Friday, February 28, 2014

Gravity, the REAL film.

On April 3rd, 2013, Chechnya's tallest building, a luxury hotel caught fire and burned for 29 hours before it was put out. The building was completely destroyed but did not collapse. This raises many questions as to how World Trade Center 7 could have collapsed on 9/11 with only small fires on a couple of floors?

In one photo we see a building almost completely engulfed by fire, which was still standing after 29 hours of intense fire; in the video we see hardly any fire at all, yet that building collapsed, within a few hours, at free fall speed, into it's own footprint!
Fires in high rise buildings have repeatedly left them standing, WT7 was not hit by aircraft, soaked with aviation fuel, or suffered the intensity of raging fires, yet no one has answered the question of why it collapsed at all.

 It is never too late to find Truth.

Loose Change - watch before they delete this one too.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monsanto March!

Pssst!   I'm going.   Are you?   Be there May 24th!

What ever town you are in, wherever you are in the world, if you care about what you eat, join in the groundswell of action against Monsanto corporation controlling our food. Country after country is banning the GMO products from Monsanto, and the only reason North America is not doing it is because the US Government has allowed Monsanto executives to take over the running of the FDA!  And recently 71 American Senators voted to continue allowing Monsanto to control food production in America and reject your right to even have labeling on your food! This is disgusting from people you elected who SHOULD be representing your health and safety interests!

May 24th, 2014, in YOUR city!

Click on our links to see what is happening around the world, let's not wait until we humans begin giving birth to two-headed babies, join concerned and thinking people now to show our governments that we demand they take action to ostracize this corporation.

countries with bans of Monsanto


 Use your voice - March on May 24!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bad Guys vs Good Guys?

You have to decide who is who?

  Should we just stop free speech and thank the government for looking after us?

Just a muse about exposing information, but why wasn't Robert Novak charged with outing a working CIA agent when he revealed the Valery Plame identity in his newspaper column? Maybe because he, liked David Gregory was already shilling for the government? When does free speech become treasonous? Why are the standards flexible? Why isn't morality part of the equation?