Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Researching Motion

This is odd. Certain Middle Eastern countries won't allow RIM, (Research in Motion, a Canadian company) to set up Blackberry phones in their countries. In August, the United Arab Emirates announced a ban on Blackberry messaging and other services by RIM. Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Bahrain have followed. India became nervous, and then China. Who could be nervous about RIM? They weren't nervous about buying our Candu Reactors.

The problem is that Blackberry encrypts its own messages using its own systems, and these governments and others want to access that encrypted information. Blackberry encryption is unbreakable and is the only cell phone smartphone company using its own operating systems. In other words certain branches of governments want to listen in on what you are saying and they can't on Blackberries. They read and hear everything you do on other smartphone devices, but Blackberry will not reveal any cipher or encryption keys. (They are the only personal phone that President Obama uses. And you KNOW the Secret Service must have approved it.)

So now we recently have have services disrupted in the Middle East, Europe, India, then Africa, South America, Brazil, Chile and Canada. Coincidence or enemy action? Blackberry says it is not hacked. But they wouldn't tell you would they? For the same reasons banks don't tell how or when they get swindled.
And we wonder if there isn't some concentrated efforts going on here to bring down Blackberry and RIM itself. Microsoft and a few other companies want to buy them.
It may be in the interests of the traveling businessman, corporation or tourist to keep their communications secret, but governments can't stand not knowing what you are doing while passing through their countries.
They blame terrorism of course. As usual. Who knows what WMDs you could stuff into a Blackberry. Isn't that how the endless wars started in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Maybe Canada isn't so harmless after all. Don't forget, we did design, engineer and build the Avro Arrow, and you know how pissed off the Americans were about that!

Is it odd or is it me?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Odd Marriage?

The military now has a new drone. They have adapted a regular drone which now can simply fly over a certain area, and gather virtually ALL electronic communications speeding through the ether below! Pause for a moment here, please ........

That means ALL the cell phone communications, who is making them, and who they are going to. ALL your text messages. ALL your Tweets about whatever you are typing about. ALL your facebook info and what you are saying to whomever you are saying it to. Probably all your RDF information nestled snugly into that new credit card with ALL your recent purchases and where you bought that stuff. ALL your driver's info on that new radio frequency ID chip licence you just got. Probably ALL your health records from that CARE card. Ultimate surveillance.

Where does this all point? Match it up with some of that video evidence of military helicopters in Iraq, targeting smart bombs from a mile up and you can see that with a little cross referencing of who is doing what to whom, and how they can be pinpointed to be 'taken out' by one of those stealth black choppers hovering high over your house, there will be no room for rebels in Future World. (read New World Order) Yul Brenner isn't the bad guy.

So it all points to a slave society, completely under control of a military elite, (Google Blackwater, Xe, Fema Camps) almost helpless to resist the subjugation of the populace.

But there has always been that element in our democratic society of suspicion driven free people intent on resisting the efforts of Big Brother to control us. Sort of the new Hippies of North America. Now add these flower-haired freedom seekers to the rebellious M15 toting Minutemen, who are ALSO suspicious of anything the government tries to control free people and you have an odd marriage of those who think free and others who also value freedom and have enough weaponry to throw a wrench into the takeover attempts of whatever cells the CIA, NSA, Shadow Government, et al have in mind for the people of North America.

(In 2011 there was a 54% increase in FBI background checks for new and used handguns. 11 MILLION! And those are the legal figures. The public is arming themselves, folks)

Moonchild Mary, meet Redneck Skywalker, say I do and I will and get on with the kiss, we're gonna need this marriage in Future World.
We have work to do.