Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Are you Wired for destruction?

Wired Magazine has just revealed at a Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas that hackers can actually control your car while it drives! And two inventors have invented a cheap device that can sense mischief in your electronic systems and shut it off.  A simple device that easily installs under your car's dashboard into an existing plug-in! The OBD-2 port. Part of the Telematics System.
And the two who invented the $150. device also showed that it can be done wirelessly! It’s even possible to hack a car with malware embedded in an MP3 and with code transmitted over a Wi-Fi connection.Most people are not aware that a modern automobile can be controlled from afar. What do you think OnStar does in your Cadillac? Yet another 'We keep you safe' message.

The inventors performed tests and showed they could even disable brakes at low speeds. Nothing to say they couldn't have done the same thing at high speeds. So we assume they could press that gas pedal electronically to cause high speed, completely oblivious to the terrified driver's physical input! Of course when you press your gas pedal in a modern automobile, you are not pulling a wire somewhere between a carburetor and the pedal, you are sending an electrical impulse to a sensor that pushes more fuel and air into your engine. 

Doesn't this take the tin hats off all those who believed that someone took control of journalist Michael Hasting's Mercedes 250 and caused him to crash into a tree so hard the engine was flung hundreds of feet away?
Michael Hastings was a 33 year old, crack investigative reporter for Rolling Stone Magazine, whose June 2010 article, “The Runaway General,” exposed the behind-the-scenes failure of top U.S. General Stanley McChrystal’s counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan—and, even more damagingly, revealed McChrystal's mocking attitude toward the Obama administration, which ultimately led to the general’s resignation. Shortly thereafter, Hastings was plagued with threatening phone calls. Speculation that Hastings could have been murdered center around comments made by
former counter-terror czar Richard Clarke, who pointed out the ease with which modern vehicles could be hijacked via computer hacking. A Forbes video demonstrated how it is now possible to commandeer a car using an iPad.

It is a pity that no one revealed this long ago; that someone could take complete control of your vehicle for murderous reasons. One Congressman, Ed Markey sent letters to 20 car manufacturers demanding to know why this is possible in a new vehicle. No response.
Is the NSA having back-door software built into cars now too?

A hacked car has more serious consequences than eavesdropped emails or stolen credit cards. The manufacturers have changed our driving in an honest attempt to make things better for all. However the doors are also open a crack to malicious control of your vehicle. 

The inventors said they don't plan to market their invention, but for $150. there are more than a few consumers who would spring for the device and would like to monitor their own vehicles and have control themselves.

Behave yourself and don't be a journalist exposing the truth.
Ride a bike too.

Controlling your car?

Who Killed Michael Hastings?

Car and Driver car hacking

Saturday, July 19, 2014

What else can we say?

Have corporations totally taken over the US Government?  One can only say YES!

However did this happen without people taking to the streets?  Is the manipulation and subjugation of the people of North America almost complete? Who do you turn to when your representatives are against you?

To be more specific,


Friday, July 18, 2014

One Microsoft account for everything?

No thanks.

You might have noticed when you access your Hotmail account, that they are now asking you to give them more information, 'to keep you secure'. And they want you to have one account for everything. The sign-in to your computer, your email accounts, your smartphone, your GameBoy consol, chat and Skype etc. all with one password! So easy for you. And them. And when you think that the GCHQ in Britain, and the CIA etc. in North America, now have the ability to open your mic and the webcam on your computer without you knowing, your privacy is already gone!

Some people think this is a bigger security scam than the Nigerian Prince ploy!
One log in for ALL Microsoft accounts and devices. Hmm. Is that what YOU want? And now Microsoft is holding your Hotmail account closed until you ransom it by giving them more info about you. They want to text you or call you with a code to let you back into your own Hotmail messages.
Of course there are many people who believe that Microsoft (who they think sold out years ago to the NSA, check the link) is already reading everything you write into your email messages on Hotmail anyway.
But just in case you ever forget your password, they will send a code to the other reference email address you listed when you signed up. And usually that email try doesn't work, ??? so now they need to text you or call you, and give you that code number, which you need if you want to simply see what Aunt Martha sent you about her cute dog!

Now, if you are a trusting individual, and fear bad guys getting your emails, you give Microsoft your cell number, and voila, a few minutes later they call you or text you with the code. Which you use to go back to your email account, sign-in, type the code in and you're back in business. Now you're more secure, at least that's what they tell you.
Or perhaps less secure if you consider who the bad guys really are.

