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49 years and counting ...

It seems that even after this long long time it would be appropo to repost a couple of things about that infamous day in history. There are still a few reads you can research yourself. But even if you do, they still lead to nothing but even more questions about what actually happened that day in Dallas ..... 
from November 24, 2010

Today in History - November 24

Lee Harvey Oswald.
While the world was still reeling at the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, we saw the alleged perpetrator of the crime, caught and killed only two days later, and on national TV!
And these many years on we can only marvel at the speed with which his apprehension for the crimes happened. And the positive assertion that Oswald was undoubtedly the lone killer of Officer Tippit and Kennedy.
All these instant conclusions would be astounding even in todays era of nanosecond web communication. Yet over these years so many nagging doubts still evoke questions.

Oswald was supposed to have shot Kennedy from a 6th floor coign of vantage in the Texas Schoolbook Depository, with a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. But first it was identified as a 7.65 Italian Mauser, by sherrifs and FBI Special Agents. Affidavits were signed. Then it became a 6.5 Carcano rifle. Why? Because the FBI discovered that Oswald HAD purchased a Carcano, but NOT a Mauser. And even other rifles are now mentioned. And it took a world class marksman from the Army to nearly duplicate the 3 shots in 4.5 second feat! Other trained US Marine snipers said it could not be done.
And an almost perfect bullet 'appeared' on the stretcher bearing the President's body. A bullet that went through TWO bodies. That looks as if the Lone Ranger put it there!

Oswald was even identified by someone who SAW him up there from across the street! Is that believeable today?

Oswald was supposedly seen being questioned by Tippit shortly after leaving his job and taking to the streets. Witnesses said they saw him shoot Tippit. They even saw him REloading his handgun while fleeing! Does that sound like a frightened killer? Yet other witnesses said another car pulled up, a man got out and shot Tippit and then roared away! Someone else saw two men who were NOT Oswald. Witnesses even identified a different assailant as heavy set, wearing a long overcoat. Many witnesses claimed intimidations and threats about their testimonys. Several eye-witnesses died soon after.
The Warren Commission ignored most of it.

And what was Officer Tippit up to on the hour before he died? Why was he far out of his patrol area? Why did he suddenly rush to 10th Street and stop to make a phone call in a cafe but only listened and said nothing? Why did he seem panicked when he made the call? He left his car radio at a crucial time. Then he was seen cruising very slowly. Why was Tippit known in the area he died in? Some witnesses thought he lived nearby. But it was miles from his patrol area and his home?

How did anyone know Oswald's path of exit? Was it coincidence? Happenstance? Or enemy action? Officer Tippit was directed exactly where to go, minutes after the murder. Then radioed back when he was in position. Why was Tippit directed to 10th St? Was he? The Dallas police lieutenant who may have directed Tippit that day, Harry Dean Thomas, married his widow three years later.
The shells from the shooting were gathered by policeman, J.M. Poe, and he marked them with his initials, however the shell casings eventually entered into evidence had no such markings.

Oswald went to his rooming house first. Who were the two policemen who stopped in front, gave two horn honks and went away? Then he went to a movie theatre. Why did he go there instead of staying on a bus and getting far away? Was he under a prearranged instruction to go to that theatre? Part of a plan to have him where someone wanted him? Did someone give him a revolver there? Perhaps the very revolver just used to kill Tippit? Perhaps by the very person who DID kill Tippit? The revolver in his possession was fully loaded with no empty chambers. And he had no additional ammunition with him. So if Oswald shot Tippit four times, and REloaded, then he must have had only had four extra bullets with him? Seems too odd, doesn't it? And four cartridge cases were found lying on the ground near the scene of the murder. Did the killer open the chamber of his gun and manually ejected the cases? Instead of immediately fleeing the scene of the crime, did he deliberately stop and discarded four vital pieces of evidence that could have been used against him? The four cartridge cases were traced to Oswald's revolver, although they were never matched to the bullets.

