Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ethics anyone?

So the State Department is going to release Hilary Rodham Clinton's emails in January of NEXT year.  They are going to release the emails left over from the critical ones she already deleted? What are they doing, rewriting them?  There are 55 THOUSAND pages!
The same State Department that doesn't see the ethics problem with a high government official using private servers and mixing personal email with United States of America business? A person traveling everywhere in the world bringing American policy to so many countries? Was there any oversight at all on this? One would think the CIA, FBI the Secret Service, the Post Office and anyone else charged with protecting the American public would be all over someone in government hiding emails from scrutiny.
Wouldn't that be the perfect formula for someone within the government to plan a coup d'tat of your own government? Get up to whatever hanky-panky you like without your own security people knowing about any of it. Dangerous precedent.
But did Bush and Cheney set the precedent already by placing themselves above the law of the land?

Didn't someone somewhere twig to this deception? Didn't someone say, "Hilary, this is not a private corporation, you cannot hide communications, you are doing the people's work. This has to go on record somewhere. Everything you do, write or send has to be vetted by someone."
Didn't someone say to President Obama, "We have no knowledge of what she is doing?"
Didn't one single Senator, at least in the opposition Republican party ask why they had no information on Hilary's goings on? Didn't one single CIA or FBI officer say it was unacceptable to bypass the security of government controls? Especially with the furor over Benghazi on her watch where an American Ambassador was killed!

How did the USA get so far away from the management of it's own officials? Was it George HW Bush, when he was Director of the CIA, who established separate cells within the CIA to begin a shadow government?

Did they carefully build it under HW's presidency and continued until George W Bush stole the election from Al Gore and with Dick Cheney as the implementer and watchdog put more pieces together until the American people were so befuddled with terrorists under every bed that they ignored the phoney wars and the stealthy coup taking place right before their eyes?

What is happening to what used to be the standard of democracy around the world? Where we now have corporations in charge of the government? Where laws are now being usurped by trade deals and sovereignty is dwindling with the water supply. And the militarized police are now the military charged with keeping the piece while fomenting unrest themselves with hot war tactics?

Homeland Security and the Patriot Act has started it's intended purpose, to subjugate the people of America into a basic slavery? The liberty and freedoms are going fast, while people stare at you with disbelief when you tell them. They don't want to face it. No one asks where the money comes from for the new massive HQ of the NSA in Utah. Or even what is it's purpose? Surely they have enough metadata now to keep analysts busy for decades.
It is the nature of Americans to be trustworthy, loyal, hard working and honest. They simply cannot believe the track their own elected people are speeding down. There is just too much fifties style memories flooding through their minds when the world was right and proper.

So we have Hilary running for the top job. And so many Americans keep the faith, in spite of the mounting evidence of unethical conduct. She doesn't come off a wonderful record in the State Department, she is trying to emerge through allegations of wrong doing, secret email accounts, distrust, and lies about her record in office. The fact is no one knows what she did there. And a mounting army of disbelievers are questioning her purpose, including a house committee on Banghazi. As President of the  United States where would Hilary Clinton take the country?

50 years ago President Dwight Eisenhour warned against 'unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.'  That phrase entered the political lexicon, signifying the notion that a permanent ruling class, encompassing the Pentagon and its corporate suppliers, was on the verge of controlling the American government, even in peacetime.

 The problems of course, is that the preferred political plan in these times, is just keep smiling and never answer any questions.
And it may work, many elected politicians have no idea where Bengazi is. Or Baghdad, or hundreds of other world centers, because those places simply don't matter to them. Getting re-elected is paramount. And many more believe that no matter what party takes power in the White House, the direction of America will not change.

It has come true folks, your elected officials and the wannabes chasing them have with impunity undermined the integrity of the Unites States. And no one had the courage to say to Hilary,  "You cannot do business on behalf of America in secrecy."

If Hilary's political ambitions are not finished now, one could expect that in January they will be. Maybe. There might be much more to come, even if Hilary utters no words in her defense.
But that's a long way ahead. Lots of time to fix those emails, start a few more wars and invent a few more bogeymen to distract the people.
Besides, America doesn't really need the people's votes anymore, that shadow government, that permanent ruling class, can elect anyone they want, the people are just there to make it look real.

Whoever is elected will do just as they are told, like all the recent presidents in either party. It is now the American way. The Powers That Be need only to suppress the few remaining free voices.

Hilary Rodham Clinton's credibility problem notwithstanding, she could end up presiding over the dismantling of America.

Without a protest.

Vote early and often.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Baltimore - lots of WHYs.

