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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Was I right or was I right?

New documents revealed today from Edward Snowden, show that Microsoft corporation colluded with the FBI to bypass encryption within Outlook. Allowing them to see and read everything you ever sent through Outlook email!
I LIKE saying I told you so ...
And here is a post I wrote here on Bitches & Belches in March, 2010 - and yes, I'm still wearing that tin hat you all laughed about.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Conspiracy theory 3 ... Microsoft

Do you remember a few years ago the US Government threatened Microsoft under antitrust laws?
Funny how that interest sort of faded. But only for a while. Like they were regrouping somewhere in the cellars of the Pentagon or the NSA or the White House. Down there in the dark among the lizards.
Then the Government came charging back with a fury and threatened to dismantle Microsoft into three separate companies. They feared Microsoft had way too much power because of their monopolistic position in the computer market? That is bad, they said.
But wait, someone might have exclaimed, wouldn't a monopoly be a GOOD thing if a government could use it to control people and identify where they were and what they were saying and doing and thinking? And the road was headed to everyone owning a computer? And wouldn’t those puters most likely have the Windows Operating System? Isn't Windows on 98% of all PC computers with XP, Vista or now Windows 7 OS?
Have you noticed that when you go to a website, and then delete or clear all your cookies, and then go back to that website some time later, they seem to know who you are?
Didn't Microsoft put a unique number into your operating system under the hype that it was a good thing to control piracy of their software? Then under waves of protest from the public they said they wouldn't TURN ON that unique identifying number? Or at least YOU could turn it off? And doesn't your hard drive have a unique number too? Did you know that even your CD burner imprints a unique number onto every CD you burn identifying the actual burner? And your digital camera does the same thing. Even if you steal it from the web, someone can find out who TOOK that picture. And when and where?

Didn't the FBI come out with a sneaky computer spy system called Carnivore a few years ago, that could read the contents of any computer it wanted through your server? Then they changed the name because it seemed too ominous and scary and 1984ish? Funny how the past can scare us.
Carnivore could see every single email you sent to whomever and every word you typed into your hard drive or internet browser? Mostly Microsoft’s Internet Explorer of course. Including every password and user name you ever used in a chat room or discussion forum? And didn't all this happen at about the same time as Microsoft introduced Windows XP? And didn't the US hold these server companies hostage by threatening to shut them down unless they installed Carnivore into their systems without telling anyone? Without telling their customers? You.
Sorry for all these rhetorical questions, but ….

Doesn't Homeland Security and the Patriot Act give the government pitbulls the power to do anything they want without telling anyone about what they are doing? To fight terrorism they say? Hmm.
Isn't Microsoft starting to add things now to updates of its software without making it clear to technical people exactly what those updates are or what they are supposed to do? In Windows Media player some technicians have compared the guts of Media Player 9.0 with Media Player 10.0 and can't find the differences? So why the update?
Would the US government and Bill Gates have made a secret deal somewhere in the shadowy bowels of the Pentagon with all those Gila Monsters to allow Microsoft to continue as one company, so long as the Justice department had access to the Windows Operating System? Wouldn’t proud papa Bill Gates have done anything to avoid the Sophie’s choice decision about his company? His precious family. His birth child.
After all, we all know that starting a company becomes your googly baby, your loving family and you nurture it along the way until it becomes something to be proud of like your son growing up to be famous? And wouldn’t any worried parent have done what he had to do to keep it all together? Bill Gates being no exception?
I don't know ... wouldn’t he?

Er ... would the US government be that sneaky as to threaten Bill Gates into a deal that allowed them to monitor the masses through the most used computer system in the world? Oops, sorry for yet another rhetorical question, but I was there in the sixties.
I have not lost faith. I still believe in the sneakiness of certain humans who want their way. And I understand the vulnerability of parents who fear for their children. And I still know that stealthy power-mongering forces attempt to run the world from the dark side.

They say that when a venomous Gila Monster bites you, he doesn’t let go until sunset. I may even start believing in reptilian shape-shifters.
As the poetic prophet Bob Dylan once said, ‘It ain’t dark yet, but it’s gettin’ there.’


appropo to May, 13, 2014 isn't it?
Was I right?
or was I right?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The FBI - 1971 version

The FBI has been cheating for so long now they think it is normal behavior! Take a while to watch a most interesting and revealing video about the 1971 break-in at an FBI office by activists at a time of turmoil in America. Did it have a lasting effect or was it only a flash? Watch it and comment.

