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Back Doors


Reprint here - make of it what you will, but it is still apropos. How many updates of programs or apps per week do you get these days? How many are automatic and install themselves without an alert? How many 'back doors' has the CIA or FBI or whatever agency added to programs you use? Why can't you buy an app that is yours forever instead of renting it from the software company who can change anything at any time without your knowledge. This is what was suspected way back then -  

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Conspiracy theory 3 - Microsoft

posted on the original caterwauls blog, Saturday, February 19, 2005.
Wasn't it a few years ago that the US Government threatened Microsoft under antitrust laws? And didn't that interest disappear suddenly? Then it came back and they threatened to dismantle Microsoft into 3 separate companies? They feared Microsoft had way too much power because of their monopolistic position in the computer market?

Wait, wouldn't a monopoly be a GOOD thing if a government wanted to control its people and identify where they were and what they were saying and doing and thinking and the road was headed to everyone owning a computer? And most likely to have the Windows Operating System? Isn't Windows on 98% of all computers and XP on virtually every one?

When you go to a website, and then delete or clear all your cookies, and then go back to that website some time later, and they know who you are ... er, didn't Microsoft put a unique number into your operating system under the hype that it was a GOOD thing? Then under waves of protest from the public say that they wouldn't TURN ON that unique identifying number? Or at least YOU could turn it off? And doesn't your hard drive have a unique number too?

Didn't the FBI come out with a sneaky computer spy system called 'Carnivore' a few years ago, that could read the contents of any computer it wanted through your server? Then they changed the name because it seemed too ominous and scary and 1984ish? It could see every single email you sent to whoever and every word you typed into your hard drive or internet browser? Including every password you ever used? And didn't all this happen at about the same time as Microsoft introduced Windows 98? And didn't the US hold these server companies hostage by threatening to shut them down unless they installed Carnivore into their systems without telling anyone? Without telling their customers?
Doesn't Homeland Security have the power to do anything they want without telling anyone about what they are doing? To fight terrorism? Hmm.

Isn't Microsoft starting to add things now to updates of its software without making clear to technical people exactly what those updates are or what they do? In Windows Media player some technicians have compared Media Player 9.0 with Media Player 10.0 and can't find any differences? So why the automatic update?

Would the US government and Bill Gates have made a deal to allow Microsoft to continue as one company, so long as the Justice department had access to the Windows Operating System?
I don't know ... would they?

Er ... would the US government be that sneaky? Oops, never mind, I was here in the sixties. 


Thursday, December 22, 2022

Revisit July 9, 2012

 Keep in mind folks, this was written 10 years ago, same old same old -

Monday, July 9, 2012

Back to the Future

Canada promised 300 million dollars to Afghanistan a while ago. Last week they pledged another 227 million to aid in the transformation of the country when the Americans pull out. Of course, the Canadians said it was on the condition that the millions were used in the peaceful transition and not to go to the Taliban.
Whoever made that announcement was not asked by our controlled media what exactly our government would do IF it was seen as money going into the enemy coffers. Does Canada expect they will give it back if it disappears into the corrupt Karzai government? Most countries in the so called coalition have also dedicated millions.

Karzai was in exile once, and when the US decided to go into Afghanistan to 'get bin Laden' they brought back Karzai and installed him as a US friendly leader. It has not worked at all. And many expect Karzai to get the hell out of there with the last troops, probably with his pockets stuffed with Western dollars.

After all these years of seeing brave Canadian, British and US soldiers lose their lives in their prime, fighting a lost cause, nothing has been accomplished. The West is barely able to defend itself in the secure zones of the main town of Kabul! The Taliban rules the rest of the country. When there is a concentrated effort against them, they simply retreat, and go somewhere else for awhile. They are not going away and are simply waiting to get their country back. And most analysts, unless they are spinning the preferred line, agree.

Afghanistan is still the world's supplier of heroin. It is estimated that 90% of the drug on Britain`s streets is Afghan. The poppy crops are larger than ever. Despite ten years of 'occupation' by Western troops. Production of the class-A drug by Afghan farmers rose between 2001 and 2011 from just 185 tons to a staggering 5,800 tons. It increased by 61 per cent last year alone! Fueling speculation that it is the CIA that has become the world's largest drug dealer.

Does anyone believe that the women and girls of Afghanistan will continue their emancipation into a fair and democratic society?  Doing all the things other women in the world are able to do? Will young girls in that country continue an education that so threatens the Taliban that they don't hesitate to blow up the primitive schools (built by Canadians) with all those children still in them? 

And just a day ago, a 22 year old woman was publicly executed on the street for adultery amid cheers from bystanders! Keep in mind that adultery in a Taliban world is just talking to or walking with another man. Even rape is adultery. Sharia law is the rule. The future looks bleak in Afghanistan. Some believe that the only reason the US has troops left there at all is to nurture the drug trade. 
Karzai of course, ordered a manhunt for the killer. As if.

So throwing money into the pit of vipers who will use it to attack anyone within their realm is just wrong. So far there is something like 20 billion dollars dedicated to aid Afghanistan. The question of what exactly is aid, goes unanswered.

The only thing that seems sure is that the future of Afghanistan will again be 100 years back.


So to TODAY, 

We need also keep in mind that the change here in December 2022 is that Joe Biden commanded American troops to leave Afghanistan, quickly to end a war without any forethought of consequences and left about $5 BILLION in US Military equipment and advanced weapons for the Taliban to use which would very likely be against Americans should they come within range. No one in the America government is asking what happened to those billions in 'aid'.

And no sense being aghast at the cruelty towards women then because it is ongoing right now at the end of 2022. The ignorant cavemen are ruling as usual in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. etc. And methinks we, meaning the 'West', is still funneling billions of dollars into these lost causes, while pretending we are helping them, when the truth is the proxy wars keep all the oligarchs happy with yet another way to support the arm industries. Same old same old. The question is who is getting a cut of the action?

