Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Voters Got It ....

.... but the powers in control didn't.
The morning after blues have never been bluer!
The Main Stream Media (MSM) became so intent on pushing Hillary Clinton into the Oval Office that they threw caution and reason out the window and blatantly promoted her for President of the United States. (POTUS)

Look at the media handling of Donald Trump. As he spoke they took any intent from his words and spun it in another direction. Trump said he would close the USA borders stop the rapists, drug dealers and criminals from entering the USA. Trump didn't say he would toss out ALL Mexicans, only the criminals, others would be offered reasonable ways to stay, but everyone grabbed onto the negative spin and put the figure at 11 million! With SWAT teams bashing in their doors at 3 AM and loading them into old box-cars!

He said he would build a wall and make the Mexicans pay for it. The MSM took that as a gift and ran with it. Saying how ridiculous it was. Why is that? Couldn't they see Trump's obvious intent? If America gives Mexico 100 million dollars in aid, and Trump builds his wall and if it costs 30 million, they simply change their donation of aid dollars to $70 million. Presto! Mexico is paying for it. Will they turn down those 70 millions? Not a chance. Is the Mexican government more likely to police their own side of the border in future instead of allowing the cartels to usurp their authority? Yes.
Did anyone but the Democratic National Congress (DNC) really believe Trump would suddenly send in the military to kick out 11 million Hispanics?

Trump would deport radical Muslims. The voters and regular Muslims got it and agreed with it. But Hillary's team made it just silly and precarious by making it seem all would go, damaging relations with moderate Muslim communities.

Meanwhile the media promoted any poll that showed The Donald losing. No matter how ludicrous! The duplicitous media quoted poll after poll showing Hillary by a landslide.The voters suspected many of those polls to be predetermined for required results.

Here's an idea no one thought of relating to Obamacare; no one seemed to know that health corporations were protected, State to State. But Trump has promised to open the health care system up to competition and allow corporations to enter the fray across state borders for the health dollar. Who doesn't agree that competition is the best way to lower prices! But the MSM spent their time blasting Trump's plans. Understood or not.

Donald Trump made the comment that he would welcome Russia's participation in battling ISIS and other terrorist organizations. Wouldn't it be great if we could work together, Trump said. Clinton jumped on this as Trump being in bed with Putin, when it was Hillary, in response to Russia helping the Clinton Foundation while Secretary of State who allowed them to purchase US uranium mines and export the product to Russia. To be used by who for what? The Clintons needed a bogeyman and Putin was it. When it probably should have been a Saudi Prince! But they'd have had Stalin if they could have reincarnated him! The DNC put out the spin that Russia was hacking their emails. It spread like a gasoline fire, instigated of course by the DNC and embraced by MSM. There never was evidence that Russia hacked anything to do with the American election. And we all know both sides try to hack everything all the time! It is called cyber war. Wikileaks doesn't need Russia.

The Democratic opposition to Trump spent their whole time reacting to name calling. Sure they took the focus off Hillary and her history of dark baggage, but also spent their precious time keeping Trump in the spotlight in their zeal to keep her past out of the media. But his crowds kept growing. And the public anger with it, the voters recognized the media spin.
So-called news organizations spent hour after hour making Trump into a dangerous gun advocate. The second amendment was put into the US Constitution as a fallback position for the people to have a defense against corrupt and oppressive governments. It was Eisenhower who mentioned the danger of the military/industrial complex; 'the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.' The right to bear arms is a given. Doesn't mean that Trump would not control those weapons. Because someone is killed by a car doesn't mean you ban all cars from the road. But the voters are wary of infringements to their sacred constitution after suffering Bush and Cheney.

Now the MSM is lamenting the fact that a woman cannot seem to break the so called glass ceiling and become POTUS. But they ignore the fact of Hillary Clinton's past. It was not about being against women, it was being against a woman under constant investigation by the FBI and other agencies! Hillary didn't break that glass ceiling but it is wide open for an honest woman to get there.