Oswald was constant in his claim that he was a patsy. He was innocent. He never shot anybody. And more than one scholar who has gone through the whole case has said the Mexico and Soviet Union implications could have easily pointed to Oswald being a CIA spy.
Alas, all these years later we are still suspicious, yet nowhere near advanced in our factuals about how it happened. The circumstances seem just too complex. The evidence now too scattered. Diffused. Lost. Misinformation and disinformation. Indeed, but we have more questions than ever.
His actions seem to be a response to suddenly realizing he had been set up. Confusion, desperation, the compounding of events leading him to take a predetermined escape route as his only hope. A route designed by who?

Lee Harvey Oswald was never actually charged with killing the Presdient.


and from September 27, 2011

This day in history - - - September 27

(1963 – 64) The Warren Commission. A group appointed by Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson to investigate the circumstances surrounding President John F. Kennedy's slaying and the shooting of his (alleged) assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. It was chaired by Earl Warren and included two U.S. senators, two U.S. congressmen, and two former public officials.
After months of investigation, it reported that Kennedy was killed by Oswald's rifle shots from the Texas School Book Depository and that Oswald's murder by Jack Ruby two days later was not part of a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy.
Its findings were later questioned in a number of books and articles and in a special congressional committee report in 1979, though no conclusive contradictory evidence was found.
JD Tippit

One of those first books, Rush to Judgment, by lawyer Mark Lane, pointed out that the conclusions in the Summery, those few pages that most people and reporters read, had little to do with the volumes of actual evidence in the content.
Today a believer of this, 'Oswald alone', conclusion is rare. And because that summery seemed falsified, it berthed a lifetime of conspiracy theories about the President's death.
Even following the interesting side story of the trail of Officer Tippit on that day and you might join the legions of disbelievers.

The members of that Warren Commission were -

- Earl Warren - Chief Justice of the United States. Eisenhower offered Warren the post of solicitor general, with the promise of a seat on the Supreme Court. But before it was announced, Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson unexpectedly died in September 1953 and Eisenhower replaced him with Warren. As Chief Justice of the United States some said many of his decisions were 'inappropriate'.

- Hale Boggs - Died mysteriously in a plane crash while flying over remote Alaska in October, 1972 . Wreckage never found. In April 1971 he had made a speech on the floor of the House in which he strongly attacked J. Edgar Hoover and the whole of the FBI.

- Gerald Ford - Future President. Ford commented in his own report that the CIA destroyed or kept from investigators critical secrets connected to the assassination.

- John Sherman Cooper - In the general election in 1954 Cooper was defeated by Alben W. Barkley a Democrat who had been Vice President under Harry S. Truman but Barkley subsequently died, and Cooper was elected to fill his unexpired term in 1956.

- John J. McCloy - He was initially skeptical of the lone gunman theory, but a trip to Dallas with Allen Dulles, an old friend also serving on the Commission, in the spring of 1964 to visit the scene of the assassination convinced him of the case against Lee Harvey Oswald.

- Allen Welsh Dulles - Director of the CIA. It evolved under his directorship into a team of assassins. One member, Frank Sturgis, claimed: "this assassination group (Operation 40) would upon orders, naturally, assassinate either members of the military or the political parties of the foreign country that you were going to infiltrate, and if necessary some of your own members." (Sturgis was also one of the Watergate burglars) Dulles and his staff were forced to resign in September 1961 when President Kennedy reportedly said he wanted to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds."

The Warren report's lack of candor furthered antigovernment cynicism, which in turn stimulated conspiracy theorists who propounded any number of alternative scenarios, all mutually contradictory, and all going strong today.

Who can you trust?

In a new revelation by Jackie Kennedy she recently revealed her suspicions of LBJ. And we all know she married Ari Onassis simply because he was the one man in the world who could actually protect her from an 'unexpected' and mysterious death. 

 .... back to today ....

And an even more recent revelation suggests that Jackie Kennedy/Onassis recorded several tapes before she died. And they are somewhere. Waiting to be revealed. It is further proposed by some researchers, that Oswald was a paid asset of the FBI.
Arlen Specter, (later a Senator) was assistant counsel to the Warren Commission (recommended by Gerald Ford) and came up with the single bullet theory, which was readily adopted because having Connally and Kennedy shot by two separate bullets in such a short time frame would indicate TWO assassins and a conspiracy! Convenient, huh? Why did Specter miss so many obvious followup questions to the witnesses?  
More questions.
In recent years, there have been suggestions that some secret sponsored shadow cell has plans for a coup d'etat of the American Government, even that 9/11 may have been the precursor.

