Saturday, August 24, 2013

Google and the NSA

from an article by Julian Assange in The Stringer newspaper ...


You might be interested in these search engines as alternatives that do not track you or where you go - - -

duckduckgo search 

ixquick search

both easily added to your search bar.

Value your privacy.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Welcome to Amerika

This map appeared during a presentation by Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein about the NSA at a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting. 
It seems now that America considers Canada as just another part of the USA Homeland. We knew that already though, right? It looks like Greenland is a part too but they cleverly covered rebellious Iceland. (not sure how Denmark feels about Greenland's inclusion)

It was also recently revealed that NSA paid GCHQ, Britain's equivalent spy agency, 150 million in hush-hush money to influence British intelligence gathering operations. So can we assume that Britain is also now part of the USA? 
Africa and Australia don't get a color.

So now that we are American citizens too, where do we go to get those benefits Americans get so much of?
Um .... what were they again? 
Oh. No healthcare, you say? Ah yes, they consider it a good thing not to have it, don't they?

Should we begin referring to the Homeland as der Fatherland?

Monday, August 12, 2013

The New World Order Government?

The state of the world today in one country ....
  1. elected government officials cannot get information about their own government.
  2. a prisoner is held in jail for over 3 years without sentencing.
  3. the constitution of the country has been illegally suspended.
  4. a secret grand jury decides who is guilty without a civilian judge's trial or the people's input.
  5. a government bureau is gathering information on literally every citizen at large in the whole country.
  6. virtually all communications between civilian people and corporations are monitored.
  7. control of all radio, television and internet has been taken over and maintained by the state.
  8. secret detainment facilities, Black Sites, are maintained out of the country.
  9. foreign nationals are used to torture citizens.
  10. country's head honcho reverses total policies and aligns with past government.
  11. citizens spied on by Telecom companies unable by law to report to their own customers about warrantless wiretaps.
  12. people held off at gunpoint from fleeing to high ground for safety from flooding.
  13. journalists mysteriously disappear or meet with suspect 'accidents' because of their investigative reporting.
  14. the country is building 'detainment' sites all across the nation.

vision of YOUR future?

Sound like Bolivia? Maybe Argentina? Kazakhstan or Pakistan? Central China? East Berlin? Chechnya? North Korea? Maybe Somalia? Libya? Sudan? Myanmar? 
Of course you guessed it, it is America, no longer the Land of the Free.   
  1. US Senators Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat, and Republican Chuck Grassley of Iowa are denied information on NSA secretive projects yet expected to vote to continue them.
  2. Bradley Manning was held for 1166 days before court martial proceedings. His crime was to reveal the murder of non combatant civilians in Iraq, including two Reuters reporters.
  3. The 4th Amendment is basically gone and the sacred constitution of the US is now being ignored.
  4. FISC, The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court is making totally secret judgements against American citizens without oversight.
  5. NSA of course, but it is also suspected that the FBI and every other paramilitary organization in America are doing it too.
  6. NSA through FISA, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, is watching virtually every communication of everyone throughout the country.
  7. analogue television is no longer available, in an emergency you will only see and hear what is being broadcast on cable systems. There is no way a TV station can broadcast over the airwaves to an antenna.
  8. Guantanamo and other secret rendition sites active today are also in Poland and Afghanistan where torture, including water-boarding is used to elicit confessions.
  9. Countries willing to work for the USA and even supply torture specialists in the CIA's Extraordinary Rendition and Detention Program.
  10. Barak Obama has simply become as dangerous to his people as the Bush-Cheney pairing because he has no control over his Presidency.
  11. The Patriot Act forbids by law, telecom companies from even telling you the government has interest and may have copied your data.
  12. privately employed (by FEMA) Blackwater troops stopped people from reaching high ground at gunpoint during Hurricane Katrina.
  13. Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings had a car crash at 4:30 am after openly writing about General McChrystal and causing his downfall. Hastings was warned he would be 'hunted down and killed' and was working on an even bigger exposÄ— of the CIA. His Mercedes car engine was found 400 feet away from the wreck and his body was burned beyond recognition. Over 150 independent journalists have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, most mysteriously, many by 'friendly fire'.
  14. Implementing a $385 million contingency contract by the Department of Homeland Security to build detention camps in the United States, Haliburton is using KBR, their subsidiary, (remember Kellogg, Brown and Root from the 60s?) to build these camps in the event of an 'emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S, or to support the rapid development of new programs.' Nicely worded, isn't it?

concentration camp sites?

Don't believe you're safe because you didn't say anything. You might only be safe because you do.