And as most people have 'smart phones' these days, with the wonderful GPS ability to locate itself, and trace its progress to anywhere, you've just given Microsoft (NSA) the cross referencing ability to track YOU wherever you go!
And sometimes they do the same thing all over again the next time you try to access your Hotmail account! Why more than once? Maybe it's a little like TV detectives questioning you again and again, they're looking for little mistakes in your 'story'.  You might have something else that slips out.

They say if you are really you to go ahead and do this. To keep you safe. If you are not you, then ignore the request. What? So if someone really HAS gotten into your Hotmail account, and gets the Microsoft security message too, and has the code sent to their unregistered throwaway phone, how will that keep YOU secure? You will, of course, be unaware they entered the code! Business for the criminal as usual.

Just askin'.

Well, I have abandoned some Hotmail and Google accounts and have migrated the contents of others to other email providers. To be more 'secure', from the bad guys.

Whoever they are.

Miscrosoft helped NSA spy

Microsoft helped NSA, CIA, FBI spy on you

Google spies on your Gmail

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Drones and Police are changing

Didn't you kind of consider Democrats to be the reasonable party in America? Not sure who ruined them or when they crossed over to be against the public but it seems to have happened. Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein seems about as big a hawk as one can get. She backs everything the FBI, CIA or NSA wants to do. So they are doing it. With impunity.
At least the Republicans openly act like they are crazy, so we cannot see any deceit in their actions. They just want to bomb everybody and make no Skull and Bones about it!

Many people thought Barack Obama might change things after the
blatant disrespect and impudence of Bush and Cheney. But they seem to have started the spiral downward that is now unstoppable.  And some even think Obama had a visitor to his Oval Office who told him like it was going to be. And that is how it is. Now we are wondering what the slogan 'Yes we can' really meant? And if there is any real difference between political parties and the direction of America?

Many people think there is a secret government plan to condition the populace to the presence of military units amid the people. So you'll accept the blackshirts on your street without question or protest. Even though you have a frisson of fear in your heart.
And not just military, the local police forces are becoming militarized. Even little backwoods towns have a SWAT team now, with fully armed Humvees and even armored vehicles! Connecticut police now have grenade launchers in their arsenal!

And every local Sheriff now has his very own drone to watch you from the sky! In a few years there will be WAAS  (Wide Area Airborne Surveillance) drones looking out for you. WAAS sensors  provide persistent 24/7 city-size video coverage with direct feed to ground troops within line-of-site and operations centers for immediate exploitation. WAAS will also store high-resolution data for forensics and provide Multi-INT cued high-res spot coverage for moving target tracking and identification. Don't bother running for it.
There are already nearly 30,000 company drones flying. And no one knows how many police and military drones. All looking out for us. Keeping you safe. Protecting you from .....
And those drones are now so small you'll not even know they are up there, clinging to the curtain in your bedroom. Looking out for you. It could be worse though, they're not like mosquitoes who will bite you while you're sleeping, just lil mechanical flyers that will record how you snore, and report if you sleepwalk.

There are now 40 Federal agencies with armed police. Licensed to carry guns and one would assume, use them if needed. The cities of North America are morphing into a police state. Even the Federal Reserve, a non government organization, (which some believe was responsible for JFK to die) has armed officers.
Some other agencies with armed 'enforcement' include the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the Coast Guard, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, (preventing whale attacks?) the U.S. Postal Service, and the U.S. Park Service. And what about the National Institute of Health, the Veterans Health Administration and the Department of Agriculture? (protecting Monsanto?)
And don't forget the Department of Homeland Security, which employs nearly half of all federal officers, in the Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And they have been buying and stockpiling weapons and ammunition for years! DHS plans to buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition over the next four or five years, and has already bought 360,000 rounds of hollow point bullets and 1.5 billion rounds in 2012. In America, enough to wage an all out war on the people who may resist being ruled by robotic brutes.You remember these folks from the last movie, who, along with the Blackwater private army held people off at gunpoint from reaching safety during hurricane Katrina.

It is not unrealistic to say about 90% of the new police/military officers with their psycho personalities would never have been allowed to join so few years ago. Now they are sought after for that ruthless disposition.

I don't know about you, but some people have told me they would rather take their chances with the protesters, the Mafia, the Minutemen, the Hells Angels, the NRA, Ted Nugent and the drug dealers than the police. All of the above are dedicated to upholding the US Constitution. Liberty is crucial to what they do.