And there are also those who also believe the coup was already accomplished on November 22, 1963!

But just investigating the one aspect of Officer Tippit is an interesting exercise and takes you well away from the 49 years of spin and cover up about JFK. Go ahead, try it. At the very least you'll have a fascinating read, way better than TV fiction. And you'll involve yourself in history.

start here - - -
                                 Dallas Police Officer JD Tippit

                                 Officer Tippit timeline
                                 JD Tippit homepage

                                 Officer Tippit's autopsy
                                 James Garrison Playboy interview

Follow the fascinating timeline and perhaps you will come up with more questions too: like why did the Davis sisters believe he lived in the nearby apartment house? Who DID live there to cause Tippit to be there often? Why was he speeding around frantically in the minutes after JFK was shot? Was he supposed to intercept Oswald? Why was he on West 10th Street when he was thought to be miles away at the Dealey Plaza by the overpass? How many contradictions may already be within the transcripts of accounts, interviews and events? Is there one somewhere, just waiting for a new eye to find it? Is there one sentence somewhere that says, 'This cannot be, therefore that must be?' 

They can't hide ALL the trails leading to truth. We finally learned the identity of deepthroat, anything can still happen.

And one thing about a coup d'etat, they don't all reveal themselves in a momentary flash through smoke and fire and violence ... they can emerge in stealth over many years. 

(Thanks to people like William M. Drenas  [Tippit Timeline],  for never exhausting their efforts in the search for truth)
(my own interest in JFK goes way back to the sixties when James Garrison, New Orleans District Attorney announced his intention of laying charges in the assassination and he replied to a note I sent to him with several ideas, thanking me for my interest and communication.) 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lies or spies?

General John Allen and Jill Kelley are communicating through 30,000 THOUSAND emails. Now that is WAY more than a guy can send to his mistress even over two years! That is about 41 emails a DAY!  Maybe forty-one on the first day after he met her and they were still enthralled, (she IS a great looking woman) but they would slow down from there! Wouldn't they?

General David Petraeus' biographer, Paula Broadwell, (also a pretty good looker) somehow gets jealous of Jill Kelley and sends threatening emails to her. Jill, who is well connected,  tells an FBI friend. And it goes from there. Why would Paula be jealous of Jill? Were David and John both plunking Jill Kelley? She is married by the way. So are the two Generals. How did he or she or they have the TIME to read all that traffic?

So, if you think like I do. Those 30  thousand (flirtatious) emails sound like an information dump to me. Like someone who has access to Allen's computer and sends whenever they can. In MY mind, I imagine Jill slept with John, and when he fell asleep in his spent bliss, she accessed his computer and copied a folder or two by emailing the contents to herself! I think I just saw that on a Get Smart TV episode.

Or if you look at this like a spy novel, don't laugh, that's not a stretch considering this is a top echelon scandal, Jill Kelley could be a Lebanese spy who got John Allen into bed. Meanwhile David and Paula are hot and heavy while she writes about how wonderful he is. David had Paula and was probably running himself ragged, what with plunking her, plus the obligatory plunking of the real wife, running the Afghanistan war and becoming head of the CIA! OMG! WTF? He'd be generally worn down. And now Paula thinks Jill is horning in? 

EVERYBODY in Washington says a military guy should never be running the CIA anyhow! And isn't Petraeus a George Bush man? And wouldn't Jill Kelley being Lebanese with ties to the Middle East raise eyebrows among Allen or Petraeus' staff? Jill Kelley has Consular plates! And claims diplomatic immunity! Did General Allen arrange all that? Wow. Mata Hari over again?

