Saturday, August 25, 2018

Clever Conceptions

The best inventions are always to serve you better. Some of these thoughts must have been rewarded with bonuses for the brainy idea people!

One of the very first brain-storming sessions might have seen the CEO of a company at a meeting of department heads, he looks bleak as he declares, "I'm afraid we can no longer put 16 ounces of product into our boxes, we must use a smaller amount to be profitable. We'll have to cut it down to 12."
To which a bright young wit replies, "But we don't have to make the boxes smaller." And so started the trend that pisses off many consumers.

The Aero Chocolate bar - 50% of what you pay for is air! "Let's pump air into the liquid mix of chocolate, it'll fluff up the bar and actually put 50% LESS chocolate but still look big!"
The guy in that room must have got a Vice Presidency in charge of Prevarication! Kind of fitting that the Aero comes from Nestle, which loves ripping people off.

Were not sure if the Nestles guy stole the idea of air from those tooth-paste companies who program their toothpaste filler machines to inject a huge air pocket into the tube so when you squeeze after the first two brushings nothing comes out until you get rid of all that air you just paid for.

And there are those pill vials, that give you a huge wad of cotton instead of filling it with medicine pills! You're supporting the cotton industry AND Big Pharma. They use more cotton than the Levi corporation.

But that's not even in the ballpark of more sinister ideas and inventions, some of them a foreshadowing of a stultifying potential. Have a look at these and see how many you have embraced after concentrated spin from back room manipulators? All under the guise of using data to serve you better! The information merchants are hard at it, and rarely for your benefit. The modern world is becoming downright scary.

Is your smart phone too smart? Is it spying on you? Of course it was/is. It just came out that Google spies on you and even when your phone is off it can still send messages to - someone- . We all saw the Bourne movies when Matt Damon just opened his phone and tossed out the SIM card. Or took the battery out so the phone wouldn't track him with no power. Jason could go 'off the grid' at will.
But not anymore.
The secret powers counteracted that action very quickly by sealing your battery and SIM card into the case! What a great idea to stop you from disappearing without sending info to - someone -. Now you have to pry the phone apart to get into it, and things inside are designed to break if you try!

Computers now do the same thing! Your home puter can be known to anyone, but your traveling laptop? Hmm. You used to have an extra battery in Toshibas and other laptops. You could just click a button and the battery fell out for a new one if you were not convenient to a charger.
No more, that battery now stays secreted into your machine so you can be tracked anywhere you go. You can turn your computer off, but not your battery! Sending GPS info to - someone -. That inbuilt battery means your computer can stay awake all night, perhaps recording your snores or listening to your conversations when you believe you are whisper safe from surveillance. Not so, someone is watching and hearing your comments. Just because that little glowing red light is not on, doesn't mean your webcam is not spying on you.

The low tech foil for this one is a piece of paper folded over the camera lens. Even former FBI Director James Comey said once that everyone should put opaque tape over their computer webcams to protect their privacy. That sounds terribly simplistic, but it works. (and he acknowledged the spying)
But there are plenty of people, not just the NSA or FBI, but also creeps, criminals, teachers and creditors, who will use your webcam, and also your computer's microphone, to spy on you. But we're not talking about the common criminals, are we.

And who has not Googled embroidery on their computer and got sewing machine ads for weeks after! Google tracks everything you search for. Everything. But of course they say they do it for better ads targeted for you. (Try DuckDuckGo or Startpage for privacy from tracking)

Smart TVs can access the internet now. Of course they have voice recognition and only surf if you tell them you are looking for the actors in that show you are watching. Right? Wrong. A magazine recently bought a new Smart TV, took it apart and discovered a camera implanted BEHIND the screen which watched YOU watching TV!
What if you subscribe to that porn channel? Somebody might have seen you doing, THAT! OMG! What if you're like me and tried watching the film, 'The Right Stuff' and turned it off because it was straight propaganda! What message does that send to - someone - about your patriotism?
But regardless, that is a true intrusion into your privacy! The companies who do it say they just want to see your reaction to certain advertising, to make better commercials for YOU in the future! Sure they do. Makes me wonder what their vision is of our future. Well I know what it is, keep reading.

And of course you know that the 'smart-meter' that the electric company installed on your house is telling - someone - if you are at home or not, and what time you arrive home, and what time you leave in the morning. But you knew that, didn't you?