When will we ever learn? 

Not much to ad to this except that some Americans sadly sacrificed their lives in a lost adventure. Like Pat Tillman, who left the comfort of his career in the NFL to go to Afghanistan to fight for his country. The young man was heralded by the Military as the poster boy for patriotism.

Even though those who allowed it knew all the time he was only fodder for propaganda and lies. Pat Tillman was 27 when he died in Spera, Khost Province, Afghanistan in 2004. He was like so many brave but duped young American men following an ingrained path to oblivion. All for nothing? He was not fighting for his country, was he? 

So from July 2012 to December 2022 nothing is different. 


addenda - June 2023 

And in North America, we are ignoring the plight of women in these backward, caveman countries while those in our 'civilized' countries are screaming about a WOKE agenda and pretending THEY are the persecuted ones.

By the way RAPE in Afghanistan is when a woman walks to the store for food for her family, and men jump out of a car and 'sexually assault' her, (North America speak for RAPE because it's not so harsh) When this happens in these countries, the WOMAN is considered guilty because she was alive! And will likely get stoned to death or a bullet in the head. I suspect the latter now because the USA left them lots of ammo to use against their 'enemies.' 

Pay attention!


Sunday, September 11, 2022

Trust a Website?

 When you decided to sign up for a new website, did you somehow have trust in it before you even joined it? Your buddies were there. So it must be okay. Maybe it was YouTube or Spacedout.url or or etc. But as you sign up, they ask for an email address, which you go ahead and give yours to that new website. So let's say your regular personal email is - - and you have the expectation that they will send you messages to your email address. The first one you will get is always a 'welcome' message. So you're in.

Not quite, as soon as you type in your email URL, they ask you for a password. So you expect to make up one that will be your password to the site you are joining. So you think of one, like maybe Bill2guy, and suggest it.

But wait, now they say the email and password are not correct. What? The screen blinks with fake honesty waiting for you to try again. Try again.

Now you realize the email you use for your private email communication is the one they want, your PASSWORD and all. But how did they know your password to your personal email was incorrect if they didn't try using it? So you try another random password and type that one. Nope, they want you to put in your PRIVATE email password which is all they will accept. 

So the site you are trying to join, now has info that may be incriminating, or embarrassing and PRIVATE to you and your family. At least not for vicarious viewing. WTF? All your friends who send you greetings or info about your job, church, neighbors, relationships, funny jokes, political comments etc are now compromised by a new site you know nothing about. And the email addresses of all those friends and associates are in YOUR email folder. Anyone associated with that new site who now has access can READ YOUR EMAILS from everywhere and anyone and can do what they will with them.  Of course you are using the standard answer - 'but I'm not doing anything wrong.'  Does that mean you believe it is okay for strangers to see and record you communications? But you trust Tony Soprano don't you?


While the web is full of warnings about email phishing and hacking you just violated the first rule of web safety: DO NOT GIVE ANYONE YOUR PASSWORD! Ever.

You trust their technology not to tell on you? That's feeble. Oh they wouldn't do anything bad. That's idiocy. Google owns Blogger and gmail, they are famous, (notorious) for tracking you, mostly all of them do. Big money in selling info. Don't trust them!

You trust the 'Cloud' too? Sure, and if that website goes down so does your information!  How many times have you read about the Cloud being compromised? How many Clouds have been compromised that they don't tell you about? Your info is secure 'in the Cloud'. Sure it is because someone wrote that in the sign-up page. lol

I joined a website once where you could express opinions about certain events. Yes, gave them an email address (only used for signing up to websites) And I posted an item which expressed an opinion (politely) about a certain event, but the administrators didn't like it. And kicked me off! But they still have my email and password! See, in spite of the warnings we are so desperate to join something we willingly give up our privacy! And we can't make them erase it forget it, unsee it, or not USE it.

You can get a separate hard drive, not too expensive, (I paid $74 for 1 Terrabyte USB drive!) to attach and ONLY plug it in when you want to save something and NOT leave it lingering tantalizingly on your main computer. Copy and unplug.

So here is what I do; Set up a NEW email with whomever, one that you will NEVER use for personal messaging from your friends or anyone else! Use it to ONLY sign up to any new site, and give them that password!  Not the best but at least you haven't given them a fun afternoon of browsing through your most intimate online communications. Let them get their vicarious thrills from elsewhere! 

I know, I know, your IP address on your specific computer is out there first, and anyone can see where you are by Geolocation co-ordinates and unless you're using Tor and a VPN it isn't hidden.  But that's for another time, at least here's a start.

And if you're using social media sites and chattering about your life ... well you're on your own.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Truth Seeking or Truth Seeping


Monday, May 23, 2022

Here we go again again - New link

 Shooting in Las Vegas; too many questions already. Motive seems to be elusive.

 - One shooter or more? Police scanners reveal police were frantically talking about other areas for source of shots. Fourth floor. Center of the hotel? Other floors? The roof? Other hotels?
- 32nd floor windows broken in two separate rooms. Shots came from both rooms? Why would Stephen Paddock rent two rooms? Was someone else present in the other? Would he have ran between the two rooms during firing? Was the connecting door really locked between them ... from both sides?
- Why does the FBI say he registered one certain day, and hotel records show he was there 3 days earlier?
- Did he try to register in other hotels during other concerts? Did he, in fact, really book rooms personally in Chicago overlooking the Lollapalooza Festival in August? Or was that a set-up ala Lee Harvey Oswald?
- Why 23 rifles in the room? Some AK47s. The massive arsenal was believed to include  an AR-15, four DDM4 rifles, three FN-15 rifles and Sig Saur rifles. Were they samples being offered for a potential sale? To terrorists?
- Was Stephen Paddock an illegal arms dealer?
- Were they going to be bought by ISIS?
- Was Paddock converted to Islam on one of his cruise trips to the Middle East? Was Marilou Danley with him? 
- Who was the earlier visitor to Paddock's room? The buyer? Food was ordered for two, was that to enable a camera to be placed in the hallway on the food dolly?
- How did he install cameras into the hallway without being noticed? Did he have the equipment with him to use wireless camera transmission?
- How did Paddock get all that weaponry into his room without suspicion?
- Why did Police stand down when they were on the 30th floor and wait a long time before moving to 32? Waiting for SWAT? Who told them to wait?