Media who are supposed to know what is going on actually pretend they don't. Media news organizations like CNN have changed the perception of what they actually do. Wolf Blitzer, Erin Burnett, Anderson Cooper all betrayed any idea of unbiased journalism and became the unabashed spin doctors for the Democratic party!
Not me, me either, nor me
A Trump supporter was argued with or cut off when trying to speak, while they left the Democratic supporters to ramble accolades to their choices! Gloria Borger is going to retire from politics, and so she should, being a Hillary shill has totally destroyed her credibility. And the voters saw through her and many others including catching Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Donna Brazile, both indignant until they got caught.
But even then the endless talking heads didn't sway from their agenda, just replaced each other.

Those bobble-heads went after Trump constantly over his personal wealth while intelligent voters asked what it had to do with his ability to run a country? His riches and tax returns were a major concern to who? He didn't cheat on his taxes, only used the system that Obama had eight years to change. They never went after George Soros, Bill Gates, the Waltons or the Rockefellars or the Rothschilds, they all play by those same rules. The voters saw the media's double standard.

And Hillary had one suspect thing after another, with the importance of her email handling as number one. The perception of those who were paying attention, was that yes, she was a crook. Most in the know are aware that no diplomat in America has their own phone or tablet or laptop to use at will. The government Secret Service, FBI, CIA is there with the best technology to protect them against spies and hacking. Not having a phone is the first defense.
But Hillary had up to four servers in her home, unknown to her own State Department! Up to 13 cell phones, which when the heat was turned up, instructed her staff to destroy them! The FBI subpoena for her email was met with the disappearance of those emails. It went on and on and many Dem supporters simply refused to believe that a Secretary Of State could indulge in secret actions against US policy while in office. But the scandal grew like an oil spill.
And even while an FBI investigation was ongoing, Bill Clinton appears at an airport, has a 30 minute meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch aboard her plane, and the next day FBI Director James Comey announced no charges against Hillary Clinton! Voters didn't have to know what was said, they just saw the suspicious result.

The fact that the Clintons took 'donations' from foreign states and world players for speeches hurt her. Ordinary people saw through it. They saw through her secret speeches to Wall Street brokers for huge dollars. And they saw that the MSM refused to pursue that nagging question of ethics. They saw that no bank or huge corporation got reprimanded by Obama and expected Hillary would carry on the same. They saw that the USA gives billions of taxpayer dollars to Saudi Arabia who has no debt and free health care for their people, but is repressive to their own women. Those billions are returned to America as purchases of weapons by the Saudis, you see? A foreign country buys American weapons with American tax-payer's money! And it has long been suspected that they support ISIS by handing US military weapons out to terrorists like Halloween candy! Your military industrial complex in action.

Wikileaks released emails with regularity, all revealing the ongoing corruption and intent of the insiders in Washington, and the reaction from the powers-that-be, was to shoot the messenger. Over and over again. The emails showed the DNC to be conspiring against Bernie Sanders as a candidate and anyone else who loomed as a threat to HRC. The knives were out and the insiders of the party condoned it. The media ignored it. The voters knew it.

And there was that niggling little fact that her faithful companion and close aid Huma Abedin was a Muslim raised in Saudi Arabia had some implications. Abedin has been fingered as having access to classified documents without clearance, along with others with no official standing. Hillary was aware of the requirements of government officials and defied them. At her own peril as it seems. And always hanging there were Hillary's actions in Libya, deposing yet another head of state for some nefarious purpose. And the voters were supposing that her stance of confrontation with other countries was growing.

The pollsters are lamenting their mistakes now. Everyone aghast that the polls could have been so wrong. But the polls have been suspected for years of being carefully manipulative tools for whomever and whatever they are promoting. Whomever is paying. The voters know it and reacted by either lying or refusing to give reliable information to pollsters! There is no rule that says you must speak the truth to media, or speak to them at all, whether it be pollsters of TV news people. They are not Gods and have no real intent but to feed off the populace. It turns out that a lot of TV news is generating it's own news, not reporting on it. The voters got it. The MSM and the Democratic supporters didn't.

all into one equals one
Time and time again we are reminded that the small one percent of the rich and powerful are in total control of media, they can steer and fabricate what you see and hear. They shape and form your opinions and directions. Again we think of the above mentioned billionaires and Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers. Hillary's 'familiars'.

