Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Questions. Always. Questions.

Aaron Alexis, the 34 year old shooter in the Washington Naval Yard, seems to be already having conflicting items and events swirling about him and his actions. How much is truth? And how much is fog? There seem to be contradictions in the answers to questions in the first hours after and the answers many hours later. Many more questions need answers, the intriguing question being, will they be answered at all?

  • If he had so many bad incidents while in the Navy that led to his discharge, how did he get Secret level security clearance?
  • How did he get hired as an 'expert' by Hewlett Packard after basically being kicked out of the Navy?
  • What work did he do for the Navy in Japan? Refreshing computer systems? And what was the pay dispute?
  • All his friends and acquaintances tell of him being a gentle man, studying Buddhism, meditating, and yet the profile being built of him after the event is one of paranoia and anger issues?
  • He checked into a Rhode Island hotel and called police about being followed or watched? And complained about hearing voices? What was he doing there?
  • If he was so broke, how did he afford the rifle? And/or a shotgun? And renting a car? And traveling to Thailand?
  • And how long had he owned that rifle? He evidently had time to carve whole phrases into the stock! Including ELF, generally meaning 'Extremely Low Frequency,' for you HAARP people. 
  • Who was paying for his hotel room? Who was the person who met him there prior to his starting work at the Naval Yard? He only worked there for a week, why did he suddenly snap now?
  • The Swat team of Special Agents from the ATF arrived quickly, the same one from the Boston bombing of the Tsarnaevs, a seven hour drive away,  apparently they are stationed in Washington. Why was it the same team that was in Boston at that other incident?
  • If Alexi was being treated for paranoia and suspected of mental issues, why weren't they available to a mental check for his job at Experts, the HP subsidiary?
  • Why wasn't his arrest record in Seattle and Fort Worth available to HP? And his Navy record considered for a security clearance. 
  • Was there another man involved who remains unidentified? The grey haired white man?
  • Where exactly did he live? They say he was formerly from Fort Worth but no indication of where his domicile was now?And he is said to have had several addresses in Fort Worth?
  • The first people interviewed describe Alexis of being a quiet gentle man, yet now reports say he was a hardcore drinker and spent hours playing 'violent shooting' video games? More conflicting info or implanted info?
  • A monk's assistant from the Buddhist Temple he often attended said he could have believed Alexis' would have committed suicide but not murder.
  • Others said that Alexi seemed like he had been in the military by the way he carried himself but never talked about violence or guns.
  • He is said to have often helped out others, not expecting anything in return. And worked in his friend's restaurant for no pay. Even communicated with diners in the Thai language.
  • His latest landlord said that he had never seen his tenant get angry about anything.
  • Did someone 'open doors' for Alexis to move easily through his motions on the weeks or months previous and on the day of the event? 
  • After leaving the Navy in January 2011, Alexis retained the clearance even with three arrests, a history of mental illness and a record of military misconduct.
  • USIS, the private company that performs 65% of all background checks, (and the same company that vetted Edward Snowden) failed to discover anything wrong with Aaron Alexis, "... What’s emerging is a pattern of failure on the part of this company, and a failure of this entire system, that risks nothing less than our national security and the lives of Americans,” Senator Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, said in a statement. She added that USIS is under criminal investigation.
  • USIS is now based in Providence, Rhode Island.
  • As information emerges, can we see that a troubled man seeking psychiatric help from VA agencies could in some way be manipulated psychologically? 
  • Is some shadowy agency building a convenient profile of disinformation now to make a credible case that he would shoot people? For what purpose?


It's not unbelievable that a man could live such a paradox life, filled with contradictions and flurried directions of an unstable mind, but at such a terrible event his actions need a complete and thorough investigation. All the questions about Aaron Alexi need to be carefully considered, asked, and answered.


    Were Aaron Alexi's deathly last movements orchestrated for some secret purpose yet to be revealed? What will answers tell about the tragic events on September 16, 2013.
    Will there be answers?
    Or just more questions?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Outward/Inward Syria

Overt intention = strike with cruise missiles at Assad's Syria to stop chemicals being used against rebels. (even if the 'who used them' is not yet known) Destroy airports and shoot down any planes headed for US warships in the Mediterranean fleet. Use the US Military to police the area however seems appropriate. Protect America.