- Different sounds from weapons firing? Different weapons?
- Why 1600 rounds of ammo in his car and 50 pounds of explosives? Who put it there and when?
- How did Paddock have a continual run of decades as a successful gambler?
- Was he actually laundering money? For who?
- Why haven't his two former wives and two other brothers been interviewed?
- Did the $100K wire transfer go to Japan or the Philippines? If to his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, what did she use it for?
- Who was the 'other woman' seen with Paddock before the event? Was she the one who told concert goers that they were going to die tonight?
- Who is the hotel security guard Jesus Campos who was supposedly shot in the leg and said, 'he got into it with the shooter.'? The FBI said 200 rounds came through the door! But the door is in pristine condition in photographs! Campos is not talking since and there are no medics who can attest that they attended him even virtually all military say even one .223 round would probably shatter his leg!
- Police shut down elevators quickly but did someone simply leave the 32nd floor suite and just enter a different room on another floor after killing Paddock?
- Why haven't the FBI triangulated the trajectory of the bullets from holes in the concert grounds and other incidental targets?
- Is there a conflict of beliefs between Sheriff Lombardo of the Clark County, Las Vegas Police and the overseeing FBI agent Aaron Rouse?

- Who really shot Stephen Paddock? And was he killed before the shooting actually started?

Why did all this happen? Too many questions and not enough answers.
Who is thinking 9-11?
Not me.

addenda 1 -

[ Someone??? keeps taking videos down from this blog - saying it is unavailable - I will repost when I access them again if I can find it, but meanwhile here is another one - how many simultaneous guns?  - with the same info especially the audio! You needn't stay with it all, but pay particular attention to the sounds at the time marks mentioned below. YouTube now has many missing videos of this shooting, and this one has audio which differentiates the weapons during the firing! ]

Are the shots at 3:17 - a handgun shooting out the windows in one room? and then at 3:38 the other window in the adjoining suite? (If you hear one at 3:12, is it the two REAL shooters killing Stephen Paddock)

Listen carefully at 3:50 - an AK-47? Then at 4:40 we hear TWO separate rifles firing simultaneously! an AR-15 with a bump-stock firing AND an automatic? How does one guy do that?

addenda 2 - (Oct 10)
The FBI has not released any surveillance video of the Vegas shootings or hotel security video.
What's more, many witnesses who had their cell/smart phones taken by the FBI got them back today, (Oct 12) but they have been completely wiped clean of all info!
Are you starting to think false flag or what?
No, not me either.....?
Is the FBI blowing a smoke screen? Are they the ones we can't trust?
Why did Marilou Danley, Paddock's GF list the FBI as her place of employment?
Hmm (2)

addenda 3 - (Oct. 14)
Now Jesus Campos, the Mandalay Bay security guard who, it was first reported by the police, had stopped the shooting from the 32nd floor suite, 10 minutes after it started, and had been supposedly shot by Paddock, is missing! He disappeared after cancelling several TV appearances.
And it is now revealed that he was shot 6 minutes BEFORE the shooting! Further questions are being asked if Campos was ever actually a real security guard at Mandalay Bay, or indeed, even registered in the State of Nevada as all security needs to be by law!
Reporters at his home were told by someone that they were not allowed to talk about it! Was Campos part of the scheme and up there on floor 32 as a lookout and to ensure that the shooters escaped before police or SWAT got up there? 
Is Campos about to be 'suicided'?
Just still wondering.
Hmm (3)

addenda 4 - Oct 15
An eye witness who was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival and was convinced there were multiple shooters has been found dead in her bed at home. Kymberley Sochumel survived the shooting unhurt, went home and posted her report on facebook. She was found by her grandmother in the morning. Her death has been suggested to be caused by a brain aneurysm. She was 28. Her post was going viral until it was taken down.

nervous Sheriff - evil eye FBI Rouse
There has been some suggestion of conflict between Las Vegas  Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo and FBI Special Agent in charge, Aaron Rouse. If you see the video of this media, you will see that Lombardo seems absolutely terrified of creepy Rouse and the FBI Agent's evil eye never leaves Lombardo for a minute!
Who wrote the words for Lombardo and why is he under such scrutiny? Hmm (4)

7/14/2020addition some folks have good audio of this and have said you can here Rouse whispering to Lombarbo - 'Don't go there' - at one point.

addenda 5 - (Oct 16)
And now who are these guys at the Tropicana? Cops? They don't act like cops, don't even act like they are trained? FBI? Private security? What are they up to? Why are they carrying a stretcher? Can they point a machine gun at patrons with impunity? Who are the last two guys?
Watch the Outer Light video and see what you think? >  real SWAT team?  or not?
 [ Someone??? keeps removing this video from this blog - you might still see be able to click my link and see it here or go to YouTube direct and seach for - SWAT Team enters Tropicana after Las Vegas Strip shooting -
watch it then come back decide if that is a real SWAT team or something else? - ]

This is truly a WTF! moment! Notice how nonchalant the casino people are? Body language. Totally NOT believing they were in any danger. Like they KNEW this was going to happen. No one moves away from the main group. Were they taking that stretcher somewhere to remove a body that should not have been there? Also suspect that some of those gangster looking guys with their hands up were part of this action to make the 'parade' seem real???
On the night of the event, there were many police calls of other shooters in Caesar's, Bellagio, NY NY and several of an active shooter at Tropicana. Were they real or planted confusions to scatter the first responders?        