So this FBI agent guy, who Jill contacted when the threatening emails from Paula started alerts his superiors. But they don't respond. Why? So he goes over their heads because maybe he thinks this is too serious and his own people are going to quash it or cover it up. Which the FBI is wont to do with scandal. (Not all of us have forgotten Hoover's cross dressing image) But why would the FBI cover it up? Not to protect the integrity of Generals. Or the public images of military men. Because the FBI LOVES having secret and dirty stuff on Generals! Always hugely useful when dealing with the CIA as a competitive agency. With their chief now being Petraeus.

So FBI guy, to keep it going and to give people like ME the idea, sends his semi-naked pic to Jill to give us an idea of what she really is? A Pentagon Prostitute and spy for whomever foreign government? Incredible but these are the influential powerful, nothing they do is incredible! Eric Canter, the Republican Senator who is going for the 2016 Presidential nomination, is contacted and thinks this'll be great for that future. And now Dianne Feinstein, of the Intelligence Committee is furious for not being informed. It is exploding exponentially!
  • So what did Paula Broadwell know about Jill Kelley that she would be agitated about? 
  • What did she know about Jill and General John Allen? 
  • Did David Petraeus know about Allen's affair? 
  • Why are Jill Kelley and her husband involved with the military elite socially? 
  • What is their background? And where do they get all that money for the parties?
  • Why would Kelley assist the South Korean consulate with passports etc while not being an employee?  
  • Why would Jill's sister Natalie Khawam's custody battle be of interest to two of the top Generals of the United States Military? 
  • Would you agree that Petraeus and Allen would have to be juicy targets for foreign intelligence?
Isn't this fun so far? And listen to this; Natalie's husband, Grayson Wolfe, was the Director of Broader Middle East Initiatives and Iraqi Reconstruction and Special Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer at the Export - Import Bank of the United States. He was appointed to the bank by President Bush. We all know the Bush family is like best friends with Middle East Arab families?

This is shaping up to be way better than the British Profumo Affair and the Christine Keeler scandal. Don't we love this stuff? Would you like more tea? It's Earl Grey. This might be more fun if it wasn't so friggin serious.
Like doesn't this make you wonder how the most security conscious nation on Earth can be so naive and lax in it's own house? Unless of course all that suspicion and security is aimed at it's own people and they just don't see the big picture anymore. Remember that the 9/11 flyers took their lessons at American flying schools without raising an eyebrow. No take-off, no land, just point. And nobody said WTF!?

Seems like a couple of these guys guarding the hen house fell asleep in the soft feathery arms of the Hens. And now we are asking, Who's the fox? And it is getting mind boggling. The explosion will take days to read. 

Of course this is all alleged. 
So far.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Get back at them!

November 9, 2012 - by Phil Tucker - from

The Dragonfly puts all other flying toys to shame.

A new robotic dragonfly from Georgia Tech can hover, dive, climb, and fly like a real insect.

Meet the TechJect Dragonfly a remote control robotic insect that, as its name suggests, looks akin to and can fly like a real insect. Researchers at Georgia Tech’s Robotics & Intelligent Machines (RIM) Department have been hard at work making this science fiction inspired device a reality.

“The TechJect Dragonfly is a wifi-enabled, super-small, smart and energy efficient robotic insect; it can do amazing aerial photography, aerobatic maneuvers for gaming, autonomous patrolling for security and surveillance, and much more. With up to 20 sensors onboard, the Dragonfly is the most advanced and compact flying platform out there.” -TechJect
TechJect suggests there’s no shortage of uses for the Dragonfly, from aerial photography and gaming to home security and spying. With a platform that boasts GPS capabilities, streaming video and 20 onboard sensors, I’m inclined to agree, the applications are almost limitless.
After receiving a $1,000,000 grant from the US Air Force, the team, including Dr. Jayant Ratti and Emanuel Jones, has built a number of prototypes and is now working to bring a consumer version to market under the spin-off company TechJect. Through their Indigogo page you can support the project and secure your very own remote control Dragonfly for all of your espionage needs.

Indigogo is a popular crowdfunding site where the public can lend monetary support to projects in exchange for various rewards. In the case of the Dragonfly, a contribution of $99 (sold out at the moment) will catch you an Alpha Dragonfly — the perfect package for a budding robo-etymologist. On the other hand if you’re looking to start your own swarm, contributing $949 will see some 17 Dragonflies come under your command. The campaign also offers a variety of Dragonfly-based rewards between these two contribution levels — act fast though, the TechJect Dragonfly has already raised almost $100,000 of its $110,000 goal.

