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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Are you eating cloned beef?

They are in Britain. Apparently some beef from a slaughtered steer, which happened to be the offspring of a cloned cow got into the food chain. And someone actually ate it!
I have no idea what this means.
But isn't this what happens to people who become Spiderman? Or Stoneman or Hellboy or other Superheros. They get stung by a radioactive spider and go from there with strange powers. But the comic books only show you the good guys.
Are we gonna get Steerman? Some creepy snorting guy with steel horns and cloven hooves and bad bull breath who is pissed off because he ate cloned beef full of chemicals and stuff and became a SuperANTIhero?
How could it happen that this beef wasn't more carefully controlled?
I tend not to trust the beef industry anyway. It's too important. To them cattle people. And MacDonalds even.
The talk/scare of Mad Cow Disease has died down. I was told that there were only 3 or 6 cases in all of Canada.
If that is true how come I know two of those who died this terrible death personally? Do you believe the industry would tell us?
I think everyone is lying about it. The Canadian beef industry needs to sell in the US. And the US doesn't want to send out any more bad alarms like previously when billions was lost on spooked hamburger eaters and backyard steak BBQers.
Now we have to worry about engineered beef joining the long list of fruit and veggie Frankenfoods.
Perhaps we should gather up those Brits who ate this beef and stop them from breeding.
I am scared already.
Where's kd lang when we need her?