Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pentagon - 9/11

So here we go again. 

Just wondering. Look at this . . .  You see, there is this an aircraft boneyard out on the Mohave desert. They say it is like a space research facility, but none of this inventory is going into space anytime soon.

This relatively unknown location in California is the largest airplane graveyard for commercial jets in the United States. And has been in operation since the '70s. Sometimes they filmed here for movies. But they closed it to public scrutiny in 2004. It is said to be used for spare parts. 
One could only wonder if those parts are carefully documented. Who keeps control of them and what records there may be about who took what and when?

Wonder what it would be like to discover if any parts were taken sometime in 2001? 

Because this piece appears to match an American Airlines 757 and yet does not show obvious abrasion or shearing damage and was photographed more than a hundred feet to the left of the flightpath, some researchers have speculated that it was planted. What was under that huge blue tarp carried away by several men? Why was it covered at all?

photographer unknown

Who can collect parts from here? Who controls the area? What authority is needed? What paperwork would there be about aircraft parts taken away from here? Hmm. Would there be a record of anything removed from this site anytime in the first part of 2001? Interesting? Maybe.

Just wondering.