So the realm of the police boils down to: To serve who and protect who?  Does that mean WE serve the new masters and protect THEIR interests? Frightening.

We may be past the tipping point.

Go back to sleep, it may be all over when you wake up.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Corporations, store your info in 'the CLOUD'.    it'll be safe there ......

.......... sure it will.

 'The Little White Cloud That Cried.'   - - - Johnny Ray

addenda - recently at a Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, two entrepreneurs revealed that they had infiltrated 150 so called Cloud accounts. They were able to place up to 200 emails on each as new sign-ups, and use these accounts to do whatever they wanted. As it was a demonstration about security, they never made any DOS attacks, or hacked into anyone's privacy, but showed it could be done, and this included Cloud accounts like Amazon and Google.  
Do YOU still trust the Cloud?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Wake up North America!

Countries that have GMO labeling and countries that have NO GE food label warning (in black and white)

Are Monsanto people still in charge of the US FDA?

The thing would be: How fast would you STOP buying Genetically Engineered foods if they were labeled? People have the power to put Monsanto and other pesticide companies out of business if they had a fair chance at honesty from their governments. Makes you wonder about lobbying and which of the people in power to control our health and food products are 'on the take'? 
What other reason could your representatives have for allowing harmful chemicals onto your table?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Qik is gone

Well of course a lot of people don't even know Qik ever existed. But here's what it could do .... you installed it as an App on your smartphone, and it could be started immediately to use your smart camera to record and upload streaming video and send it right away to a remote source. Providing of course, that you could make a 3G or 4G or wireless connection to that source.
Very nice.
What applications could that be used for?  Well if you were out fishing and caught that big one just as your boat started to sink! You'd had proof, if you ever made it to shore, of that huge fish!
Or that guy ran into your parked car and you saw it and he just backed up and drove away! Aha, evidence for your insurance company! Or even you frolicking with your dog who ate your camera!
Hmm, ok, good App. What else?
Same thing?

Well ..... er .... it seemed like some so called activist people used Qik to record confrontations with the police. Like protesters being pummeled with Billy clubs. Or the police doing an illegal roadblock. Or just those kind of beatings you see by frustrated fatty Officer Psycho that maybe you've already seen on You Tube.
Many of those might have been recorded by Qik. By positioning it on your main page of your phone, it was instantly available for use. With a quick click.
Dangerous App. And you know the police are not fond of being recorded at work!
In many cases the police have been recorded during activities that were later found illegal and when they charged the Qik operator, the courts threw out their argument that openly recording the police at work was illegal. Sorry but First Amendment rights took priority in almost every case. (Concealing your filming was a different matter and should be warned against.)

So my point is that this fits into my own theory from years ago, when the US government had that secretive meeting with Bill Gates, and threatened to break up Microsoft into three separate companies, run by whomever instead of Gates. His baby! That is when I suggest that Microsoft came under the careful and secret guidance of the NSA! And in the recent years we all know what is going on with the NSA and Microsoft software. Backdoors into software etc.

So Microsoft bought Skype. Your recording and communications with relatives or others across thousands of miles instantly were available to the corporation. Kind of something that NSA would want to control. Even if Microsoft didn't. Microsoft could capably set-up their own Skype kind of software, but that wouldn't get them all those Skype USERS already signed up. To tune into and watch what they were doing.

So along comes Qik, doing what no law enforcement agencies wanted them to do, and someone from that shadowy realm, takes action. Microsoft does what it is told. Just buy the competition and shut it down! It happens in business all the time. Microsoft bought Qik for 100 MILLION dollars, and garnered over 5 million current users!
And now has simply shut it down. One less thorn in the side of certain agencies that find real laws and the US constitution nothing but an irritant. In the case of Qik, it was the streaming video that was the problem, by recording as it happens, all that action went right to a remote source and even if the police took away your phone, or deleted the file as they are so wont to do, the evidence of what they did was already gone. Into the ether or the sweaty night to emerge again on social media!  Incriminatingly. Go-Pros are great, but they can be smashed and their evidence lost forever.

So by just spending a measly 100 million And we know the NSA has 100 mil to spend every day of the week .... (As a matter of fact, no one actually knows how much the NSA has to spend) to get that certain patented software built into Qik, and toss the remainder of the codes into the junk bin, the competition is shut down, like companies often do, in this case the competition, as it is emerging through the democratic world, is we the people.


You and me.

The world is spinning faster folks, pay attention.

But there is still Bambuser.



Thursday, July 3, 2014