Hmm (5)

addenda 6 - (Oct 17)
Now the parking valet, Chad Nishimura, after saying Paddock only had regular bags when he arrived and that a car was positioned at the hotel just before the shootings, has also disappeared. The official narrative says he has not disappeared but no one knows where he is.
Paddock had been allowed as a heavy gambler,?? (someone saying this, not me) to have access to a service elevator. Why would a hotel do this? Was it to accommodate heavy packages taken to his room? Who did it? Does that elevator need a key or code to operate? Was it to allow a secret escape when police would be covering all the regular elevators?
Oddly, when referring to CCTV or requests of any video,  Mandalay Bay staff say “Video of the incident area was not available due to camera/equipment malfunction”.
[Some people are still wondering what happened to the over 200 videos the FBI confiscated from surveillance cameras the morning of 9/11 at the Pentagon. so it is easy to believe videos disappear] Or GET disappeared in this case too! 
 - Paddock complained about loud music on floor 31, below his own suite, the night before. He had to call twice before security had it shut down. Why would Paddock have complained twice about the music? Was it a test to see how soon a phone complaint was acted upon? First time XX minutes? Second call X minutes? Important to know how much time the shooters had until they needed to escape into that stairwell to go up one floor into another suite? 
Hmm (6)

addenda 7 - (Oct 29)Two witnesses who survived the shooting have been killed in a car crash near their Riverside California home. Their vehicle was immediately engulfed in flames, Dennis Carver, 52, and wife Lorraine, 53, died together less than half a mile from their home after crashing into a metal gate.
According to the Riverside County Fire Department, their vehicle crashed just outside their community at 10:50 p.m. on the 20000 block of Avenida De Arboles. It took firefighters nearly an hour to completely put out the fire, the department said in a statement. No comment on why the fire was so intense.  WTF?
No report on what kind of car they were driving. The road evidently turned in one direction but their car veered the opposite. Modern cars can be hacked and completely taken over by remote persons.
[Some might recall the crash of journalist Michael Hastings' Mercedes that was suspected to have been electronically hacked in an engineered crash because of his political investigations into military corruption at the top.]

Danny Contreras, another eyewitness present at the concert who identified more than one shooter has been found dead in a vacant home of multiple gun shots.
Yet another witness has died in a car accident. No one knows where any other witnesses are, or employees, or cops who were there. Total shut down. Nothing to see here folks, move on ....?

addenda 8 - (Dec 6)
Tucker Carlson in Vegas asking questions which only birthed more questions. Watch this - - -
Hmm (7)

Tucker Carlson in Las Vegas - explosive -

How did the second adjoining door get locked if Paddock killed himself? The SWAT said they had to breach both doors. Why would a policeman discharge his gun if the window shooter (Paddock?) was already dead? Why was there TWO shooting positions? Why did a Mandalay Bay executive sign the special permit papers for a concert across the street? WHERE was the LV SWAT team on the night? Why were they held back on the 30th floor instead of doing what they are trained for; going into immediate action. Was it to allow the real shooters to simply exit room 32135 into the stairwell where they just went to rooms on the floor below or above to sit out the night?
It never ends but you can now follow by the stink.

addenda 9 - (Jan 15)
It has been revealed that Paddock was an arms dealer, exactly one of my first suspicions,  [my theory that he THOUGHT he was going to do an arms deal and that's why he was induced to bring so many weapons into his suite, but he was duped by the real plot and the men he met were the shooters who simply killed him first as part of their plan to kill many others from the vantage point of his suite. By the time the shooters were in action, Paddock may have been already dead.] There is still no accepted motive for the shootings. There are newly revealed emails that prove he was selling weapons, even referring to an AR15, a US military weapon, a Kalashnikov and 17 or more other rifles including with bump-stocks, making them semi automatic. At least two on tripods. Hmm? He also had a huge cache of military Grade .223 caliber ammunition. Seems like no one but the police still believe Paddock was the shooter.

so many weapons

Paddock's girlfriend, Marilou Danley deleted her facebook account; The first calls about the shooting rolled in at 10:08 p.m., according to police. At 2:46 a.m., her account was deleted entirely. But it wasn't until nearly an hour after that — 3:30 a.m. — that police released Paddock's name to the public. The question is what did she know about Paddock really?

More to investigate: Why was the SWAT team held on the 30th floor when the shooting happened from the 32nd floor? (and then they didn't turn out to be a SWAT team at all) Wouldn't you want them closer, like right below? Was that because someone KNEW the shooters were going to take that stairwell so close to rooms to the 31st floor (or 33rd) to their own rooms? We need to know who exactly was registered in those 31st floor and 33rd floor rooms. People need to see the whole guest list! What persons checked out right after the event?

addenda 10 - (Jan19)
Yes, it is never gonna end, each day more questions arise and each day feeble answers and disinformation appears. Now they are blaming the shooting on ISIS, and then the FBI says Paddock had child pornography on his computer, after first saying his computer had NO Hard Drive! how does that work?
Doesn't this sound like a continuing coverup to you? Can we trust the FBI?
Hmm (8)

Just an idea - how easy could it be?