The good thing about this last election is that the voters did get it. They saw the manipulation, deception and attempts at controlling their lives. You can see this for yourself if you are capable of digging out those truths. It seems that millions of people are just incapable or unwilling to face the truths evident in society today.
Social media played a huge part in this election. The internet was abuzz with information, but you must take the time to distill it, sift through the planted articles and slanted writing and misleading headings. Hard to do and easy to give up on.
People would be surprised how quickly bad news about certain people disappears from Google or Bing. Headings that were there yesterday are gone today. You have to know where to look and how to look.What Trump had going for him was that he was not one of them! The problem for the existing elite in Washington with their secret agenda, is that because of the internet, people can find out things for themselves. There are things like Congressional records, Democracy Now and Wikileaks.

And the vote was not necessarily for love of Trump or his policies. Voters saw him as  untrained, unprogrammed, sometimes embarrassing and without diplomatic know-how but also as a chance to rid the vermin from Washington and change the mode of power.Trump was not establishment. And that was his big plus. Drain the Swamp became a great catch phrase and tapped into the public anger.

The point is that the people are not what the power insiders think they are, they are way smarter. They have been there, done that, and are sick of the same old same old. If you listen carefully you will hear the lies through the lies. You can even see when the messenger doesn't believe their own words, thanks to reviews on YouTube. (We all saw that with Colin Powell and the WMDs in Iraq) The new Main Stream Media is right there on your own laptop. You can catch out the liars, expose the cheats and that's when you shoot them via the ballot box.

As a voter you don't have to be a Hillary Clinton OR a Donald Trump supporter, you only need to be a truth supporter.The results show that the diminishing Middle Class has no faith in the Main Stream Media, the Democrats or the Republicans and simply no longer trusts government. And specifically the elite insiders who have stealthily controlled America's government for their own special needs.

It is an ongoing battle for the public mind but reassuring to see that the voter is up to the challenge and the fight.

Voting is the ultimate anger management.

Addenda Feb. '17 
Trump's Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson is going after the Deep State – sometimes also called the Shadow government – but it is hard to define, essentially part of the political establishment that are permanent power factions operating within Washington. These factions guide policy according to a unified agenda regardless of who is in office, often exercising their power secretively which frees them of any sort of accountability. It is known that these 7th Floor insiders stopped the FBI investigation of Hilary Clinton during the campaign. SOS Tillerson has fired many of them already.
Ask yourself why this is not reported in MSM?

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Take some time to understand

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Do you need anything else?

Aspiring President, Queen, Empress to be has a dark past full of garbage, corruption and even dead bodies  . . .

The ultimate dominatrix wants YOU!


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

MH370 More info or more obfuscation?

The bolds and italics are mine -

In 2014, a Malaysian Airlines jet disappeared on March 8 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people onboard. 
MH370 plunged into the ocean at high speed - up to 20,000 feet a minute - reinforcing analysis that the missing Malaysian jet crashed in the current search zone, a report said (1) on Tuesday. An Extensive underwater search has not yet found the crash site, fueling speculation that it may be outside the search zone, particularly if someone was at the controls at the end of the flight. (2)

A manned plane could have been glided down, allowing it to enter the water outside the 120,000 square kilometer area being searched, some experts have suggested. But extensive testing by aircraft manufacturer Boeing and new Australian defence department data analyses both suggest that regardless of the possible actions of one or both of the pilots, the jet dived down into the ocean at high speed, The Australian (3) reported.  