On the death of Freddy Gray in Baltimore. See if you arrive at a conclusion by the timeline?
Have a look by the Google Earth map so you can see exactly where the events happened ....

This will be simplified here ...7 points in all, one not included in the initial police report but discovered on private surveillance video later.

Starting with,
 #1, 8:39 am. where officers, Lt. Brian W. Rice and Officers Edward M. Nero and Garrett E. Miller were on bike patrol near the corner of North Avenue and Mount Street. Lieutenant Rice made eye contact with Gray, who takes off running from W. North Avenue. He is chased and is caught by Officers Miller and Nero at,

 #2,  8:?? am  Presbury St. and N. Mount St. This is where the TV video taken by bystanders shows him being put into the police van by several officers with hands cuffed. He is never belted in.
Then the police van drives only a block before stopping at, 

#3, 8:46 am. Baker and N. Mount St. Where Officers Miller and Nero and Lieutenant Rice called Goodson to stop,  removed Mr. Gray from the van and placed him in leg restraints. Mr. Gray was loaded head first onto the floor of the van. Still not belting him in.
Q. were they actually planning to give Gray a so-called 'rough-ride' and wanted to put on the leg cuffs without the people one block away seeing them do it and taking more video? In that position it could be an extremely rough ride if the driver sped up and then jammed on his brakes several times, and from Gray's position, would result in him slamming helplessly into the bulkhead in his compartment, quite possibly breaking his neck?

Instead of going straight ahead for only another 4 blocks, to the police station, driver Officer Goodson instead travels southeast for about 10 blocks, maybe a half mile away to,
Q. Why did he drive far away from the police station if it wasn't to do a rough ride?

 #4, 8:54 am. N. Freemont Ave and Mosher St. Where the truck stops again for the driver to 'check on him'. Gray still unsecured by a seatbelt.
 Q. Was driver Goodson only looking to see what damage may have been inflicted on Gray at this time? He was supposed to continue to Central Booking with his prisoner who had said he needed a medic! Was Goodson in communication with other police and what were they instructing him to do?

But then he proceeds even farther away to stop at,
 #5, 8:59 am. Dolphn and Druid Avenues. Officer Goodson radios for help to 'check his prisoner'. 
Q. Did Goodson become worried after his previous check and saw that Gray was comatose, about to die, and needed help right away?

Officer William G. Porter arrived and he and Goodson went to the back of the van. Mr. Gray at that time requested help and indicated that he could not breathe and needed a medic. Porter helped sit Gray up on a bench but still never belted him in. 
Q. Might a sudden hard braking while Gray was propped up on the bench in shackles result in even a harder fall? A spinal breaking fall?
Then a call came to pick up another man arrested way back at the original scene on North Avenue and N. Mount St. So Goodson drove there instead of to Central Booking even though it was obvious that Gray needed medical attention?.

#6, 9:?? am. Officers Nero, Miller and Porter. Sgt. Alicia D. White and Officers Porter and Goodson all observed Gray who was now unresponsive. No medical assistance was called for in spite of Gray's condition. The other prisoner is loaded into the left compartment of the police van.

#7, 9:24 am. Western District police station. A medic was called as Gray was not breathing, he was rushed to the University of Maryland’s Shock Trauma Center, where he died a week later.

The questions pile on. Why move Gray a block away out of sight of the gathering crowd with cameras to restrain him, but not belt him in? Why drive him so far away from the Police station when it was only a couple of minutes and a few blocks away? Then when the driver did check his passenger, Why continue driving away from his destination?  Then even again, Goodson went back to the original scene and the other officers were there with one passenger? Why did that passenger say he heard Gray thrashing and kicking when we now know he was not even breathing and was unable to kick or bang around? 
Was that suggestion put into the 2nd prisoner's head by the now worried officers?
Did the 'rough ride' plan go terribly wrong and the police were then trying to cover the consequences of their actions?

Unfortunately, there is limited CCTV footage, some video from a private owner at a small grocery store that the police evidently copied, was stolen when the store was later torched during the riots.  Coincidence? Happenstance? Or enemy action?
Hmm? One might expect that there is much more private video out there, if and when it will turn up is anyone's guess.

It will unfold of course, but seems hard to change from the original time-line or the actions as already stated by the police who were involved. 

You can use Google Earth yourself to actually follow the chain of events from Google Street View to get a feeling for the area and the environment of the people who live there. It is a sad event for all.

We expect there will be lots more WHYs to come.

addenda - May 23/2016 - Baltimore police officer Edward Nero found NOT guilty for his part leading to the death of Freddie Gray.