Study the floor plan on floor 32 - suite 135 -
Scenario - You are an arms dealer, there to make a deal on weapons. You bring them in over a period of days to your suite via a service elevator. But has Paddock been duped? The 'buyers' need to see all of what you are offering including ammo. You'll know the weaponry is very varied. You order food to seem normal. Two men visit to view the products, pretending they are the buyers, satisfied that they have all they need, they simply kill Paddock with a handgun, and set up to shoot people at the concert below. Set two rifles on pods, shoot out the windows and go on with the serious shooting. Who knows who they really are?
Having killed many, they need to escape, but not run for it, only need to hide for a while.
Look where the stairwell is to that apartment suite entrance,  (my orange circle) only steps away. They can exit to the stairwell, and go down to floor 31 easily, or up to floor 33 easily. Probably in less than a minute!
Once secreted, perhaps in separate rooms, they need only to act like tourists until they can leave, saw nothing heard nothing, taking no weapons or evidence with them. They tricked Paddock into providing exactly what was needed?
The blame can now be dispersed to anywhere you want it. 

addenda 11 (Feb12)
Now it seems that the autopsy on Paddock, concludes that he had anti anxiety medication in his system. This does not seem odd to me if you follow my premise that he was going to meet men to sell arms to, especially that he had so many 'sample' weapons in the suite. You might want to be calm and cool when dealing with international terrorists or hard core criminals buying weapons of mass destruction.
What IS very odd, is that the autopsy says Paddock's time of death was at 1200 hours on Oct 2, 2017 the day AFTER the shooting, 14 hours later! And since it was released, it has disappeared again. So how could that be?
Go back and look at the Tropicana Strange Video above at about 10:00. What is that stretcher for? Who are those guys? Especially the last two? Where are they sneaking off to?
This is not going away.
Hmm (9)

addenda 12 (Mar 8)
On and on it goes. Why are we not getting any forensic information? Now it is being said that Paddock had TWO separate wounds in his head, like he killed himself twice. (sounds like he was suicided to me) Apparently some people were killed with 9 mm bullets, nothing like would come from those AR 15 and AK47 rifles. It is becoming obvious that a complete coverup is taking place with this one and the cry from the hinterlands is that it was all orchestrated by the so called Deep State to enable gun control throughout America. And there is still no video of Paddock around or in his hotel.
Hmm (10)

addenda 13 (Mar30)
Some recently released pics -

L to R - escape to stairwell door - Rm 135 - Rm 134. Notice door light on right door
 is broken and hanging by its wire.

The main door has been breached but we can't see any bullet holes in it or the standing door as evidence of a shoot out with SWAT?
Are there other pics with the doors full of holes???

Also in this pic, you see Paddock's room 135 straight ahead, the adjoining room 134 behind the food trolley on the right, and importantly, the door to that escape stairwell on the left. (notice the plates - dinner for two. Camera under plate with wire leading into room 134 NOT 135.)

Paddock bringing in more large suitcases, full of weaponry? If he was planning on a simple shooting, why did he bring so many? Unless they were to show as sample wares, like a secret gun dealer might have to show buyers?

Paddock tucked his leg under after suicide?

 It would be standard procedure for an illegal gun dealer to always wear gloves so as never to leave prints on a weapon destined for criminal activity? Why are the guns scattered in such a mess? The weapon on the pod is aiming at a CHAIR and yet the shell casings are positioned in such a way as to suggest they ejected right there!
The FBI probably knows but we don't; like how many of those rifles were actually loaded? Which ones were actually used, why would Paddock have used one and then chosen another?

How does a guy kill himself or even be shot by others and then fall down with his leg UNDER the tripod of the rifle?

Why has there been no evidence of anyone analyzing the trajectory of the shots? Simple TV detective work, find holes in wood, cars, people and stick a thin dowel in that hole to see exactly where the shots came from. What if there proved to be two different directions of the shots?

It never ends, does it? And instead of resolving itself through transparency, it only becomes more complex, yet intriguing. Why? Because of cover-up?
Hmm (11)

Video - Police body cam video in moments after breach of room.
Listen for voice, "Who's calling these in, this guy's dead?"


addenda 14 (Jul 17) 2018

Just when the Main Stream Media (MSM) did what they were told and obediently forgot the mass shootings in Las Vegas, and the FBI, DHS and others were hoping it was over and their coverup was yet once again successful and they thought the public was no longer interested and virtually NONE of the important questions were answered, Here We Go Again;

MGM Resorts International claimed in a new lawsuit that it has no liability in any of the injuries or deaths in the October 1, 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas.
The company, which owns Mandalay Bay and the Route 91 Harvest festival venue, argued that its security vendor took all necessary precautions, approved by the Department of Homeland Security, for “protecting against and responding to acts of mass injury and destruction,” according to the suit acquired by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
The company is suing more than 1000 VICTIMS of the attack! Whaaaa?

The media usually jumps on things like this, but silence is the new norm in American media. WTF again?

“I’ve never seen a more outrageous thing, where they sue the victims in an effort to find a judge they like,” attorney Robert Eglet, who represents some of the victims, told the Review-Journal, accusing MGM of 'judge-shopping' in federal court, rather than state court where he believes any lawsuits should be filed.

Any investigations into the shootings seem to be fading into oblivion with the many other violent actions of whomever is doing it  _ _ _ _ _ ?  (insert your own perpetrator)  
Although some are still working on what info is available, one analyst has equipment to visually see the audio profile of the shots and has proved without doubt that semi-automatic weapons were shooting from two separate locations. (Taxi with dash-cam in driveway of Mandalay Bay; YouTube)

on a building near the venue

Is the Devil sign always there?

Can you even TRY to believe the narrative assigned to you?
Hmm (12)

(and some prominent players are irate in thinking that Trump doesn't trust the FBI?. Do you?)

addenda 15 (Aug 06) 2018

I know most people don't even read this far. Not because they are not interested, but because many don't want to face the truth of today's society. Or they are afraid the FBI is watching them because they believe this to be an anti-something website that would be under surveillance by the secret police. lol. But if you are with me this far, you might begin to agree about a massive coverup. I have not changed any earlier posts in what I initially believed to match or prove anything with later info, but what I thought at the beginning of the tragedy, and it still holds right now, even though much new info has been added. But you can see why there are so many suspicions right away.
A police report from Vegas comments that they now (finally) believe there was more than one shooter.