Once MH370 ran out of fuel and the engines flamed, it slowed before plunging down towards the water in a series  of swoops - dropping from 35,000 feet at a rate of between 12,000 feet a minute and 20,000 feet a minute, (4) Boeing said, according to the report. 
The sharp dive was confirmed by a new data analysis by Australia's defence department involving signals sent automatically (5) between the plane and a satellite, the head of the agency leading the MH370 hunt said .  
Australian Transport and Safety Bureau Chief Greg Hood said this supported the view that MH370 was "likely to have crashed in the 120,000 square kilometer (46,000 square mile) area Now being searched, the paper said. The area was defined under the ATSB's "most likely" scenario (6) that no one was at the controls and the plane ran out of fuel. 

"The Australians leading the search do not doubt that the pilots may well have been responsible (7) for the jet's disappearance but they say critics of the search strategy are wrong to assume that means they are looking in the wrong place," the report said. Malaysian officials said last week the one of the pilots (8) used a home made flight simulator to plot a very similar course to MH370's presumed final route, but warned this did not prove he deliberately crashed the plane.


1.  A report said. What report? By who?
2. A statement that many believe could explain why nothing has been detected and has set conspiracy theorist abuzz!
3. The Australian is just a newspaper being quoted without reference material or authentication.
4. At high speed? If guided down by a pilot, the plane could have simply sunk almost intact into the oblivion of the South India Ocean, however at high speed there would have been a terrible breakup of the craft and debris scattered and floating everywhere! Suggesting 20,000 ft per minute contact without wreckage ignores logic and physics.
5. Investigators have already said the last signal was sent perhaps 1000 miles from the suspected crash area. Had the signals been sent as the aircraft was plummeting out of the sky, the GPS coordinates would have pin pointed the entry into the water. The head of the agency leading the hunt needs to read up on this? (many people believe all the GPS data and transmissions were interfered with long before it crashed. IF it did.)
6. Could someone have activated an identical transponder to MH370, placed on a drone which was then sent out to sea until it ran out of fuel? Therefore starting the search in an area KNOWN to be wrong and leading the ATSB in the totally opposite direction?
7. Had the pilot been responsible making a terrorist action, wouldn't he have put the plane down in an area likely to be found quickly in effect making a statement  instead of obscurely many miles away?
8.  This is pure speculation, the simulator could have been used by anyone and the input programmed in as a decoy.
Did the airliner actually turn north and end up in Beijing, Pakistan (Dalbandin airport), or Diego Garcia?

You might want to read this too -  MH370 flight-fantasies

Jeff Wise thinks the plane went to Kazakhstan.  Read this informed and factual article for more rationed and reasoned ideas- by Jeff Wise - MH370 WHERE?

 Whatever you believe, the 239 people on board faced a terrorizing fate.  And the MH370 mystery is not near being finished yet.  

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The new low cost TV line-up

This is my new $25 line-up from Shaw cable.

Do you remember the idea behind this? You were supposed to be able to pick and choose your own TV stations. Eliminating all that chaff that was included and that you had to pay for because some rich buddy of a CRTC buddy started an inane TV channel and got it listed.
Remember Superchannel? What was super about it? It played C movies or videos that didn't sell anywhere and old Opie episodes!

So before we had this revelation of being able to pick and choose TV fare at home, you had and were paying for Toopy and Binoo as you searched at 2am for something to watch. How many episodes of The Honeymooners haven't you seen? The only thing left to do at 3 am is take a flashlight to your TV screen and try to see where the embedded camera is that is watching YOU!

But what I don't get, is why, if we can receive Hi Def channels, we need three extra ones from the same broadcaster?

So look what I get, THEN have to add expensive individual choices to them ....
If I have ABC HD why would I need another ABC? That applies to ALL the HD channels. Don't need the duplicates. I don't even know what AMI TV is, and surely I do NOT want the French edition. Same with CBC. No French, no third listing!  Never heard of Krem2. Might keep it if it is from the Kremlin. CTV has FOUR in this list. Give me just ONE.
Cpac? Now that's funny but there are better comedy channels than the jokers in Parliament.  Omni? again, they can stuff French down my throat all they want and I won't even TRY to understand what they are saying! Cancel them. 