Here is one of the best yet, the CIA guy who brought this one up at a meeting in their lead-shielded three-stories-underground basement bunker probably got rewarded a tropical island for it -  Scenario; "Let's get a little device that listens to everything you say in your home, a perfect high tech spy, and put it into people's houses, and it can send us all the info it collects." Erp!

"How would we ever do that," the Director of Dirty Tricks asks, while wiping his nose on his sleeve, "without them knowing?"
The response from Special Agent Wit is pure gold, "Oh they will know. We'll just tell the people it is good for them, protects them from harm, from terrorists and can make their lives wonderful like an old time Disney sleepy town show! You know, like Archie and Veronica and the worst thing in life is a pimple. But it will be sending a report to us on a regular schedule."
Director of D.T., scratching his spinning head asks, "Would they buy such an idea?"
"YES, virtually buy it in a store, actually pay dollars for it! The people will be implanting a CIA spy right into their homes themselves and love it because it can be asked a question and immediately tell us what Ginger's measurements are while watching Gilligan and the Skipper!" He took applause from his peers on that one.
And you thought a child monitor was good.
Director of D.T. Now itching with nervous excitement. "That's a reach isn't it?"  Nope. Here's how it will work  ....

.... and now the public is shopping for an Echo, Apple Siri and Homepod, Google Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, all capable of spying on you 24/7. You can bet your Echo chatter is reverberating through many dark subterranean vaults.

I downloaded the newest Windows 10 when it became available, which included Cortana, a 'personal assistant', read some things about it and decided I would go back to my Windows 8.1, because that mystic Windows 10 design made me wonder who was really behind that lighted blue logo window.
I found out that Cortana, even though I had recovered 8.1 onto my puter, STILL ran itself! Took me a long time to get rid of that spy. If I ever did!
And you can change Alexa's voice to a sexy whisper, as she obediently does what she is told, all while she is digitizing your voice and sending every word to - someone - . Don't ask her about her CIA connection though, she kind of panics and pouts.

Your car's GPS follows you. NorthStar with a warm friendly voice, says. "I am here with you, just turn left in one mile, all is just fine, don't worry." But if you have anything like a new automobile, you have lots of other computers built in now too, including a little black box, like aircraft have that can tell exactly what you were doing before your crashed! And because it can send out info too, your car can now be hacked and taken control of remotely! Stopping, speeding and steering, wherever - someone - else wants you to go. When you press the gas pedal you're not stretching a wire to your carburetor, you're sending an electronic signal to the engine. One that can he sent remotely by a hacker!

Perhaps a terrifying effect of that one is when investigative journalist Michael Hastings, was hot on the trail of a corrupt military official and his new Mercedes crashed late one night at high speed into a tree on a straight road and killed him. The engine was flung 200 feet down the street! Buy an old beater if you are worried. Many believe Hastings' car was simply taken over and driven into that tree. There is nothing more dangerous to the powers-that-be than an investigative writer!

They caught Cisco Routers being intercepted a while ago by the CIA, tech guys who actually opened the boxes and installed firmware into them to spy on a target and then sent them on to the customers they were interested in monitoring! Of course they could not have done that without cooperation from the company.

And how many other software programs have 'backdoor' access now for that - someone - who needs to know what you are doing in real time? (check out my post on Microsoft being threatened with a breakup some years ago) and Apple made a big legal stink about the potential interference of the FBI!
They invented the system called Carnivore, (scary name) that could be secretly installed on any computer to monitor emails and your online travels. You might not want to search that one, when you do, it stops working and inserts a page that says there is an error and you should click stuff to fix it!

Click your computer off is the thing to do right away! Probably too late, your IP number will already be recorded. Unless you're using the Tor browser, they already know who and where you are.
Clicking an x on some screens doesn't mean 'close' it can also mean 'install'. If you cannot read the HTML, you don't know what it means. Are you afraid yet?

A song I have which was then written about Russia, but now ....
     A knock on the door about a quarter to four,
     they came and then they took me away.
     I dared to disagree and someone told on me,
     they take down everything that you say.
Russia or America?

Do you ever see those questions on Facebook and other social media that say fill out this to find out what your lipstick color tells people about you? Or what car you should buy for your specific personality? Or what is a perfect match for your lover? Something silly like that? In order to do the survey, you have to tell THEM a LOT about YOU! Information that should be on your no-go privacy list. But people still do it and get some answer that says they are smart, inventive, loving and would make a good spouse! Hmm. Meanwhile thanks for giving them your DOB, (date of birth) place of birth, mother's maiden name, high school, best friend and first dog! All meant to cross reference YOU! But don't worry too much if you DID fill it out, it tells them that you are far too dumb to be a threat to anyone.