And there are new videos just released of police actions on the day. One of them shows police body cam footage, which generally shows the walls and ceiling view, little of what is important, and even a little bit of view showing them going into an STAIRWELL door while the description says they are breaching Paddocks suite! And another of FBI and Security in a stairwell, waiting to head toward the shooter(s) ALL are looking down, even pointing guns down the stairwell as if someone is coming UPWARD to them. Then they go into the carpeted room hallway. Creeping along expecting something, but in no way in a hurry. And they are not SWAT, but police and some plainclothes. Some even say this is staged! We hear audio that tells us they are on the 31st floor! Saying the shooting is from the 30th floor below!
And now there are rumors about the Sheriff Joe Lombardy's actions and integrity. (DISinformation?)
Just more Hmms. (13)

addenda 16 (January 29) 2019

The FBI's latest report, but is it over for everyone else?  las-vegas-shooting-investigation-no motive?

Really? Notice that Aaron Rouse is reporting this.
If anyone saw the press video on the first days, where the Sheriff is talking, and Rouse stares at him the whole time, and if that isn't the evil eye I don't know what is. It is like Rouse has his finger on a button that will cause disaster to Lombardi if he has any variation from the prescribed speech. Lombardi is sweating blood.
Check out the pic of the two of them above.


It may be over for the FBI, but not for the millions who saw it all on social media, much of it before parts were removed.
It will go on because the conclusion shows no sign of investigative imagination or intelligence. And nothing so far points to ISIS, or any other international terrorist organization being involved.

Hard not to despair when some interested people believe the FBI are the new world Mafia.

Addenda 17  (July 21) 2019

So here we are, almost two years later and no one seems any more cognizant of what happened than before, including major news media. What seems more agreed in MSM, alternate media and social media, is that somehow, for some reason there has been a massive cover-up of the true event. The police have now closed the case without a motive for the crime.

So many things have come to light that we need at least to acknowledge. It seems that Stephan Paddock, brought as many as 21 hard bags up to his room in a short period of time, most filled with lethal weapons. As well as computer cases and smaller items. Each time they seemed way too heavy for being clothing etc. Mostly they went up on the service elevator on a dolly.

During the week he was there at the Las Vegas hotel and had the two rooms rented, he also drove forth and back to his home in Mesquite, a short distance away, several times, and some of those times he stopped at the Ogden Hotel between home and Vegas, where he had also rented rooms for that week! What was he doing there? And he seemed to bring additional heavy bags, (more like containers) to the Mandalay Bay each time. Who was he meeting there? For what purpose? Was that the transfer point for most of his arsenal of weapons? Was someone bringing all that military hardware to him at the Ogden to make the transfers undetected? Why was there no focus on who else appeared there or had access to his rooms. And why even have the rooms unless it was all part of the plot to remain undetected. Doesn't that seem like illegal arms sales to you?

And after the controversial shooting? of Jesus Campos, where he was shot? in the leg, and somehow went immediately into hiding. And one of the most important witnesses to the biggest killings in the history of the USA was allowed to just go off to Mexico? Then when he did come into view again, and the whole of American media was waiting to ask questions, he appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show, supervised by a shepherd from the Mandalay Bay people! Ellen Degeneres! Incredible. All the while Fox news was prevented from filming in and around the venue and crime scene.

And most of the law enforcement and ex-policemen interviewed all were asking the same question? Where was the 40 member Las Vegas SWAT team while all this firepower was being used? Many were trying to find the non-existent Control Source for the investigation!

Well, only the so called conspiracy nuts are still at it. And will be undeterred as they put their speculations to each other. And the motive is still undetermined. But to me it seems like the whole episode was a demonstration of what could be done and how to get away with it. And leads many into believing what can be accomplished with the Deep State's secretive help and co-operation.

[No relation to Mandalay Bay, but while the government was GOING to announce what was in those retained files about the JFK assassination this last spring, the CIA objected and the secrecy of those files are now to remain locked for another 25 YEARS, it will be 80 years now, and recent polls show that that as high was 81 percent of the American public believe the government of the USA has a huge hand in it.]

Addenda 18  (July 14) 2020.

So we have seen things LIKE this before. When certain powerful people want to get rid of a serious threat to their plans, they simply take out that person or persons. Suicides. Car accidents. Falls from buildings. etc. Anyone in the way are deemed as 'collateral damage'. Sometimes it is a whole plane crash that killed the one they want silenced, and other passengers die innocently.

Believe it, this has happened many times. So an investigator who does believe this, would be asking about the victims of the shooting and who was among them that might be targeted? Yes I KNOW you couldn't count on the rifle shootings from far off to take out your intended, BUT, at least ONE of the dead was killed with a 9 mm handgun and that had to be at closer range! So who exactly was that person? And who could shoot from within the concert event without suspicion?

And with present knowledge, we see an emerging tactic of finding child porn on a computer when someone wants you to be disgusted and not pursue the story. How easy it is to place info onto the target computer with a flash-drive? Was Paddock really a successful gambler or a money launderer who would be manipulated into the perfect position to serve a sinister purpose?

So what will happen now after the largest mass killing in American history begins to fade into oblivion? Likely nothing, and the sad conclusion that someone, somehow, got away with it .... again.

Maybe this should have been titled, Here We Go On and ON?

Sorry, but you have to stay tuned.


Addenda 19 - (May 23) 2022

 [Although Mz Robinson had many more assets to draw from than I did, and I may be wrong on certain aspects, I am right to start this thread from an obvious suspicion that something terrible is wrong with the whole shooting and cover-up of what happened comes from somewhere in the shadows of 'deep state'.. Somebody knows somewhere - never give up and walk away! Something will change.]


Completed in January 2022. Some reporters refuse to give up.