John Raines, Bonnie Raines and Keith Forsyth; their attorney, David Kairys; and Betty Medsger, the former Washington Post reporter who first broke the story of the stolen FBI documents in 1971 and has now revealed the burglars’ identities in her new book, "The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover’s Secret FBI."

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Apple emerging as an arm of the FBI?

We all know now that the system installed in Apple iPhones called SIRI is suspect by a number of organizations, including IBM which has banned it from their networks. The reason? Siri ships everything you say to Her to a data center in Maiden, North Carolina. And the story of what really happens to all of your Siri launched searches, email messages and inappropriate jokes disappears into a virtual black box. With your reality name on it. 

Apple's iPhone Software Licence Agreement spells this out: "When you use Siri or Dictation, the things you say will be recorded and sent to Apple in order to convert what you say into text." Siri collects a bunch of other information too; names of people from your address book and other unspecified user data, all to help Siri do a better job. How long does Apple store this now plain-text information? And who gets a look at it? 

The company doesn't actually say. But again, from the user agreement: "By using Siri or Dictation, you agree and consent to Apple's and its subsidiaries' and agents' transmission, collection, maintenance, processing, and use of this information, including your voice input and User Data, to provide and improve Siri, Dictation, and other Apple products and services."  Subsidiaries and Agents? Who ARE these agents? The DEA? NSA? CIA? FBI? Homeland Security? Fema? Private corporations? Your high-tech brother-in-law?

Well, if I am paranoid then so are a lot of other legitimate companies in the technology business besides IBM.  
Because some of the data that Siri collects can be very personal, the American Civil Liberties Union put out a warning about Siri just a couple of months ago. For corporate users, there are even more potential pitfalls, like having it known that you're at a certain customer's location might be in violation of a non-disclosure agreement, and of interest to spying competitors. Or your boss. Or anyone else who happens to perk and have interest in where you go and what you do there.
So if you are telling Siri where you want to go, your iPhone is not only storing that info, but the GPS info showing how you got there and how long you stayed!

Now a BC woman is suing Apple because she says the installed GPS system tracks you even when your iPhone is turned OFF! Then it updates periodically and sends that info to Apple including where you have been!  You can be back-tracked from D to C to B to A!
Your iPhone 4 contains location data, going back approximately one year, which is now easily accessible using free tools readily available on the internet. And it is revealed that a simple black box which fits into an attache case, can access all this info to track you exactly. By masquerading and behaving as a cell tower. It doesn't even have to ask you for it, your phone sends it automatically! The police are already using this technology but it is available to anyone! 

Well now the, I've got nothing to hide, wigglies come out. I've done nothing wrong, they argue, laughing at your paranoia. But perhaps they haven't been exposed to an zealous investigator who only needs to know YOU attended that same Bible Camp that John Wayne Gacy went to or coached childrens' football in Pennsylvania, or sent a humorous email message through Siri about marijuana to your friend who smokes it but you don't. And that friend happened to be in Mexico when you sent the joke! Perk!

This doesn't mean that Google, Samsung, Microsoft et al aren't building in the same technology to their systems and that your ISP isn't telling on you. But it means the technology is there to listen, record geographic co-ordinates and the time stamp to track everything you do, have done, when you done it and even anticipate what you MIGHT do. Yes, that techno is coming too.

It might mean that you shouldn't visit that favorite used book store anymore, because of the Mexican drug dealer hanging in the next doorway, and that the store is now run by an Iranian immigrant, and you'd better not be carrying your iPhone when you go there. Not to mention the fact that if you're reading a real life paper-paged book that doesn't let them know what you are reading is suspicious already!  A SWAT team could crash in as soon as you pick up that antique issue of Lady Chatterly's Lover.  

OMG, the scandal of it all. Drugs, foreign intrigue with terror implications, secretive actions and sex too!

And now you're in GITMO still dazed and shackled, dressed in orange while the interrogators try to figure out the jargon codes used in your iPhone transmission when your wife asked you to bring the 'bread' home.

There's no 'bored' in waterboard.