The recent innovations in remote controlled flight have been impressive to say the least; the last decade has seen the realization of toy helicopters that fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, quadrotors that are able to perform stunning complex choreography and lethal military drones controlled from countless miles away. 


Isn't it comforting to see how the technology filters down to the masses?  Now do you believe my previous post?  At last, we may be able to keep ourselves safe from those who say they are keeping us safe. You can even fly these with your Smartphone! 
(See post of Friday, July 27, 2012 -  Bug Off MAV!)
Thanks to Phil Tucker for putting this together.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Conspiracy or not?

We all know that any conspiracy is hidden from view long before it emerges as fact or a stealthy pre-action. Only the few who happen to think of furtive plans, bring light to the darkness. Correct or not.
So is this a conspiracy?

In the Presidential election. Romney might be in trouble despite that the right wing media constantly tries to cast him as a competent leader. There seems to me to be three divisions within the Republican party; the Tea Party types, the ones making all those asinine comments like Donald Trump going after birth certificate and college records of Obama after four years in, only to make an ass of himself. Yet Mitt Romney just won't reveal those income tax records. 

Then they have the Religious Right, full of those who interpret everything their own way, including that they believe God works on their behalf. With insane statements like God wants women to bear rape resulting babies! 

But there is the most dangerous element of the Republicans, those who want to take over the world. And they are just being ominously quiet right now. George HW Bush laid the groundwork during his presidency. And previously as Vice-President and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. His son, President George W Bush and his ever-hovering watchdog Dick Cheney continued remaking that infrastructure. 
So what IS the plan? 
To get a third Bush as President of the United States.

The knock on Romney has been people are saying his companies send jobs to Asia, and he hides his wealth in the Grand Cayman Islands. A well established banking and business and investment capital famous for hiding money from prying government and tax collecting eyes. This has been talked over so much so that even the mention of the Caymans, means Mitt Romney.
And although the current Republican campaign has no interest in former President GW Bush's support at all, (which should tell you something about the division within) the Democrats continue to exploit the popular Bill Clinton. What does all this mean?

Well we now have former President George W Bush, giving a speech in the Caymans, under lock and key to only a few business people. At an 'investment conference'. NO journalists were allowed to attend or even get into the Ritz-Carlton hotel. The keynote speech by the former president was totally closed to all journalists and conference organizers were forbidden from discussing any aspect of it even in general terms! The whole process smacks of Bilderberg meetings and points to a comparison to Romney's secrets.. 
Does the very fact that Bush chose the Caymans to talk have this meaning?
What could the plan possibly be?

If Romney loses. Good for Bush people. And by speaking from the very base of Romney's money, isn't that driving home the idea of why there is no tax return information? If Romney was to go ahead and win the election, it might twist the future of Republican presidential candidates in a totally new direction. 
But if they could be sure Romney would lose, and they can do without the presidency for four years, it will be much easier to engineer another Bush into position to contest the 2016 campaign.  (perhaps taking a page from Canada's Liberal Party; go ahead and put in an English leader who is certain to lose so we can get back to a French-Canadian leader next time)

It is suggested that the campaign for 2016 has already begun. Many pundits including Jon Stewart are already posting Road to Jeb Bush, 2016  banners. And by allowing people like Trump, Anne Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Michele Bachman to voice their ludicrous speeches now, they only contrast those loonies with Bush and seem to present a real serious alternative. Yelling and screaming only gets immediate responsive and perhaps impulsive action, the design of stealth assures delayed and controlled action. Using stealth implies a thoughtful agenda for the future. And the Bushes totally understand the concept of long distance planning.
A stealthy thoughtful insidious plan for a designed future private action IS conspiracy!

The only question is whether it will be Jeb Bush or a surprise Marvin Bush in 2016.  
And there are plenty more Bushes where these come from. 

Enjoy the election but stay tuned for the real one four years from now. 
Then watch the seeding.