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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

MH370 More info or more obfuscation?

The bolds and italics are mine -

In 2014, a Malaysian Airlines jet disappeared on March 8 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people onboard. 
MH370 plunged into the ocean at high speed - up to 20,000 feet a minute - reinforcing analysis that the missing Malaysian jet crashed in the current search zone, a report said (1) on Tuesday. An Extensive underwater search has not yet found the crash site, fueling speculation that it may be outside the search zone, particularly if someone was at the controls at the end of the flight. (2)

A manned plane could have been glided down, allowing it to enter the water outside the 120,000 square kilometer area being searched, some experts have suggested. But extensive testing by aircraft manufacturer Boeing and new Australian defence department data analyses both suggest that regardless of the possible actions of one or both of the pilots, the jet dived down into the ocean at high speed, The Australian (3) reported.  

Once MH370 ran out of fuel and the engines flamed, it slowed before plunging down towards the water in a series  of swoops - dropping from 35,000 feet at a rate of between 12,000 feet a minute and 20,000 feet a minute, (4) Boeing said, according to the report. 
The sharp dive was confirmed by a new data analysis by Australia's defence department involving signals sent automatically (5) between the plane and a satellite, the head of the agency leading the MH370 hunt said .  
Australian Transport and Safety Bureau Chief Greg Hood said this supported the view that MH370 was "likely to have crashed in the 120,000 square kilometer (46,000 square mile) area Now being searched, the paper said. The area was defined under the ATSB's "most likely" scenario (6) that no one was at the controls and the plane ran out of fuel. 

"The Australians leading the search do not doubt that the pilots may well have been responsible (7) for the jet's disappearance but they say critics of the search strategy are wrong to assume that means they are looking in the wrong place," the report said. Malaysian officials said last week the one of the pilots (8) used a home made flight simulator to plot a very similar course to MH370's presumed final route, but warned this did not prove he deliberately crashed the plane.


1.  A report said. What report? By who?
2. A statement that many believe could explain why nothing has been detected and has set conspiracy theorist abuzz!
3. The Australian is just a newspaper being quoted without reference material or authentication.
4. At high speed? If guided down by a pilot, the plane could have simply sunk almost intact into the oblivion of the South India Ocean, however at high speed there would have been a terrible breakup of the craft and debris scattered and floating everywhere! Suggesting 20,000 ft per minute contact without wreckage ignores logic and physics.
5. Investigators have already said the last signal was sent perhaps 1000 miles from the suspected crash area. Had the signals been sent as the aircraft was plummeting out of the sky, the GPS coordinates would have pin pointed the entry into the water. The head of the agency leading the hunt needs to read up on this? (many people believe all the GPS data and transmissions were interfered with long before it crashed. IF it did.)
6. Could someone have activated an identical transponder to MH370, placed on a drone which was then sent out to sea until it ran out of fuel? Therefore starting the search in an area KNOWN to be wrong and leading the ATSB in the totally opposite direction?
7. Had the pilot been responsible making a terrorist action, wouldn't he have put the plane down in an area likely to be found quickly in effect making a statement  instead of obscurely many miles away?
8.  This is pure speculation, the simulator could have been used by anyone and the input programmed in as a decoy.
Did the airliner actually turn north and end up in Beijing, Pakistan (Dalbandin airport), or Diego Garcia?

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 Whatever you believe, the 239 people on board faced a terrorizing fate.  And the MH370 mystery is not near being finished yet.