There is another one - Now DNA companies can make you safe! They will analyze your spit or shit and tell you about yourself! Send them your kid's spit too. Heritage research - you tell THEM everything about you. You thought you were Irish and it turns out you are 19% native Indian, 44% Spanish, 34% Black Dutch Surinamese and only 6% Irish!

But now - someone - has a biotic record of you. One of those groups could be deemed enemies of the state sometime. Perhaps because the DNA pattern has lots of rebels in there somewhere. Someone will be choosing DNA types when they decide to eliminate a certain group of humans from Future Earth. Is it too far into the future to suspect that some military corporation could invent a poison that only attacks certain groups of people?

And we had those futuristic eye scans once, where you couldn't get into the vault without looking directly into HAL. But he's phased out now, we have facial recognition software, which can be programmed into mall cameras, street surveillance cameras, airport cams, football game cams and yes you can now be a Person of Interest and be followed, tracked and with certain software, be deemed a person with intent! Intent to what? Commit a crime, the time is coming when you could be jailed because it is LIKELY you will become violent. They can conclude this from seeing your face! Keep grinning like an idiot, it is now a good thing.

I recently passed an RCMP car beside the road, he pulled out after me, pulled me over and said the owner of the vehicle's license had expired! I was not the owner, but was permitted to drive the vehicle, but their license plate reader had kicked up that real info as I passed! 

So what is the point of all this?
If you haven't figured it out by now, you should know it is giving that mysterious - someone - the ability to completely control every aspect of your life. To neutralize you in event of any future protest or threat you might make to becoming a robotic shadow of yourself.

Taking over the world isn't just a James Bond scenario of Spectre, it is the future plummeting into reality. There are secret cadres working to that end right now. Which coincides with your end. Of liberty! You might say, like millions of others, I'm not doing anything wrong so I don't care. You have nothing to hide.

But that decision may not fit with the secret agenda. Someone else may decide if what you are doing is right or wrong. Someone might think the Irish are still angry at being treated poorly in Boston so long ago and could be a threat to a 'peaceful' ordered society. NWO again.

"Do you have your papers, Sir"?"
"But I am only driving from New Jersey to New York city."
"You need an internal passport now, please turn around and go back home, Sir. You have no business in New York."

Don't roll your eyes and look askance at me because you can't face these abstracted ideas. I'm only the messenger and you can choose to ignore these thoughts or consider them. You need only to think for yourself, something which is being filtered out of our minds in early school days. (a new study showed that 4 year olds have an imagination level of 84%, but by the time they were 14 year olds, that level was down to 13%)

You need to suspect, without paranoia, and just question what happens around you. Pay attention to your news, look through those news items for a true meaning to the actions. Haven't you noticed the TV news lingers on lost dog stories or titillating scandal? Who controls news? Find other sources. They ARE there. Stay away from and never trust MSM. Dig a little. Once you get a tweak, you'll begin gaining ground on the truth.

The intent, however tin hat conspiracy theory it may seem, is to subjugate every person everywhere to the will of -someone - in a dark castle somewhere. The NWO? The Dark State? The Elite? And how could all this craziness be implemented? Just consider how few people control how much industry of the world and you have your answer. SIX corporations control 90% of the news in America. Have you actually thought about how little difference there is between Tories and Conservatives or Republicans and Democrats? They are all just playing the game. Maybe because the same shadowy people control all the parties without even telling them what the game really is.

The new NSA Data Headquarters building in Utah is capable of storing and analyzing every word or action of every human being on Earth, and cross referencing it all for whatever purpose is needed.
Hopefully you won't type your own name in. But you can bet, someone, somewhere is thinking about you, maybe right now. Bill says, "Oh I know Joe, went to school with him in Seattle."

Aha, cross reference.

And you are swallowing the spin about Chinese company Huawei being a spy threat? LMFAO.

Beware of that - someone - you're already in their file.

I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid YOU can't do that.

The central dilemma in journalism is that you don’t know what you don’t know. - Bob Woodward.

Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media. - Noam Chomsky.

Control oil and you control nations, control food and you control the people. - Henry Kissinger.

Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs. -  Joseph Goebbels.