Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Conspiracy Theory in development

John P. Wheeler III, a man who had many connections in Washington, was found dead in a Delaware land fill recently. The police have said it was a homicide.
Wheeler was a man who served his country over a lifetime and had a huge list of accomplishments:
a graduate of Harvard and Yale, West Point Academy, Army Officer, a staff officer at the Pentagon, wrote manuals on biological and chemical munitions, worked within President Ronald Reagan's administration, responsible for the Vietnam War Vet memorial, worked with both Presidents Bush, and for the Securities Exchange Commission in the early 80s, was Special Assistant to the Air Force Secretary until 2008 developing the cyberspace research center, worked for a defense contractor as a consultant, had day to day interactions with the office of the Secretary of Defense. In short, did a lot of work for various causes and military and government institutions.

But did that 'defense contractor' phrase twig you too? You have to dig to find more. I was looking for a connection to Haliburton, of course, but learned other strange things. The defense contractor was the Mitre Corporation, described as the creepiest secret corporation one could imagine. The Mitre corporation is headed by a former Director of Central Intelligence! Appointed by Henry Kissinger! And the Mitre Corp has connections the FAA, the US DoD, Homeland Security etc.
And with Ptech.
Ptech is a secretive software computer company owned by a Saudi and suspected by some to have placed software coding insertions into military and government computer systems on 9-11, enabling an over-ride condition on all of them. They have been investigated and accused of connections to terrorist financing. They are also important in the development of Oracle, a database system used by the US Department of Homeland Security.

The specific job of these two is to look at the interoperability issues the FAA has with NORAD and the Air Force in case of emergency. You know, like the emergency of 9-11 for instance when NORAD and the whole US Air Force failed to protect anyone. (gawd it's hard not to type Dick Cheney right now)

The truck delivering garbage to the dump was stopped after seeing the body in its trash and its route determined after discovering the body in its trash. The route was miles from his home.
Further digging points to items about the murder of Wheeler. His neighbors complained about his TV blaring for two days but no one appeared to be home. When police went in they took away two chairs and the floorboards they had been placed on! Hmm, every spy show turns up the TV volume as they torture someone. His wife had been away. He was seen in other areas (10th and Orange streets in Wilmington) not on his route home.

What did Wheeler know that cost him his life? From his connections, he knew everything. Was his death a warning to others?
The cause of his death has not been confirmed and the police are awaitin toxicology reports and more forensic testing. The FBI is also involved. Wheeler was 66.

So it goes on. A conspiracy theory in the birthing. Wheeler evidently felt his country had let down Vietnam war vets. Did he feel a repeat scenario with Gulf War vets? Did he know something about 9-11?
Stay tuned.

2 - ongoing -
Now a taxi driver has been interviewed by the police as a result of Wheeler's cell phone being found. The police did not reveal this, the cabbie did.
The taxi driver's number was IN Wheeler's phone data bank. Not as a call but as a contact! He said he has no connection to Wheeler, never knew him, but does give out business cards to customers who ride in his cab. But he declared that Wheeler had never been in his cab. The strange part of course, is why would Wheeler have taken the number off the card and added it into his data bank? IF he did.
They interviewed the cabbie known as Scottie twice and one interrogation lasted over three hours. Which leads one to wonder why so long?
And the cabbie declared that he thought he was being harrassed. Which implies two more ideas: one is that the police believe Scottie knows more than he is telling. Two, is that THEY know more than they are telling. As in they KNOW what they are after, but aren't saying, therefore making any interview longer because they have to work around protecting their own knowledge without exposing it.
Hmm. Was Wheeler about to or had he made a stealth contact with some entity like WikiLeaks? One of the warnings on the WikiLeaks website advises carefully on how to contact them without placing yourself in jeopardy; like not being in your immediate area, even to saying to make sure the postal place you might use has no surveilance cameras etc. Is that why Wheeler was far away from his usual route home?
Other classmates from his West Point days who were still immediate friends, say it would have taken two or more to hoist his 255 lb body into a dumpster.
Stay tuned.

Am I the only one who thinks this way? No!
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