Nothing much here is for me. The bottom eight on that list can all go back to oblivion.

So. If I COULD pick out of all those 40 channels, I would only want 11 of them and that even includes keeping the Shaw) channel !  (I might reconsider Fox, because they are sort of comedy really)

I thought I could pick my eleven, say at $1 each, THEN add a good one like HBO,  even if it brought the price to the $25. But I want CBS, Knowledge, History, Food, BBC World News, CNN, Nat Geo Wild, Show Case, RT, TSN, Comedy and I am hoping MY38 is a soft porn channel that I can sneak into the mix without anyone noticing.

Of course you can see that these would be perfect for me, without all the duplication and foreign languages and probably cost way more than I am paying now. I feel no obligation to support any channel that I will never watch. If you want a childrens' babysitter channel, go for YTV. I liked the Muppets when they were more adult. And out here in Hongcouver I am sure Mandarin and Cantonese channels will sell. But not to me. Of course if you are a displaced Quebecker grab all that French content with your cigarettes but I don't believe Maillardville has any French speakers left out there, so what's the point? 

If you like sobby love, go for CW and Lifetime. H&G if you like tools and Norm making everything perfect because he has the Fixer500 Super emulsifier to make that cabinet for Wifey, (not THAT Wifey) but strap on your hammer and watch.
If you love William Shatner in his prime, go for SpaceTV. 

This seems to get to that point where the channels will cost $200 a month! Defeating the whole idea of you picking channels that you really want for fewer dollars. And they KNOW that most channels are crap but now they don't know what you want because they've been forcing inferior channels on you all these years! 
So 30 of the so-called basic channels are needless duplications. Or foreign language. Yes I am patriotic and understand the National dual language thingy, but if I don't understand what they are saying I don't want it taking up space on my choices!

No wonder that so many are dropping their TV provider totally and going to Netflix or Popcorn and all the streaming internet channels instead.   

Too bad we can't go back to a TV aerial atop our roof and grab the programs floating past in the air. Oh no, that was too much freedom for the people and too threatening for governments as anyone could send out signals, and you might hear or see something you're not supposed to, causing them to set the sun on broadcast television so they could control everything you see.

Do you get that Shaw will get the same money and more from letting me have some REAL choice? Some human somewhere has decided what I need again. If one is good then four is better? Am I supposed to use the extra channels of the same content just to see if they are synchronized? It is not about adding channels, it is about dumping them! I get it and you get it but the CRTC doesn't!

And you see, everything is still a 'bundle'. I cannot just add HBO on its own for a single additional price. Why not? Because without HBO towing along some other dud channel friends of friends don't get that money.

I might get better entertainment content by putting a spoon in my microwave and calling it Burno and Sparky.

And it won't cost me $25 a month.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Dumbing Down

You still don't believe there is a world-wide conspiracy to dumb down the populace?
How about at least a North American conspiracy? It has to have started somewhere and now the phrase itself is becoming part of our lexicon.

Dumbing down
How does it start? Social networking? Facebook etc. Twitter, where folks spend hours upon endless hours Linked in to telling the world they had stew for dinner? Showing pictures of their new sofa? Revealing info about themselves to any and all of the information gathering agency hackers. Are those who post dumb or what?

Or sports, everyone knows how rabid sports fans are, get on with the game no matter how much athletes cheat? Sure. We all see that, Pete Rose is great. Roger Clemens is great. Tom Brady didn't know his balls were deflated. Lance Armstrong was too great to be using drugs. And now Peyton Manning had strength inducing drugs delivered to his door and said they were for his wife!
One would suggest that sports fans are already as dumb as they can get!

But TV. There's another totally black horse, galloping away with your brain to Oblivion even though it is glowing bright and friendly right there in your own living room.
You click each night to watch your favorite programs and it is overwhelmingly obvious that someone, somewhere out in TV programming land is using the medium, to slowly and sneakily make sure you have nothing important to think about. Today's TV is a no threat, comfortable place to be. With an occasional jab to let you know who the bad guys are, Putin, the Chinese, Kim Jong Un, Deux and Trois, but it is okay, the powers that be are handling it. Keeping us safe. We'll build up our military and stop these guys so just tune in and see what Big Bang Theory is doing tonight.
Silly, huh?
Well, here's a TV line-up to think about, if you have any independent brain cells left ....
And these are Prime Time viewing!