If you have followed the progression of this incident so far, and there are still some that are doing so, you will have seen many of my rationales have merit. And who can conclude anything, but that the FBI are the ones covering up something that went on here. Clearly an important event which may simply be trying again to get the people so fed up with guns that they agree to the Feds taking away every gun in the USA by promising peace. However all indications to date is that thousands believe in the theory that if the people lose their Second Amendment, and have no guns to protect themselves, they will face an opponent way more dangerous than terrorists from afar; their own government within. Slavery. The reaction has backfired and more guns are sold after these mass killings instead of fewer. Just too many questions remain after each killings, to think that one crazy person was responsible. The bent is to find out what is really going on. The Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay, Route 91 action only raises more questions.

Comprehensive video by investigator Mindy Robinson - the best yet - is long but covers it all. If you want to know more you must watch it, and see if your conclusions meet hers. If you ignore info like this, good luck to you, too bad you cannot face life. 

Click this link -

Look for this picture - 

Not short, but if you watch you'll understand that you cannot shorten the truth as it emerges. We expect this one to disappear if the powers that be get the ability to cover this up too. You'll never find it on YouTube or any of the MSM platforms. Mz Robinson is very brave to have made this, and now broadcast it for everyone.

If you have followed this before, hopefully this will enlighten you to what your world has become. Scary but fascinating, huh?

Always ask questions, even discreetly to yourself. All is never what it appears to be.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Russel Brand

 An honest appraisal - Donald Trump is not one of the 'players', either a Dem or a Republican which makes him dangerous to them both and their agenda.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Incredible in America

 Barack Obama drops by the White House to give Joe Biden his instructions.

We all know Obama and his seditious cadre of shadows is running the White House and Joe Biden, But look at this as an example of how the news is turned around to make the one reporting the action the bad guy. Tucker is the bad guy for telling. Not much different than Julian Assange for telling is it?

Friday, March 25, 2022

November (repost from 2013)

 Jim Marrs - as always -

It never ends ...



Where were you? What do you think now? Who really did it?

check out some other links ....





Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Gravity the REAL film (2)

 (repost from Friday, February 28, 2014)

On April 3rd, 2013, Chechnya's tallest building, a luxury hotel caught fire and burned for 29 hours before it was put out. The building was completely destroyed but did not collapse. This raises many questions as to how World Trade Center 7 could have collapsed on 9/11 with only small fires on a couple of floors?

In one photo we see a building almost completely engulfed by fire, which was still standing after 29 hours of intense fire; in the video we see hardly any fire at all, yet that building collapsed, within a few hours, at free fall speed, into it's own footprint!
Fires in high rise buildings have repeatedly left them standing, WT7 was not hit by aircraft, soaked with aviation fuel, or suffered the intensity of raging fires, yet no one has answered the question of why it collapsed at all.

YouTube message after removing this film -
 This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on hate speech. Learn more about combating hate speech in your country.
The film is the WT7 building on fire and falling down from what millions now agree is controlled demolition. No other steel framed building has EVER come down from fire!

 It is never too late to find Truth.

This is what it was - deemed 'hate speech' by YouTube.

Same video but not from YouTube. Hate speech?

Loose Change - watch before they delete this one too.   

Also deleted by YouTube which has a twisted view of what hate speech is when it is a report on a world wide tragic event, and virtually all investigative directions point at a secret clandestine action. Here is the current location of 'Loose Change', an accurate account of what happened on Sept 11, 2001. This would be necessary viewing for anyone who cares about reality or is interested in history - and no structural engineer worth his degree would consider it anything but enemy action.  

>    Loose Change - the film    <

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

As the world plunges

Hiding In Plain Sight: The Global Pedophile

Ring Exposed


by: Whitney Webb Posted on November 30, 2016


 Pedophilia scandals continue to emerge around the world year after year while the corporate media and law enforcement agencies alike fail to treat the sexual exploitation of minors as a global, systemic problem. As the number of child abuse scandals involving the rich and powerful continue to grow, it is becoming impossible to cover up that these instances of child sexual abuse and exploitation are globally organized and often run by the very same people who greatly influence society and politics. The entertainment industry, powerful political centers, and even organized religion have been shown to be major centers where this horrific abuse has been enabled and widely accepted among the “elites” and other powerful individuals that dominate these institutions. What follows are several examples of the widespread depravity practiced by some of the world’s most powerful people.

Hollywood & the Entertainment Industry

(L) Lady Gaga and Marina Abramovic (of ‘Spirit Cooking’ fame) attend a benefit at “Devil’s Heaven” where guests partook in pretend cannibalism (R) Lady Gaga poses with a “friend” at the same event. Why was an unsupervised young child attending this gruesome event? Credit – Vigilant Citizen - Look at the child picture, that is not carpet, it is bark mulch! What gives?

Earlier this year, world-famous actor Elijah Wood, who began his Hollywood career as a child star, made waves when he called out the “vipers” in the movie industry who “preyed upon” young children in an interview with the Sunday Times. Wood’s claims echoed those raised by numerous other former child stars, including Corey Feldman who famously told ABC news that “the number one problem in Hollywood was and always will be pedophilia.” Another former child actor, Allison Arngrim, who starred on the iconic TV series “Little House on the Prairie,” also seconded these claims, saying that “there are parents who will practically prostitute their kids in the hope they can make money and get ahead. It is a horrible trap that the kids are in.” Other parents of child actors remain silent out of fear even after finding out that their child was sexually abused.  Fox News reported that a member of a well-known band, who chose to remain anonymous, found out his child was being victimized by another successful figure in the entertainment industry, who was 30 years her senior. The abuse was covered up with the parent’s complicity to prevent ruining the reputation of the perpetrator and his colleagues.

There is no question that something dark is going on within the US’ entertainment industry. One of obvious example is how the music industry has been openly marketing sexualized songs, videos, and lyrics to children while also using pop stars, like Miley Cyrus, to sexualize children and even babies. In the music video for her song 'BB Talk', Cyrus, who also began her career as a child star, sings “f**k me” while wearing a onesie.

