Friday, March 25, 2011

No Fly Zone

So this is what I thought was going to happen;
The Western powers against Gadhafi threaten a No Fly Zone. He gets the message. The reason for the zone is to stop him from pummeling his own people with air power when the suppressed people are trying to get rid of him.
If he tries to fly more planes against his own people the Western alliance/coalition will intercept and shoot them down. That's how I thought it would go.
Not quite.

They started by bombing 'military' targets. Anti aircraft sites. Radar installations. Then tanks etc. No doubt using the B2 stealth bomber. Although a missile went into his compound in Tripoli, along with the denial that they are trying to kill him outright. Since this event started, these combined air forces have continued to attack and destroy various ground targets.
It seems to me that this is not a protection of a no fly zone but a war being carried out. The next step of course, is an army on the ground which would amount to an invasion. This idea has already been excused as NOT an army of occupation, NOT an invasion, but specific troops doing specific jobs.
The problem is there is no leader and coherent opposing force among the Libyan rebels. One of those specific jobs should be to simply target Gadhafi and kill him, then wait for whatever happens with the so called rebels. Someone will emerge.
Killing Gadhafi is the simplest and most efficient way to resolve the situation. But it doesn't allow for the war games going on presently. The testing of weapons and forces and troops. All over again, ala Iraq.

The US has once again assumed leadership to police the world. The Arab League was on board at first, also wanting to get rid of the tyrant, but one can see their mounting hesitation to be seen as onside with America in the killing of Arabs, (and Muslims) far beyond deposing Gadhafi.
And many are wondering exactly what the US agenda is regarding Libya? Do they want to define what happens there? Do they want to ensure a government acceptable to them? Do they want to secure yet more oil?
Is there another secret plan afoot?

Consider this: The US gets most of its oil imports from Saudi Arabia. If they could guarantee the same amount of oil from other sources, the Saudis would become less important. And almost every time the US relaxes its guard, the Saudis betray them. Sponsoring terrorists around the world who ultimately threaten the US way of life. The Saudis are the bosom buddies of the Bushes, not Americans. It seems that with other major sources of oil, America could finally confront the duplicitous Saudis with the truth. They are, after all, as an absolute Islamic Monarchy, on unstable footing too. Are there still American bases on Saudi soil that the Arabian people don't even know about?
It gets complicated doesn't it?
And we really know little of what is really going on. Since the advent of 'embedded' reporters. CNN reporter Nic Robertson recently blasted Fox News reporters for putting their own slant on the actions in Libya. And Michael Ware often disputes what the mainstream media tells us. And there's no chance of an embedded reporter getting PTSD.
We rarely get the truth.

We have to wait and see. With trepidation. It looks as if the Libyans only wanted what the Egyptians got; the removal of an arrogant and brutal tyrant with peaceful protests. But in the North Africa controlled by Gadhafi anything goes, and the Western powers belief that those Libyans want a western style democracy may be way off base.
They want a freedom defined by their own rules. Not ours.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Adjust the World

The World needs an adjustment.
It seems to be spinning out of control and one wonders if we are irreversibly destined to just ride out the spiraling plunge helplessly. Is it too late for people in every country to take control over their own destiny? Seems so.
It is like we are headed for another dark age.

The latest disaster in Japan seems to bring it to our attention once again as the ones in charge of the nuclear facilities seem to be lying outright about their problem, or are emitting only squeaks when questioned about the dangers. Once again the Company seems to be more important than the people it is supposed to serve. Protecting business is everything, the consequences to the population are secondary.
This attitude is tragic but prevalent.

We saw the same situation with the BP oil spill. But everyone thought that with Obama as President, things would be different. We all believed that after seeing the executives and CEOs of the company lying about the effects and circumstances, that Obama would step in with the US Navy and take over the effort and then use the assets of BP in America to pay for it all.
We got a clue then that even the President of the most powerful nation in the world was owned by private business and hogtied by corporate agenda and secret lobbied deals over what the population of the whole USA wanted and needed. Trust.
And somehow BP managed to ride it out. We no longer even look to see what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico, despite rumors that the leak is still ongoing and the oil is lying on the bottom of the sea and sealing it from recovering itself. Expanding the already acknowledged, 'Dead Area' with a coating of sludge.
Out of sight.

Both these horrific events only show that the corporations were totally unprepared and unable to prevent the disasters once something went wrong. Their planning and designs were completely inadequate. And maintenance was even ignored. But alas, their bullying and cover-up propaganda was well executed.