The Bachelor - a bevy of beauties compete for a really dumb but good looking guy.
SuperGirl - a flying Pipi Longstockings with a red cape! Or was it blue?
Schitt's Creek - a whole program based on an idiot phrase. Only in Canader you say?
Real Housewives of  _  _  _  - doesn't matter where. Slutty women, all tits and tattoos with those hard-edged bar voices.
Lost Girl - A succubus feeds on the sexual energy of Mortals. Without Tiny Fey.
implants at their best
Storage Wars Canada - pale copy of the US version without Brandi's boobs. 

.... are you beginning to get it? Don't stop now ....

Ted - tough guy Mark Wahlberg and his talking Teddy Bear who can pee in a urinal. Talk about issues.
Family Feud - with inane people and the whitest teeth you ever saw!
Duck Dynasty - Phil Robertson endorsed Cruz or Hillary? Of course it was The Donald.
Alvin & the Chipmunks meet Frankenstein - No, Virginia, there isn't.
Mike and Molly - Really fat people collide on their rush to the cookie jar. 
The Walking Dead - old skin and broken bones with a hunger for brains.
Herrre's Jahnnnney!

..... hey, don't blame me for any of this .....

Chicago Fire - Firemen and policemen fight anytime they meet and you get hosed.
Buying the View - where Daddy's inheritence money is spent by imbecile son and goofy wife.
House Hunters International - Let's go live in Iraq with our kids and dogs, Honey!
Shark Tank - Where poor people with good ideas get them stolen by arrogant rich bullies.
Just for Laughs, Gags - Totally poor actors and totally poor extras, all doing stupid stunts for totally bereft viewers.
Moonshiners - Hooch fun in the backwoods, "You got a purty mouth, boy."
Married at First Sight - Newlyweds find out they don't like each other. Based on a Danish series titled Gift Ved Første Blik. Maybe they shoulda kept the title.

Some others you don't want to miss after having your porridge and learning to tie your shoelaces -
When Ghosts Attack; Boo hoo - True Life; I had my cousin's baby - Super Bowl's greatest all star commercials, more Clydesdale exploitation - Ice Road Truckers; ear muff guys who just don't get winter driving - Billy the Exterminator; meets pythons in your attic - Hill-billy Hand Fishin'; trying to coax catfish outa their holes - Dirty Jobs; we just had to put the entire plot-line in here - Mike is in Michigan where he gets filthy working at a bone black plant; then he meets twin sisters who are fans of the show to discuss the top five dirtiest jobs he has ever done.        O... M... G!   Tune in to see if the girls bathe Mike?

We can't let this go without an honorable Mention tribute to inanity and those who started the TV dumb decline - Any Adam Sandler movie, Friends, Dog and Beth, Sex and the City, Designing Women, and these are all from Prime Time!
Still believe you've graduated to adulthood?

And you have no one to blame but yourself, you look back now and say how you loved Gilligan and the Skipper, grew up with Opie, Left it to Beaver and now it's almost time to cash in your Chips. You're at fault yourself for the dumbing down of the continent for allowing it to happen so subtly, and all the time you were watching! So now the powers that be have had it their way for too long.

Take-over-the-World conspirators say you need to control a population for three generations to subjugate them completely.  It is almost time people and you pnly have about a half generation to go.
Just look at the new TV series now in preproduction; Women Crying. They sob and wail throughout each episode while Cry Detectives rush through their former lives trying to find out why. [spoiler alert - they never do.]

Quit thinking and just go along with it, it is as painless as 50s television. Think of Uncle Miltie, Lucy and Ed Sullivan. No worries, we know what's best for you. Have some more porridge, we put extra 'vitamins' in it.