Covert intention = cause Syria to strike back in retaliation and start the new war. Launch Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syrian military targets and wait for Iran to join in. Enlist Israel to strike at nuclear facilities in Iran. Continue new battles in Middle East by aircraft, missiles and more drones without more troops on the ground. Protect America.

Deepest intentions =  and true intended results - inflame the terrorist factions of al Qaeda, al Nusra and other Islamic radicals in Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, to strike Americans anywhere on the globe. Instigate the rise of more home grown radicals within the USA, thereby forcing Marshal Law to come into effect to protect the American people from terrorists in their own country. Mass total surveillance and monitoring of every single person and the subjugation of the continental American people by the special military in accordance with the ongoing 9/11 plan. Make every city locked down like Boston. The New World Order continues to take effect? Subjugate America.

we have dropped our guard

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Facebook + NSA = same thing.

So Facebook is now tagging you with facial recognition software. And suggesting your friends also tag you - which is actually identifying you to whomever wants to know.
The facial recognition software makes measurements of distance between your eyes, nose, ears and mouth etc. You can identify yourself or if others see a pic of you, they are encouraged to 'tag' you, that is place your name on that picture. Thereby identifying you whether you like it or not. This all builds a unique template of YOU. Whether you like it or not.

Yes you can opt out, but that might be a complicated process. And who can trust these web entities any more. So if a company like Facebook would do it in the first place, and try to make you believe it is for your benefit, good luck trying to explain ethics to them. And we all know by now, or should, that anything Facebook does in relation to privacy, is shared with the NSA. Do you still laugh when someone mentions New World Order? Or One World Government?

Already Germany is about to sue Facebook over privacy issues, and if the Monsanto thing has any traction, other European countries will follow. Europeans know what is it like to be spied upon. And tattled about. North Americans have yet to learn but they may be too naive, skeptical or stupid and too late to comprehend the implications of the problem.

Try telling your friends that facial recognition of them will be added to a 600 million person database in Facebook. And by extension, added to the database of NSA, which is probably 1000 times larger. Yes folks, they know where you are every minute of your life, Google Earth told them where you live, Street View has a picture of your house, and now they see exactly what you look like.

Each day, Facebook users upload over 200 million photos! Into a database already holding 90 BILLION photos. Keep in mind that there are only 7 billion people on Earth, so you can be sure that you are already in there with a memorized, measured, cataloged, identified, face.
And you know that certain people who want to access these databases, will.

The Wall Street Journal takes time to point out NSA's evasions and misleadings. Even PC World, in a review of this process, calls it 'downright creepy', and suggests uploading pictures of trees and cars and tagging them with your own name.
There IS a way to fight back. A small way perhaps, but an even better idea would be to go to virtually ALL your friends' pages, and tag every single picture with a made-up name. Tag Mary Parker as Joe Plumeria. Tag someone's dog with Harvey Black. Tag Harvey Black with the name Phillip White. Tag a black man as Hung Lo. A Chinese friend as Lord Churchill. Databases become useless with misinformation, now you too can take part in a DISinformation campaign. People are already doing it by lying to pollsters.

And some communities in Europe and Asia are setting up their own web communications with networks that DON'T pass through the NSA-Prism siphon upload points to avoid being spied upon. So with enough participation and fortitude, people can at least entangle the spy database into the non recognition of individuals.

Funny how we loved Bill Gates for building Microsoft into a communication giant. And when he was threatened with the dismantling of Microsoft by the US Government for being non competitive, and they were about to split Microsoft into three separate entities, but Gates attended secret meetings, and thereafter everything continued along as usual. Leading many to suspect those threats from the Government were only a sneaky way to get Gates to comply with sneaking government software codes into Windows, so-called 'backdoor access', with tattle-tale info on what YOU were just doing on line. Or lose his baby. Remember the Windows unique identification number? Well your hard drive still has one.
And now Mark Zuckerberg, the brash and somewhat arrogant founder of Facebook, after cashing in big time, has restructured the social site with antisocial behavior to tattle on you? Tattle is perhaps too light a word, whisper might be better.
And the shadowy people in Forte Mead, Maryland, anonymous behind the black glass of NSA are grinning with glee as everyone plays the Facebook game. 

So here I am, tag me as Scottie MacDuff. 

I'm heading to my yurt on the sandy steppes of Mongolia, no facial recognition there.  
But I will be tagging the the yaks as horses and the goats as camels, just in case.