We've had bank crashes, the mortgage crises, the Enron scandal, all these affecting the well-being of thousands of people but bringing profit to business. We've had 911, nefarious military actions and criminal intent in foreign countries. The ignoring of the US Constitution regarding prisoners and even within the White House. People are trying to simply live on this planet, but are too dizzy with the twisting top that is our world to rise up in defence of real freedom and truth and justice when it comes to corporations and the way they operate today.

We have found out that trade agreements are about business and not people and only advantage corporations and their drive for profits and exploitation of the resources of other lands. Foreign policy is actually laid by these corporations. Individuals have little to gain from international trade agreements. And now we're even being cautioned by a controlled news media that those who are telling us and the other populations of the world that they are being cheated on, and revealing these underworld actions, are the bad guys.
Knowledge to the people is being dispersed with disinformation.

All the dictators in the Arab oil states were perfectly acceptable to the West until their own people rose up against them. And the West tacitly agreed with the Emirs or Shahs or Potentate's methods, however brutal, while siphoning that oil back into American gas tanks. And now the West just looks at the situations unfolding with the fallacy that these people are moving toward American Style democracy. Not so, they are just rising against the cruelty of a regime.
The West no longer has models to look up to.

Somehow, the world's peoples need to take hold of their own future. The trust is gone. True values and moralities are ignored. The secret agenda is becoming apparent. And a dark age looms ahead of us on a world-wide scale.
The World needs an adjustment.
Question everything. Find your own truth.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How bad IS WikiLeaks?

WikiLeaks, under huge pressure right now by the US Government, recently revealed more information about nefarious doings by US diplomats.
'U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks reveal the Bush administration drew up ways to retaliate against Europe for refusing to use genetically modified seeds. In 2007, then U.S. ambassador to France Craig Stapleton was concerned about France’s decision to ban cultivation of genetically modified corn produced by biotech giant Monsanto. He also warned that a new French environmental review standard could spread anti-biotech policy across Europe.'

The French do have a reputation for going in their own direction. And they have influenced the EU to ban GMOs.

This latest cable shows that US Diplomats in Europe were instigating their own government to find ways to PUNISH the EU farmers because they did NOT want to buy MONSANTO genetically modified seeds (GMOs) or food products! The side effects suspected by GMOs is staggering, including modified organisms that have NEVER been in the human food chain! The recent upsurge of allergies in children for instance, is being blamed on global warming ... but ...
Strangely enough, while linking this subject of Monsanto and GMO side effects, I found more than a few websites about this subject to have redirections or other insertions that disallow you to see the site. Hacking? By who? Let your own mind mull that one.

Many who have travelled or visited France, understand their reverence for food. The French style of food production, preparation and quality takes precedence over everything else! When you are on a passenger train, it can actually be rerouted to a side rail while a food train bringing fresh Strawberries from Provence to Paris races by at breakneck speed, so important is that freshness. And dining is what many tourists go to Europe for in the first place. American lobbyists have for decades been trying to change the German Purity Law (reinheitsgebot) to allow certain chemicals and ingredients to be added to beer brewing. GMO wheat for one example.
The EU has banned GMOs in general, but you can see that they are under huge pressure to change.

It is estimated that in North America, 80% of all the foods we now eat contain GMO products. Which by the way, are suspected of all those harmful side effects or possibly even DNA altering effects? Compliments of Monsanto Chemicals and others. And many wonder why the FDA is not protecting Americans?

It was also revealed in the latest cables released that some US diplomats were working directly FOR Monsanto! No wonder the USA is mad at Julian Assange but we can only hope they keep revealing these things.

Is WikiLeaks all bad for spilling this? Didn't they also reveal lately information about how the big banks cheat the world? Didn't they also reveal the duplicity of the Chinese with information showing while they were calling for the West to reduce satellite potential weapons they were secretly developing their own? Do we want to continue to hush and pretend these revelations don't concern us? Will we go on believing that the powers that be are working in OUR best interests? Is America complicit in their attitude to corporations who have no interest in the well being of the populace other than profit? Is the USA becoming the rogue state in the world! Are there things we need to know that no one but WikiLeaks will tell us?

Get going on your own research and see where it leads you. Are you some of the people some of the time? Or all of the people all of the time?
So again; Is WikiLeaks bad or good?