Really, it is okay, just taste it and think that Julia Child made it.

(or Nigela if that's your want ....)

Monday, January 18, 2016


Criminal Investigative Analysis, also known as profiling, is an investigative tool used by law enforcement to help solve violent crimes. It is based on evidence from crime scenes, victims, and witnesses. Mostly profiling is from information of crimes that have already happened, resulting in intelligent guesstimates of projected criminal actions ....

.... It can include signature profiling, psychological profiling, modus operandi and hundreds of other aspects to pre-identify criminal intent. The techniques are used worldwide as those gang societies emerge as dangerous to civilized populations.

Recently three Middle Eastern looking men raised interest while snapping pictures of entrances and exits in a mall in Vancouver. Many people saw it and reported it. Later it was said by police that the three were British tourists and they had poor vision. Hmm. Really? This was accepted by officialdom even though all three were taking pictures. So all three had poor vision? As it turned out to be innocent there was no panic. But would that dispel any apprehension for you? Doesn't work for me. We hope that CSIS would also require further info of such public suspicions.

If you see something, say something

The latest mantra in a wary and nervous North America and Europe has been; If you see something, say something. So people did. No slight against our three British tourists. It is what it is.

Last week a hotel in Burkina Faso, was stormed by al Qaeda leaving 28 dead. Westgate Mall in Nairobi was labeled a massacre! London was bombed. Paris is fresh in memory for Charlie Hebdo and the Bataclan theatre. Jakarta, Indonesia had 12 killed too.

The local police in Vancouver said they were not profiling. Of course they were not, they did not swoop down on the three and make arrests. Shoppers in the mall saw something and said something. It was the public at large who were profiling. For whatever reason but probably on a new awareness of news events around the world. They held a subliminal profile of what they saw as a potentially dangerous situation.

Every week we see another mall or public facility bombed or attacked by jihadists, or Islamic radicals. And in spite of assurances by police, the public feels threatened and nervous. Profiling will only get more intensive and extensive.

What causes profiling?
Past history?  Events that lead to confirmed suspicions? Some Highway Patrol officers in America are as high as 90 % correct when pulling over drivers on certain highways they suspect of transporting drugs. Border patrol are excellent at targeting smugglers. Reading the signs that alert their suspicions is subconscious profiling.

You don't need anything but experience, and people everywhere are gaining that experience just through paying attention to news reporting. We see the nasty characters on TV and their demeanor registers in our minds. And over time we form a profile of those criminals.

Even dogs are profiled. Watch people on the street avoid a pitbull. Why? Because their minds automatically make a negative profile on pitbulls based on the thousands of attacks on humans and the subsequent publicity.

Why do the cops watch an orange Lamborghini with a teenager revving it while driving? Because most police anticipate that Daddy's money bought him that car and he is very likely to kill himself against a tree from street racing. No one needs a written profile to be aware. 

What of two 'hunters' in dark glasses wearing those cloth caps that fold down over the ears, and hunter vests while cruising past in their pickup truck with a old camper unit. Moose decals on the rear door. There is no hunting in town. So what are they doing besides giving you the creeps?

They need to do nothing, in many minds these are the guys from a horror movie who are looking for chain saw targets.

Profiling is a viscous circle. Once two real murderers looked just like those two in that truck .... newspapers and TV exploited the story, Hollywood picked up on it for horror value. Many saw the actor characters on TV and the profile was complete, from real to fiction to real again. At least in public minds.
Profiling goes way back. Wear long hair, a headband and a tie-dye shirt and it will be assumed you smoke pot. Look the part and expect attention.

Profiling is here to stay.
Many believe there are just too many instances and too many repugnant groups who want to cause trouble to a free society, and the public is now into the psychological technique, perhaps unconsciously.
The so-called downside of these actions is political correctness and that some people may be accused of actions seen as suspicious when actually innocent. The upside is that someone may prevent a mass killing in their midst.

And politically correct, unpleasant or not, if you see something, say something. 

If you see something, say something

We have to accept profiling.