapted from his book: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat:

Islam is not a religion, nor is it a cult. In its fullest form, it is a complete, total, 100% system of life.
Islam has religious, legal, political, economic, social, and military components. The religious component is a beard for all of the other components. Islamization begins when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their religious privileges.  When politically correct, tolerant, and culturally diverse societies agree to Muslim demands for their religious privileges, some of the other components tend to creep in as well.

Here's how it works:
As long as the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given country, they will be for the most part be regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens. This is the case in:
>   United States -- Muslim 0..6%
>   Australia -- Muslim 1.5%
>   Canada -- Muslim 1.9%
>   China -- Muslim 1.8%
>   Italy -- Muslim 1.5%
>   Norway -- Muslim 1.8%

At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs. This is happening in:
>   Denmark -- Muslim 2%
>   Germany -- Muslim 3.7%
>   United Kingdom -- Muslim 2.7%
>   Spain -- Muslim 4%
>   Thailand -- Muslim 4.6%

From 5% on, they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population.  For example, they will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims.  They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature halal on their shelves - along with threats for failure to comply.  This is occurring in:
>   France -- Muslim 8%
>   Philippines -- 5%
>   Sweden -- Muslim 5%
>   Switzerland -- Muslim 4.3%
>   The Netherlands -- Muslim 5.5%
>   Trinidad & Tobago -- Muslim 5.8%

At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves (within their ghettos) under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islamists is to establish Sharia law over the entire world.  When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions.  In Paris, we are already seeing car-burnings. Any non Muslim action offends Islam, and results in uprisings and threats, such as in Amsterdam , with opposition to Mohammed cartoons and films about Islam.  Such tensions are seen daily, particularly in Muslim sections, in:
>   Guyana -- Muslim 10%
>   India -- Muslim 13.4%
>   Israel -- Muslim 16%
>   Kenya -- Muslim 10%
>   Russia -- Muslim 15%

After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, such as in:
>   Ethiopia -- Muslim 32.8%

At 40%, nations experience widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing militia warfare, such as in:
>   Bosnia -- Muslim 40%
>   Chad -- Muslim 53.1%
>   Lebanon -- Muslim 59.7%

> From 60%, nations experience unfettered persecution of non-believers of all other religions (including non-conforming Muslims), sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon, and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels, such as in:
>   Albania -- Muslim 70%
>   Malaysia -- Muslim 60.4%
>   Qatar -- Muslim 77.5%
>   Sudan -- Muslim 70%

After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad, some State-run ethnic cleansing, and even some genocide, as these nations drive out the infidels, and move toward 100% Muslim, such as has been experienced and in some ways is on-going in:
>   Bangladesh -- Muslim 83%
>   Egypt -- Muslim 90%
>   Gaza -- Muslim 98.7%
>   Indonesia -- Muslim 86.1%
>   Iran -- Muslim 98%
>   Iraq -- Muslim 97%
>   Jordan -- Muslim 92%
>   Morocco -- Muslim 98.7%
>   Pakistan -- Muslim 97%
>   Palestine -- Muslim 99%
>   Syria -- Muslim 90%
>   Tajikistan -- Muslim 90%
>   Turkey -- Muslim 99..8%
>   United Arab Emirates -- Muslim 96%

100% will usher in the peace of "Dar-es-Salaam" - the Islamic House of Peace.. Here there"s supposed to be peace, because everybody is a Muslim, the Madrasses are the only schools, and the Koran is the only word, such as in:
>   Afghanistan -- Muslim 100%
>   Saudi Arabia -- Muslim 100%
>   Somalia -- Muslim 100%
>   Yemen -- Muslim 100%

Unfortunately, peace is never achieved, as in these 100% states the most radical Muslims intimidate and spew hatred, and satisfy their blood lust by killing less radical Muslims, for a variety of reasons.

"Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family  against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; the tribe against the world, and all of us against the infidel."  - Leon Uris,  The Haj

It is important to understand that in some countries, with well under 100% Muslim populations, such as France, the minority Muslim populations live in ghettos, within which they are 100% Muslim, and within which they live by Sharia Law.  The national police do not even enter these ghettos. There are no national courts, nor schools, nor non-Muslim religious facilities. In such situations, Muslims do not integrate into the community at large.  The children attend madrasses. They learn only the Koran. To even associate with an infidel is a crime punishable with death.  Therefore, in some areas of certain nations, Muslim Imams and extremists exercise more power than the national average would  indicate.

Today's 1.5 billion Muslims make up 22% of the world's population. But their birth rates dwarf the birth rates of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, and all other believers. Muslims will exceed 50% of the world's population by the end of this century.

Adapted from Dr Peter Hammond"s book:  
Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat

Iran recently killed a woman because she had shot her rapist. It is not known what happened to the assailant. Six men raped another and she was stoned to death. Egypt recently sent eight men to jail for three years for appearing in a video of a same sex marriage. Kidnappings of women to be sold into sex slavery are common, and genocide, massacres and beheadings are becoming the norm in places like IS held territories in Syria and Iraq.
Would anyone be correct to expect a new religious world war to explode soon, (if it hasn't already)  Islam against everyone else on the planet? The USA cannot be blamed for the extent which Jihadist Islam has expanded, but may be possibly called upon to end it. With perhaps a few tactical nuclear weapons being used to settle it where it festers most?
Who knows.

Is Obama to blame? We don't think so ....  Front Page Magazine 2014

Dr. Peter Hammond;
The official government of Sudan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs website includes an article that declares that missionary Peter "Hammond should expect to be bombed when he comes to Sudan ... he should expect to be shot on sight"!
Dr. Peter Hammond is a missionary who has pioneered evangelistic outreaches in the war zones of Mozambique, Angola and Sudan. Often travelling by off road motorbike, Peter has travelled hundreds of thousands of miles to deliver Bibles to persecuted Christians in Africa and Eastern Europe. In the course of his missionary activities Peter has been ambushed, come under aerial and artillery bombardments, been stabbed, shot at, beaten by mobs, arrested and imprisoned. On some mission trips he has flown far behind enemy lines to the beleaguered Nuba Mountains in Central Sudan with tonnes of Bibles, books and relief aid.