Miley Cyrus’ music video for her song “BB Talk” uses images that sexualize infants Credit – YouTube

She later provocatively poses in a crib, with a baby bottle, and while wearing a diaper and baby bonnet. Was this Cyrus’ personal decision to include this in her video or a choice made on behalf of a sick industry seeking to normalize their behavior by popularizing such images? Rihanna and Katy Perry are other pop stars whose videos and songs are often marketed directly to children despite their sexual overtones. Considering that numerous psychologists have found that “music videos socialize young people by communicating ideas about expected behavior, relationships, and male and female roles,” this suggests that this mass marketing of sex to children as well as the marketing of music videos that combine childhood imagery with lust is indicative of the pedophilia obsession in the entertainment industry and is meant to normalize such depravity.

Washington DC


Pedophilia is also commonplace among the US’ political elite, with scandal after scandal emerging in recent decades. Invariably, numerous cover-ups have followed as a result to prevent the exposure of America’s rich and powerful. The most famous of these, dubbed the 'Franklin cover-up', was arguably the biggest pedophile scandal in US history and even implicated the White House. Two Republican party insiders and Washington DC lobbyists, Craig Spence and Lawrence E. King Jr., were accused of managing a homosexual underage sex ring involving boys aged 15 and younger.

Spence, who was incredibly influential at the time, arranged for at least four midnight tours of the White House in the 1980s where he was accompanied by young boys that he falsely identified as his children. When news of the scandal broke, Spence “committed suicide” and many of his business partners were jailed for their involvement. However, Spence’s links to the Reagan White House or other top US politicians were not investigated and attempts to investigate further were halted.

Then, in the 1990s, Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades became well-known and almost led to his impeachment for perjury. Clinton was also linked to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein as Clinton frequently rode on Epstein's plane full of underage girls – the “Lolita Express” – and made several visits to Epstein’s private residence known as 'Orgy Island'. Several US congressmen have also been implicated over the years in pedophile sex scandals such as Mark Foley, a former congressman from Florida, who in 2003 was caught sending sexually explicit messages to underage men.

Much more recently, a new pedophile sex ring scandal threatens to engulf the nation’s capital after leaked emails from Clinton insider and powerful lobbyist John Podesta hinted at something sinister. Following further investigation by citizen journalists, now known as “Pizzagate,” some truly shocking discoveries have been made that suggest that both the sexual abuse of children as well as child murder are regularly practiced by several top figures in US political society. Suspicion was first aroused when several Podesta emails made strange use of the terms “handkerchief,” “hot dogs,” and “pizza,” suggesting that the words were really code for something else entirely. Podesta had been previously connected to occult rituals in the emails and his brother, Tony Podesta, was known for having highly disturbing art of child bondage in his personal home. Soon, citizen journalists connected the dots found in Podesta’s emails to James Alefantis, owner of Comet Pizza and Ping-Pong. Alefantis, despite nominally being a “pizza chef,” was named by GQ as the 49th most powerful person in Washington, DC and is the boyfriend of David Brock, top Democratic strategist and founder of Media Matters. Alefantis was in direct correspondence with very powerful people, including Podesta.

Yet, most disturbing of all are the pictures Alefantis frequently posted on his Instagram account, which was publicly available until public scrutiny led him to make his posts private. These pictures allude to child sexual abuse, the exploitation of children and infants, and even murder. Take a look at the pictures below for yourself.

Just a few days ago, the citizen investigation into “Pizzagate” was shut down by the moderators at Reddit who called it “a witch hunt.” As a result, many have accused Reddit of censoring the thread to protect the interests of the powerful.

 Do you know someone who wears jewelry like this? These are pedo symbols. Sometimes very subtle.





The Vatican

Probably the most well-known child abuse scandal of all involves the Roman Catholic Church, which has been on-going for much of the last one hundred years and possibly long before. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s that the rampant sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests began to receive significant media coverage. In the decades since, the number of allegations has only continued to grow. From 2001 to 2010, the Holy See, the church’s central governing body, considered sex abuse allegations involving over 3000 priests!

Though some studies have claimed that the rate of abuse by priests has fallen in the last twenty or so years since it became an international scandal, there is no denying that it is a systemic problem that runs rampant throughout the entire organization, making it particularly difficult to eradicate. It also doesn’t help that the church has frequently ordered its bishops and priests to actively cover up sex abuse allegations while also disciplining relatively few priests considering the enormity of the accusations.

One document dating back to the 1960s, unearthed in 2003, shows the Vatidan explicitly ordering Catholic bishops worldwide to cover up cases of sexual abuse, threatening those who spoke up about the systemic abuse with excommunication from the church. Little has changed as, the Vatican, earlier this year, told its clerics that reporting child abuse by priests is “not necessarily” their duty. In addition, it was recently found that, since 1950, the Vatican has now paid out nearly $4 billion, most of which came from the tithes of loyal Catholics, to buy the silence of the abused in order to protect the church’s reputation.


Sadly, there are many, many more examples. For instance, the persistence of pedophilia among the rich and powerful in England, including members of the royal family, is well-documented, as are the cover-ups and mysterious “disappearing” evidence that implicates top UK politicians and even former prime ministers in the sexual abuse of minors. Many of those speaking out against elite pedophilia have been labelled as “crazy” or “conspiracy theorists” until they were proven right, such as with the famous case of BBC TV personality and pedophile Jimmy Savile. Due to their influential connections, these powerful people have been able to silence their victims and cover up their heinous crimes with little consequence. Yet, with less and less people believing in the lies of decades past and with new evidence of widespread pedophilia emerging all the time, will they be able to keep up their charade for much longer?

What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

This article (Hiding in Plain Sight: The Global Pedophile Ring Exposed ) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and



This is Mz. Webb's cover photo for the article, however one might suggest that the perps 
who control these things have very clean hands, manicured finger nails and tailored suits.

 What do you suppose is happening here?